Tulsa swap meet 2013

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tulsa swap meet 2013

HomeEventsLASAGNA RIDE/SWAP MEET!!! {1} Saturday, March 2, , AM unwanted bicycle gear and related items to participate in the swap meet. Download Claremore Swap Meet Flyer with Registration Form ***. Pictures from previous Claremore Swap Meets: Claremore Swap Meet / Claremore. Great Oklahoma Classic for August · Great Oklahoma Classic We are also offering several Tulsa car clubs to have a sponsorship night free of charge. We would love to . April Tulsa Swap Meet Hosted by the Early Ford V8 Club.

Trout in the Classroom Bad news; good news from the schools. The "Good News" was that Ed Wampler had kept about 75 of the fry to keep the tank from being over crowded when they hatched. These have been returned to the school tank. Union is planning a release date of Thursday, March 14th from 8: If you would like to attend and help out please conatct Scott Hood or George Margalski.

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BA has not decided on a time to release their fry. Rod building will be March 5th and 19th at a location to be determined. After that it's a fishing trip. Volunteers are still needed; contact Chris Gorman if you can help. Buy as many as you want! Elise Woodruff is the beautiful year old daughter of our good friend Rob Woodruff.

She has an undiagnosed neurological condition and currently can't use her arms or legs.

tulsa swap meet 2013

She has been at a Dallas area children's hospital for several weeks, but has been sick since mid-September In order to help the family with mounting medical bills we are raffling off the following package. Randle also canceled a planned meeting with the group, refusing to meet with them until they ceased the boycott.

A Tulsans Against Turnpikes board member publicly replied to the mayor's statement by denying that a boycott was taking place, stating that the group only recommended that members not do business with Mazzio's and Bank of Oklahoma because of their support for the Creek Turnpike project via their activity with the Chamber of Commerce.

tulsa swap meet 2013

He also suggested that Randle was simply looking for an excuse to avoid the meeting. Holding a joint rally with Tulsans Against Turnpikes and several environmental groups at Hunter Park, a Greenpeace spokeswoman said on October 20 that the Creek Turnpike's construction "will be setting up Oklahoma as a hazardous waste dumping ground".

Greenpeace's regional coordinator was scheduled to speak at an area library on the same day, but his appearance was canceled when the organization's bus ran out of fuel. A local resident at the Hunter Park forum was quoted as being concerned that the turnpike may allow eastern states such as New York to ship AIDS -contaminated freight through the area. The letter was approved by the Jenks City Council on November The letter also included a petition in opposition to the turnpike with over 1, signatures.

The petition alleged that local and state officials violated the state's open meetings, conspiracy, and conflict of interest laws while planning the turnpike. The election board certified the petition as meeting the required threshold of 1, signatures on December Work on the turnpike continued despite the investigation. In Decembertrees and shrubbery on condemned lots were destroyed in an attempt to prevent them from being transplanted by landscapers.

A field office belonging to M.

tulsa swap meet 2013

The perpetrators stole or destroyed tools and poured oil on planning documents. On the night of April 26, several vehicles at a Creek Turnpike worksite belonging to M. Lee were vandalized; the vandals smashed windshields and headlights, stole fuel caps, and dumped mud into the fuel tanks.

Creek Turnpike

Messages reading "Death to OTA", "Death to [Governor Henry] Bellmon " and "Death to Bartlett" who had recently also become a Tulsa city councilman were written in mud on the side of a water truck at the site.

A member of the group's board stated "We deplore this kind of cowardly, illegal action. There is no reason for some sick person to take out frustrations on the contractor[ As the employee approached the crane, four people fled the scene.

The employee was able to detain two of them, both aged eighteen, until police arrived and cited them for misdemeanor malicious mischief. Defendants in the suit included the federal agencies, state transportation and environmental agencies, and the city of Tulsa. District Judge Thomas Rutherford Brett dismissed seven of the nine claims before him, and on March 24, the plaintiffs filed a motion to drop the two remaining claims in hopes that the judge would reconsider the claims already dismissed.

The plaintiffs also filed for a restraining order to halt construction activities. OTA responded by producing U. OTA argued that the plaintiffs' requests for a restraining order and reconsideration of the dismissed claims were invalid because there was no change in their legal authority or the facts surrounding the case to warrant such a reconsideration.

tulsa swap meet 2013

At the hearing, Brett said that the issue at the heart of the suit was the highway's effect on area residents. While this was a legitimate interest, the judge said, it was not covered by the environmental laws under which the plaintiffs chose to challenge the project. Brett also pointed out that the environmental questions were at that time under review by the appropriate federal agencies. Initial turnpike plans included environmental mitigation features to reduce the amount of disruption the finished road would cause to the local environment.

In the Jenks area, OTA planned to replace destroyed wetlands with new wetlands of equal or greater size. Landscapers were expected to plant two trees for every one removed to build the road. There, the trees would serve as a barrier between the road and the surrounding properties, masking the road from view and muffling the sounds of traffic. FEMA felt that documentation on how the project would affect the floodplains in the area was lacking, preventing local authorities from requesting updates to floodplain maps, which were necessary to keep their communities enrolled in flood insurance programs.

OTA's attorney stated that the requisite information had been provided to local officials, and it was not OTA's responsibility to ensure that they forwarded the information on to FEMA. Army Corps of Engineers dated February 9, USACE was responsible for issuing three essential permits which OTA had applied for on November 6, [50] that would allow construction to continue, and was required to consider input from the service.

tulsa swap meet 2013

In the letter, supervisor Stephen Forsythe recommended that the permits be denied and further studies conducted into alternate routes for the turnpike and the environmental impact on roads that connected to the turnpike. USACE warned that, should the changes the corps requested not be made, the turnpike plans may violate federal law, which would result in USACE withholding the necessary permits.

The corps also required "absolute assurance" that new wetlands constructed as part of the project's mitigation efforts would not be built on land that was formerly the site of a landfill.

The hearing had around attendees, with over fifty of them giving five-minute speeches against the turnpike. One speaker compared the highway's environmental impact to that of the wreck of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez.


No citizens spoke out in favor of the project. While another thirteen locations were likely to have similar noise levels as the three sites selected to receive barriers, abatement was not considered at those locations because they did not meet other criteria, including minimum population density. Although the bridge was not yet under construction at the time, the anticipated eighteen-month period of bridge construction had the possibility of interfering with the terns' nesting period, which runs from mid-May to mid-August.

Frustration mounted after the find; rumors surfaced that OTA was considering canceling the Creek Turnpike and shifting the remaining funds to turnpike projects in the Oklahoma City area. As a result, OTA worked to complete the bridge as quickly as possible to avoid the possibility of having to suspend the construction.