Tyser mills track meet 2015 results ironman

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tyser mills track meet 2015 results ironman

As a result of that acquisition, PRC Ironman is now considered an equity joint venture (“EJV”) . some Chinese steel mills with the iron ore needed to meet their demand. However, TBL's prequalification and prior track record provides a way to .. convertible by , there is no certainty that this will occur in the short-term. I am aiming to achieve the best possible results I can in these subjects and to . R C Sutton, Head of PE Stowe Staff take on the Ironman Chandos Housemaster Barney R W Searby (Cobham 86) Richard is Head of English at Mill Hill School. . Being based at Silverstone, Marcus has used Stowe for a number of classic. It is in these few months that numerous films are released to meet the deadline South Cortez PEPPERTREE SQUARE John A. Mills Dougherty St. . The trial appeared to be back on track as a parade of detectives, shoeprint and .. with a rebuke of the all-time ironman for not cooperating with the process.

Nick is not a large physical athlete as one might expect an Olympic medallist to be, but as he explained the attributes he believes that are necessary to make it at the top level in sport, it became clear that in him lay a very deep competitive drive and strong belief in his abilities, which he explained had been the most important factors in enabling him to reach the top.

Nick described many examples of the psychology of Elite Athletes which were very relevant to the work covered in the course the Stoics will be studying in their final year of A level. These included self-efficacy, anxiety management, goal setting, achievement motivation, and attribution theory. Nick explained his daily training routine, based at Weymouth, the support and funding he gets from Sport England, and his hopes for success at the Beijing Olympics.

Tyser Mills 2017 - Male Class 1 Shot Put

He is currently ranked number 1 in the world, so we look forward to following his progress in the build up to Beijing. The Stoics very much appreciated his friendly and open manner and will be able to reflect on his words as they learn the topics in more detail. Having swum, cycled and run many, many, miles in training we ventured down to the South West to take on the challenge of swimming 1.

We both lined up for the starting hooter at 6. The swim was straightforward enough, taking between 30 and 40 minutes for us to negotiate and then it was out on the bike to take on the hills we had heard so much about. The slope after the Oxford Bridge on the way into Stowe is as much of a hill as we could find to train on around our flat part of the world, so when we were faced with 52 hills on this course, with 4 of them being 1 in 8 and 2 of them 1 in 6, we realised what this was something even tougher than we had expected!

The bike section took about 3 hours to complete and then it was out for the There is a saying in these races that the swim is all about the arms, the bike is all about the legs and the run is all about the heart! This is not far off the mark as the race clock had passed the 4 hour mark before we even started the last discipline.

We had both studied the nutritional requirements of such a race carefully and found that our knowledge was paying off as we managed to slowly tick off the miles on our way around an apparently picturesque course!

We were both thrilled to finish with my time just dipping under the 6 hour mark and Mr Durrant arriving in 6. A great sense of achievement and a bit of fatigue followed us home. We will do another one and always welcome any new training partners!

His talk was very entertaining, filled with stories of his exploits as a stand-up comedian meeting such celebrities as Matt Lucas and Lee Evansas well as descriptions of his current activities as a scriptwriter and contributor to magazines.

He read out one of his witty articles, which provoked an amused reaction from the audience. He also offered very helpful advice for those wishing to make their writing more interesting and entertaining, such as using arresting figures of speech or invented words to add extra effect to the piece.

The result was a talk that was welcomed as a very entertaining, informative and relaxed start to the Literary Society s year.

After a comfortable night we were transported by Simpsons-style school bus and, finally, 4WD pick-up to base camp in the Casuco National Park. Here we formed part of the Operation Wallacea research effort and throughout the week assisted scientists with small mammal trapping and identification, herpetological surveys, bird monitoring and ringing, insect trapping and vegetation analysis. We spent one night in tents in base camp and then trekked for 4 hours over mountainous terrain with mountainous rucksacks!

