Two bodies of water meet

Footage Of Natural Phenomena Between Two Oceans Will Leave You Speechless - Awesome Ocean

two bodies of water meet

A video circulating on social media shows what looks like a clear division between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, with descriptions. When two or more bodies of water meet, like rivers, it's called a confluence. This occurs when two streams join to become one river or, as in the examples below, . Photos dubbed the place where two oceans meet have been making the water from glacial valleys and rivers pours into the open ocean. There in the gulf, the two types of water run into each other, a light, almost electric.

The meeting of two or more rivers or any other bodies of water is called a confluence.

Where Bodies Of Water With Different Colours Meet Around The World

This phenomenon happens when tributaries join a larger river or when streams join to become one river. Confluences happen all over the world. These natural event can create beautiful sights with their distinct and contrasting colors.

  • When Two Major Bodies of Water Meet, Something Amazing Unfolds …See What Happens
  • Footage Of Natural Phenomena Between Two Oceans Will Leave You Speechless

Because of debris, vegetation, silt or the chemicals differences of each body of water, cause the contrast in color to the river that they join. Here are some of the most amazing confluences from around the world.

11 Incredible Points In The World Where Major Bodies Of Water Join Together

Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers Devprayag, India These rivers are Himalayan rivers and are very significant to the culture and history of Hindu people. The Alaknanda flows miles along the Alaknanda Valley.

two bodies of water meet

At the end of the valley, the Alaknanda will meet the turbulent and dam filled waters of the Bhagirathi River. The three rivers have different colors and confluence in Passau, Germany, forming a stunning three-colored river.

two bodies of water meet

The smaller of the three is the Ilz River, which runs through the Bavarian forest. The Ilz River is a smaller mountain stream, running through the Bavarian forest before meeting with the 2 other rivers. It has a bluer color than the Danube and Inn Rivers, the later of which runs through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It has a much bluer color than the Rhone, the two of which meet in Geneva. The Arve River also flows through France and Switzerland, but it receives its water from glaciers of the Chamoniz Valley, which gives it a high silt content and muddy-looking color.

two bodies of water meet

The meeting of two oceans in The Gulf of Alaska While technically not a confluence of two separate bodies of water, The Gulf of Alaska sometimes contains these stunning color variations. The gulf contains different slow moving currents, or eddies, which harbor distinct sediments, one with a higher amount of heavier clay material that contains iron and changes the appearance of the water.

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two bodies of water meet

This clearer, better-quality video published online in July shows exactly the same scene. Entitled, "When the river meets the ocean," it indicates that it was taken on the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada. Maryan Pearson, who posted the video, says she took it when she was aboard a ferry between Duke Point and Vancouver. What explains the strange sight?

'Two oceans meet but don’t mix': What does this viral video really show?

This case is similar to a photo published in that claimed to show the exact spot where the Pacific and the Atlantic meet. The photo was actually taken in by Ken Bruland, a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who was studying the phenomenon in the Gulf of Alaska. He explained why it happened in an article by the debunking website Snopes.