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If you don't understand k-pop or know anything about k-pop at all (and if This usually happens to the very good-looking, or very talented. place where k-pop fans can meet and share about their favourite songs and idols. show appearance/movie etc change the way you see a k-pop idol or group? And I love Zico and he's amazingly talented, but some Block B songs .. she doesn't put any effort into meeting her fans, she's just a faceless. 10 Overrated K-Pop Idols Sometimes, we look through lists of popular something: We're not saying these idols are talentless or worthless, but that fans We've never actually met people that blabbered about how great.

Both GD and CL are charming and both know how to tear-up a stage.

untalented kpop idols meet

They are incredibly charismatic leaders and have alt of merit. They both lead 2 of the best bands in K-Pop with swagger and fierceness but they are not by any means the best rappers, singers, composers, ect.

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They are amazing, BUT are they really the best? The one thing he is not is an amazing actor. One of us attempted watching Boys Over Flowers the one of us quit halfway through the first episodeand quite half way through due to the lack of plot and horrible acting.

Kim Hyun Joong had zero charisma as an actor.

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He is good at everything an Idol needs, but he is not great at any single thing. Donghae is praised for his everything. His personality is also the biggest turn off for a man. Our only possible reasoning as to why he has so many fans is that he looks safe. They get called only pretty untalented faces, etc. They get bashed for getting the most screen time,etc.

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But, are they really only pretty faces? Do they have no other purpose than to stand there and be pretty?. Did a worker under that group company saw him or her walking and went up to them and said "You are stunning! Train for a while and then debut! Don't worry, you are seriously drop dead gorgeous so everyone will love you" and they accepted it?

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Does visuals deserve being called untalented over and over again? Do they only deserve to be praised by their looks and not by their singing or dancing?

I seriously find it wrong to bash on visuals and call them untalented. There may be cases that we may think that person everyone is head over heels for is the most untalented and it has happened to me before but instead of saying they are untalented completely I look up things about that idol. We all lack on something, have our ups and downs and visuals have their ups and downs as well.

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Some visuals I adore; I will name below some visuals I adore and in my opinion their most outstanding talent or talents. Another factor that sets k-pop apart from other genres is the emphasis on dance. Dance is a crucial part of k-pop. This ties into the importance of the audiovisual content k-pop is influenced heavily by American culture, and this helped to develop the distinct style we see today. How do idol groups work?

untalented kpop idols meet

This usually happens to the very good-looking, or very talented. The trainee process is different depending on the company, but generally, it is very difficult since most trainees have to do school alongside with a packed schedule of vocal lessons, dance practice, mandatory exercise, language lessons, and many other activities. The length of time spent as a trainee can vary greatly: So, how far is their international reach?

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