Here, working with scientists from British and American universities, we were able to experience the primary forest and its wildlife at first hand. The density of the foliage and the height of the canopy ensure that considerable patience and perseverance is needed to observe animals, but the use of traps and nets allows closer inspection and several species of small mammals and birds were seen in the hand.

Living conditions at Cantiles were fairly primitive and we were fortunate that there was no significant rainfall as the metres downhill trek to the executive toilet trench was pretty muddy as it was.

tyser mills track meet 2015 results ironman

Our diet was almost exclusively vegetarian apart from a distant relative of Spam that appeared once or twice and this absence of meat, combined with large amounts of exercise and no snacks amounted to a regime akin to detox!

The last two days of our forest week were spent in the mountain village of Buenos Aires where we continued the scientific survey work, but stayed in local houses and were able to socialise with the villagers, practise speaking Spanish and play football against the local team unsuccessfully!

Most of the Stoics participated in an evening in the canopy; climbing aloft on ropes with the team that ensures David Attenborough can broadcast from the Howler Monkeys realm without breaking his neck. Accounts of watching sunset from 30 metres up varied from the inevitable awesome to pretty scary, but everyone considered it an amazing experience.

Glasgow - United Kingdom

For the second week we transferred by crazy bus to the island of Utila in the Caribbean off the Honduran coast and were engaged in diving, dive training, snorkelling and a reef ecology course. The hotel and dive centre was run by a Utilan family and it seemed positively luxurious after the rigours of the forest. Beds, air conditioning and a bar perched on stilts above the sea were all most welcome, as was the warm sea and white sand.

The Stoics were generally up at 6 am to collect gear and board the dive boats, diving up to three times a day as they strove to complete open water and advanced qualifications. Those already dive-qualified participated in a combined diving and reef ecology course and are now in a position to be part of a reef survey team in future possibly as a component of a university dissertation.

Barracuda, Spotted Eagle Ray and Hawksbill Turtle were all seen, together with a host of brilliantly coloured reef fish and invertebrates. All too soon we were bound for the mainland and on to London. As often seems the case on such expeditions, much of the wildlife remained elusive and we found no trace of Jaguars or Tapirs - or Leaftossers for that matter! The experiences we had, however, the people we met and the animals we did see will live long in the memory.

R R Akam, Head of Biology 5 6 Old Stoics From the Chairman These are exciting times for the Old Stoic Society, as you will see from the review of recent events and the expanded events programme for next year, enclosed with this issue. The Pineapple Ball last July was a wonderful event with the special atmosphere that Stowe offers, and we are looking forward to the Society Annual Dinner on the 10th May, to be held for the first time at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Piccadilly, London.

The Society is keen to encourage Old Stoics to network through business. Anyone in this field who is interested please contact Julian at The Society would be pleased to hear from other Old Stoics interested in setting up an OS business network for their own profession - please contact John Bridgwood in the OS Office at John Arkwright Cobham 69 Old Chandosian Dinner As reported in the last issue, a dinner is being organised for Old Chandosians of the Dobinson era.

It will be held in the President s Room in the Pavilion at Queen s Club in West Kensington on Thursday, 1 February, The cost will be between 50 and 60 depending on numbers and will include wine with dinner. There has been commitment from a good number of those who left Stowe in all the years between and as well as from as far back as and as recently as John and Jill Dobinson will be there.

If you would like to reserve your place, please contact Richard Hopkinson-Woolley Chandos 87 by - Photo: There I grew up, found my best friend who eight years after leaving Stowe was still sharing an apartment with me and took my first steps as an actor.

While playing Joseph in Cobham s House musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I felt for the first time the same way I still feel today when working with a creative team on a production of a film or a show: After coming back to Germany in and knowing that I wanted to work behind the The Pineapple Flourishes The all new, purpose built Stowe Pineapple Club was officially opened by HRH the Earl of Wessex at a special ceremony in London for club members and officials, local residents and councillors on 17 July Situated on the same Harrow Road site where the club has been located sincethe new 4 million building features its own radio station, recording studio, sports hall, computer room, dance studios and recreation rooms.

