Tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

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tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Recap And Review – Season 3, Episode Meet Mondo Gecko. by Nick Tylwalk 3 years ago Follow @nick_tylwalk. TMNT SEASON 3 EPISODE 17 | MEET MONDO GECKO |FULL EPISODE HEEY TMNT FANSS!! REDDY'S HERE:D AS ALWAYS, I HAVE RECORDED. "Meet Mondo Gecko" is the 17th episode of season 3 and 69th overall. Michelangelo and Casey become friends with Mondo Gecko, a radical, skateboarding.

tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

Despite that bit of awesomeness, Michelangelo finds himself bored. The rest of his brothers and friends are no help: Leonardo and April are training, Raphael is playing with action figures, and Donatello is busy working on more retro-mutagen.

Only Casey wants to hang out, and the two buddies go skating. To their surprise, they encounter a skateboarding lizard. Introducing himself as Jason, a pro skater not really, thoughhe explains that about a year ago, he was skating with his pet gecko, Lars, when he was hit by some strange ooze. After his parents kicked him out, he ended up on the streets, though he claims he also shreds with his metal band, Savage Bliss.

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Oh, and he can lick his own eyes with his tongue. I kind of think the Kraang were involved too, no? Back at the lair, April and Leo are both worried, but Donnie wonders out loud what kind of trouble Mikey and Casey could get into. Casey almost falls as he skates with the mutants, and they also see thieves taking some stuff from a nearby building though Mikey buys their story about helping a friend move.

Mondo tries to lend a hand, but his fighting skills are nil, and Hun tosses him off the rooftop. Mikey saves him from being splattered on the street, and he and Casey try tag teaming Hun.

tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

Mikey is captured in a steel cage, and Mr. X is revealed to be Xever, a. Casey uses a variation in which he launches Mondo Gecko with his hockey stick.

Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Mikey delivers one to a panicking Mondo. One of Xever's Fish bite Mikey there, all the Villains in the audience, apart from Rahzar, react appropriately.

tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

Xever calls Mikey, Casey, and Mondo cheaters for working together when he flat out said "no rules" not to mention he activated the "obstacles" after he already passed the area they were in and he was using rocket powered skates. Who's the real cheater? The guys argue about what's the better catchphrase - cowabunga, booyakasha, or goongala. Cowabunga is referred to as "old-school", reflecting early complaints from fans over the use of booyakasha as the Turtles' main catch phrase in this series.

It's fitting that Mondo's debut episode features him starring alongside Mikey, considering Robbie Rist, Mondo's actor, was the voice of Mikey in the original trilogy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Recap And Review – Season 3, Episode 17: Meet Mondo Gecko

Mikey claims he's only a "party dude", the phrase the 80's show's theme song used to refer to that Mikey. Mondo's not a fighter.

tmnt season 3 episode 17 meet mondo gecko

Robbie Rist voiced Michelangelo in the original film series, here he voices Mondo Gecko, the most Mikey like of their mutant allies. On a meta level this allows the 'old Mikey' to bequeath the old catch phrase 'Cowabunga' to the new Mikey who previously only said 'Booyakasha!

Share the Male Pain: For all that the audience is comprised of enemies of the Turtles, a lot of them wince when Mikey gets a Groin Attack from a piranha. Casey's status as this to the Hamato Clan is outright lampshaded by Xever. It must be a really slow day for the Foot, considering the entirety of Shredder's inner circle Bradford, Xever, Zeck, Steranko, Tigerclaw, and Hun are at the race, including Stockman, who should be working on Karai's formula.

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The racetrack is pretty elaborate, so Xever and Stockman must've had a lot of downtime to work on it.