Tssaa state track meet 2013

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tssaa state track meet 2013

TSSAA Tennessee High School State Track & Field Championships -- STATE MEET RESULTS School All-Comers XC Meet -- Wed - 9/27 -- RESULTS-click here .. I.C.O.P.S. Track & Field Invitational - March 3rd, - Lewis University. TSSAA State Track and Field Championships AAA 4x Created by nununu, no replies. Class AAA Women's Preliminaries and Finals. Tennessee Secondary School Atheletic Association's State Track and Field Championships held at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on May

Class A-AA has three sections, namely the three grand divisions. In Class AAA, eight regions with two districts, but not the same as for other sports.

tssaa state track meet 2013

Districts are used only for the dual-meet series. In Class A-AA, eight regions for duals, and three larger regions for the traditional series note that one dual region is split between two traditional regions. A single class with eight regions containing from one to four districts each. Division II[ edit ] Most sports: Two regions in each of the two classes, one consisting of the East and Middle grand divisions, the other the West.

Each of the two Class A regions is split into two districts. No Class AA regions all 11 teams enter the state meet. One class with three regions East and Middle are separate.

One class with the usual two regions. Combined Divisions[ edit ] Girls' Wrestling: Two regions, East and West. Shelby County East Tennessee comprises Districts 1, 2, and 3. Middle Tennessee comprises Districts 4, 5, and 6. West Tennessee comprises Districts 7, 8, and 9. These districts are unrelated to the competitive districts above although a few sports do use the grand divisions as regions ; their primary purpose is to elect the Board of Control the administrative authority and the Legislative Council.

Each district elects one member to each for a staggered three-year term; in addition, starting in Novemberthree additional members will be chosen to represent non-public schools, one from each grand division.

Past TSSAA State Championship Results

Northpoint votes in the Athletic District 9 elections. Cities and towns near Tennessee's borders with surrounding states, i. ArkansasGeorgiaKentuckyMississippior Virginiasuch as BristolChattanoogaClarksvilleand Memphisdo have various schools, both public and private, who play nearby out-of-state teams which are not TSSAA members on a regular basis, e. The base straddles the Kentucky -Tennessee border, most of the base housing is in Kentucky, and the school is administered by the same Department of Defense district as the high school at Fort Knox in Kentucky.

Sasha Neglia, Dobyns-Bennett, Callie Tucker, Knox Catholic, Shila Kapaya, Knox Catholic, Maddy Moody, Anderson County, Brittany Bishop, Anderson County, Sidney Wallace, Hardin Valley, Whitney Christian, Volunteer, Aislinn McElhaney, Sevier County, Caroline Lewis, Knox West, Mataylin Goins, Cherokee, Lizzie Davis, Hardin Valley, Meet Record — 1: Meet Record — 3: Meet Record — 9: High Jump — 1.

Lizzie Davis, Hardin Valley, ; 2.

tssaa state track meet 2013

Lily Griffith, Dobyns-Bennett, ; 3. Erin Fuller, Science Hill, ; 4. Madison Cowan, Sullivan South, Long Jump — 1. Madison Cowan, Sullivan South, ; 4.

Past TSSAA State Championship Results | TSSAA

Triple Jump — 1. Sidney Wallace, Hardin Valley, ; 3. Georgie McDevitt, Maryville, ; 4.

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Ashley Salyers, Volunteer, Shot Put — 1. Jaycee Schroeder, Jefferson County, ; 2.

TSSAA State Cross Country Championships | TSSAA

Abby Mink, Bearden, ; 3. Meet Record —Angie Barker, Elizabethton, Erin Van Berkel, Oak Ridge, ; 4. Pole Vault — 1. Natalie Donahue, Dobyns-Bennett, ; 3.

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Caitlin Cutshall, Daniel Boone, ; 4. Sarah Harris, Bearden, Meet Record —Kelsey Delapp, Gibbs, Hardin Valley 90, 2. Knox West 62, 5.

tssaa state track meet 2013

Knox Catholic 46, 6. Sevier County 37, 9. Campbell County 35, Oak Ridge 20, William Blount 10, Greeneville 9, t, Knox Halls 8, Daniel Boone 8. Sullivan South, Volunteer 5, Jeamy Williams, Dobyns-Bennett, Elijah Young, South-Doyle, Kyle Noe, Heritage, Devyn Johnson, Knox West, Willington Wright, Hardin Valley, Patton, Science Hill, DeEric King, Knox West, Kelton Gunn, Hardin Valley, Jake Renfree, Knox Catholic, 1: Kenton Bachmann, Hardin Valley, 1: Jeb Jones, Science Hill, 1: Miguel Parrilla, Hardin Valley, 1: Jake Renfree, Knox Catholic, 4: Jeb Jones, Science Hill, 4: Gavin Cooper, Campbell County, 4: Jake Kirby, Jefferson County, 4: Meet Record — 4: Devin Sullivan, Knox Catholic, 9: Tommy Ward, Maryville, 9: Aaron Jones, Science Hill, 9: George Dedes, Maryville, 9: Ty Youngblood, Greeneville, Ethan Ward, Sullivan South, Colin Russell, Sevier County, Braden Gaston, Knox Central, David Goss, Maryville, Tyler Tesnear, Dobyns-Bennett, Meet Record — 7: Tanner Henry, Dobyns-Bennett, ; 2.

Ethan Campbell, Knox Halls, ; 3. Christian Shouse, Campbell County, ; 4. Corey Proffitt, Jefferson County, Meet Record —Tim Bell, Maryville, Sebastian LaTorre, Knox West, Nolan Brown, Hardin Valley, ; 3.