Old Stoics present at the event included Dicky McDougall Chatham 35a past Chairman and Trustee of the Stowe Club charity, who has been personally involved with the Club for over 70 years. There he developed his skills in the naturalistic painting style, eventually rising to become Professor of Painting in His portraits of The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales have been widely acclaimed and he has now been commissioned to paint the Queen s portrait next year.

Through his camera in the entertainment industry, I started Business Studies. Then, inI was offered a role in a TV-series. I had to make a decision similar to the one I had made eight years before - my life was on track, my surroundings familiar and nevertheless I decided to take a new road.

As a 15 year old, I had chosen Stowe, even though it meant everything was new to me; at 23 I chose to become an actor - two moments that would change my life. The profession of acting is one of the most challenging and colourful I can imagine. You never know what will happen next, but that is part of the adventure. During the past six years I have played many different characters in TVseries and movies in many different countries I visited Stowe while filming in England last summer.

I rode horses in front of a total ofpeople in 72 shows at a beautiful outside theatre venue, and this year believe it or not!

I won Germany s version of Strictly Come Dancing. My life is very colourful, but every day starts with the same feeling - the one I had back then in the Dobinson Theatre - and for that I will always be grateful to Stowe. An open day for Old Stoics interested in seeing the new club is being arranged early next year and anyone interested in finding out more should contact Julian Walker on exhibitions in London, Italy and Germany and appearances on television, Rupert s reputation as one of the country s foremost portrait painters is now firmly established.

Rupert has kindly offered to make a donation to the Campaign for Stowe for every commission resulting from the publication of this article. If you are interested in commissioning him, he can be contacted at his South London studio on or by to More information is available on his website 6 7 Column Old Stoic Events The past few months have seen several exciting new events, some of which are reviewed here. The programme for next year is printed on the back page of this issue, and you will also find enclosed a separate card to remind you of the key dates.

Please ensure that you reserve your place early for this event. The evening was a great success with around sixty to seventy of the year making it with Special Effort Awards going to Ranjan Bhalla and Katie OS Reunion Day, 30th September About Old Stoics from pre, along with about 80 other guests, came to Stowe for the annual reunion day.

The guests enjoyed a Mallett who flew in from Switzerland and Portugal. Lots of stories were told, jokes exchanged mainly relating to weight, hair-loss and size of engagement ring and toasts made for the duration of the night. For those of us who wished to push on into the early hours Tara Kennedy obliged with a hearty night-cap session at her new champagne bar Amuse Bouche in Fulham Thanks Tara.

The year of social committee currently one member is looking forward to the next reunion which will probably have more of Stowe school dinners theme! Will Kemble-Clarkson Bruce 96 chapel service, a drinks reception with the Headmaster before lunch, followed by guided tours of Stowe House and the Landscaped Gardens. The Pineapple Ball, 22nd July guests, a congenial mixture of Old Stoics, parents and staff, enjoyed the long-overdue revival of this popular event in aid of the Stowe Club of London the Pineapple Club.

There was a great deal of Old Stoic involvement in the evening. Memories were tested, and faces proved nearly impossible to recognise, but mere mention of a first name evoked a full set of initials, House, and sporting interests, and there was certainly no shortage of reminiscences.

The highlight of the evening was the chance to meet the Headmaster, Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, and to hear first hand of current developments at the School.

tyser mills track meet 2015 results ironman

It is intended that the next Pineapple Ball will take place in impressive and left us in no doubt that he had a clear vision for the future, with plans to match.

It was reassuring to hear that the School is full, with even a waiting list, though perhaps a little disconcerting to hear that lacrosse is now our most successful game!

final program - ACSM Annual Meeting - PDF Free Download

So, what did we get out of it? A reawakened sense of identity and of our debt to Stowe, a lot of confidence for the future, and, not least, the memory of a happy evening in lovely surroundings. Many thanks to our hosts, Anthony Barbour Chandos 56 and his wife Diana, for so generously inviting us to their wonderful home. Richard de Zouche Grafton 50 25th Anniversary Dinner, 16th September From as far afield as Canada Peter van Engelen and Kenya Peter Dredgeover 40 leavers fromsome with partners, plus several former members of staff, gathered to celebrate their 25th anniversary of leaving Stowe.

It was a glorious late summer evening and even some of the brave partners who attended had to agree that Stowe was looking at its best. Many of the assembled had not visited the School for a very long time and admitted to having lost contact with friends over the years. As Sonya Martin nee Nightingale commented, It was great to see everyone and realise just how little some things change!

Needless to say, there were a few surprises in store as memorabilia posted in the Marble Saloon raised a few eyebrows. Not even Chris Haslam s fabulous luminous jacket could detract from the identity of two girls caught on camera in Stanhope circadressed in nothing but their underwear.

An afternoon of House and Garden tours was followed by champagne on the South Front steps and dinner in the Music Room. As the laughter and chatter moved on to last orders at the Queen s Head, Gabi Kennedy nee Zoghbi summed up, It was lovely to meet up with everyone again we were mostly recognisableremembering those carefree days of cycling from Chackmore with book bag, in a blizzard, to make it in time for Chapel!

We had good fun at Stowe, and that was obvious even 25 years later! There were some murmurings that generally the girls seem to have weathered better than some of the boys, but for others the event bought upon the inevitable mid-life crisis.

tyser mills track meet 2015 results ironman

Where did those 25 years go? In the flurry of s that circulated after the event, many echoed the sentiments of Kate Measham nee Cunningham who said, Well done for prompting, encouraging and organising the evening. I am so glad I made the effort.

I was sorry not to have been able to stay longer at the pub and sorry not to have talked to lots of people for longer. So get your 25th anniversary reunion date Saturday, 9th June, in the diary, all you leavers! Please accept the Editor s apologies that, due to the overwhelming response and obvious space constraints, it has been necessary to edit some entries and to omit many photographs.

Please keep sending your entries for the next issue, keeping in mind that this section aims mainly to record news from the previous six months. Prof M H Bullock Cobham 36 Michael is a professor emeritus of creative writing at the University of British Columbia and the author of 50 books of his own work as well as translations of books and plays from German, French and Italian.

A bilingual version of his poem Butterflies was chosen by the British Council Chinaalong with a poem each by Blake and Wordsworth, to represent British poetry on the Shanghai Metro, where it is currently displayed.

Hangover Classic

C D B Howell Temple 38 Doug lives in Massachusetts, where he works as a volunteer for an agency which finds employment for troubled youth in the Boston area. Old Stoics are welcome to logon to J Kenally-Smith Grafton 43 Just after celebrating his 80th birthday, James was in the final for the over 65 s national handicap real tennis doubles. D A Illingworth Grafton 46 Following his retirement inArnold has recently achieved his ambition to see at least species of birds on the British List, as well as every resident species of dragonfly and butterfly.

His next trip overseas will bring his World List of birds to over species. His two Australian grandsons, Peter and Sean, have both been gap year assistants at Stowe. R A Nicholson Cobham 53 Richard retired as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in He now likes to occupy his time with hunting, shooting, choral singing, wine tasting and following his wife s event horse. P England Temple 55 Peter is now retired and lives with his wife in France. Peter is interested in mountaineering and has been on many expeditions to the Andes and the Himalayas.

He would be pleased to hear from any Old Stoic wanting to share experiences of Bosnia, or to give practical or financial support. C L Dawes Bruce 56 Charles works with joint ventures satellite propulsion systems, dredging, electrical, domestic, medical and other innovations. His consortium assists inventors and typically small companies to commercialise their concepts. D A O Brien Chandos 57 Donough has published his third book, Banana Skins, the secrets of the slips and screw-ups that brought the famous down to earth.

It features the 3rd Duke of Buckingham and his attempt to build his carriage drive all the way to London. Donough recently came to Stowe to give a talk based on his book to the History Society. He and his wife, Sarah, are Kenyan citizens. N R Arden Cobham 61 Nick has started a new business in Vancouver, finding part-time income for the post-graduate students in computer science at the two major universities. In he attained the world civilian altitude sky diving record of 32, ft; this is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

D P Bentall Chatham 61 David has been resident in Pembrokeshire since when he took early retirement from Bentalls Plc following the take over by Fenwick Ltd in He now runs 3 holiday homes in the area and is Director of a large holiday complex.

He now lives in Spain with his wife, where Richard is an independent financial advisor serving the large expatriate community. He is a keen cyclist and time trialler. Over the last couple of years David has combined this role with the Deputy Chairmanship of Warwick Racecourse.

The photo shows in the back row, from left to right: He is responsible for the design and supervision of World Bank agricultural investment. His latest book, A Deep but Dazzling Darkness: He founded the Wellbeing Network community internet site in and has joined the professional speaking circuit as a motivational and keynote speaker to companies and prospective entrepreneurs.

A R Pears Grafton 72 After 18 years successfully running his own construction company Andrew changed course and set up an unique environmental project called the Cafe Van see which has been shortlisted for a Sustainability Innovation of the Year award. No relationships reported 46 Final Program P5 54 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

No relationships reported 51 No relationships reported A 57 Wednesday, May 31,9: Movement patterns in athletes with hip pathology and research surrounding treatment with gait retraining will be reviewed. Surgical management of hip dysplasia and FAI, including hip arthroscopy and open surgical procedures to preserve the natural congruity of the hip and chondral architecture will be discussed including periacetabular osteotomy.

No relationships reported This session, including four top researchers in the field of sport sciences, will provide an update on the most recent findings on limitations to performance in four fundamental sport activities: This session will have broad interest and application, from applied sport scientists, to basic scientists, to clinicians looking to encourage more youth participation in sports. No relationships reported 59 No relationships reported No relationships reported 50 Limitations to Sprint Performance Peter Weyand.

No relationships reported 60 Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, Australia. No relationships reported 61 Limitations to Swimming Performance Keenan Robinson. No relationships reported 62 Loughborough University, London, United Kingdom. However participating in clinical research can be daunting for young trainees, particularly in the health sciences.

Faculty development sessions geared toward a variety of learners are increasingly important to grow and develop future clinical researchers. The purpose of this session is to provide real-word applicable information on mentorship, developing research questions, engaging community stakeholders, writing for scientific publication, and balancing research with clinical practice in order to be successful in clinical research.

Presenters will address results of the only randomized controlled trial assessing increased energy availability on Triad outcomes, the impact of stress on the Female Athlete Triad, updates on outcome studies utilizing the cumulative risk assessment for treatment and return to play of the Triad, and conclude with the translation of science toward best practice for management and return to play of the Female Athlete Triad.

No relationships reported 65 9: No relationships reported 66 No relationships reported 67 The mechanisms of benefit, dose-response characteristics, and implementation models and effectiveness require further study for many diseases.

Hotel-Centennial Ballroom F In this symposium, we want to focus on why and how exercise impact on health in girls and women during different stages of life. How can we contribute to the effectiveness of exercise interventions in pregnant women?

final program - ACSM Annual Meeting

How can we keep active girls active? How to use and not abuse exercise and what are the long term consequences of athletic participation? How can we use exercise to develop and maintain lifelong strong bones?

Finally, what are the latest news for exercise in elderly women? The talks will be reviewed and discussed based on the latest scientific evidence. No relationships reported 74 9: Lene Annette Hagen Haakstad. Hotel-Centennial Ballroom D No relationships reported No relationships reported No relationships reported No relationships reported 64 9: University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

No relationships reported 76 No relationships reported 77 More Happy and Healthy than Controls? The University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. Final Program P7 85 No relationships reported 79 What is New and how do we Apply this?

University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway.