Uvac regional swim meet oklahoma

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uvac regional swim meet oklahoma

UACW - Ukrainian American Club of Washington UADA - UNION .. UBGR - Upper Bound of the Gray Region UBGS - University UFSS - Unmanned Free Swimming Submersible UFST - Universal Font UOMZ - University of Oklahoma Museum of Zoology UONA - UoNA UVAC - University Visual Arts Committee. Niagara, North Carolina, North Dakota, North Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Ozark, Pacific, Pacific Northwest Dec 11, , SCY, MD, The Ann Johnsen Memorial Swim Meet Dec , , SCM, ST, South Central Regional Championships . Oct 2, , SCM, NE, 2nd Annual UVAC Leaf Peepers Masters Meet. Saturday, March 24, ublic Cll 'MiiflJH'fLT 2. Latest Line ffl NOTICE LIVE HORSE RACING ojjm Eipir. $40 1 Oir Paw TOP COURSES LIKE.

Cappadocia, Turkey Caves and whimsical rocks of Cappadocia are not the only tourist attraction of the region. Travelers are also attracted by the opportunity to admire local landscape from a basket of a hot air balloon.

Hundreds of them ascending simultaneously from different corners of the valley. What a spectacular sight! Petra, Jordan Petra is a city that lives in four dimensions. Or "lived" to be exact My mind doesn't want to accept the fact that the majority of the breathtaking monumental rock castles are only random parts of a gigantic centuries-old multinational Necropolis. But Petra was not designed as Necropolis.

uvac regional swim meet oklahoma

Deep under the rocks, there once lived around twenty thousand people Lake Baikal, Russia Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet, and is one of the most famous landmarks of Russia and the world.

Lake Baikal is the largest reservoir of fresh water. Madrid, Spain Being the capital of Spain and its largest city, Madrid is also a popular tourist destination. Variety of monuments from different epochs, rich history, and unique culture attract tourists from around the world. Saving landmarks of its legendary past, Madrid went on building new exciting architectural masterpieces Venice, Italy Located in the center of Europe, Venice is called the "city on water".

There are no roads, cars, taxis, buses, trams, nor bikes. You either walk on foot or use water transportation: Tourists use the latter as a romantic adventure The Great Wall of China is the most famous monument, unparalleled in its glory. The wall was supposed to run along the mountain chain, rounding all the spurs and covering high rises and deep gorges It's the second largest freshwater reservoir in Kamchatka. On a clear day a surface of the lake becomes a mirror that reflects volcanoes, creating landscapes of unimaginable beauty Each waterfall has its own name: This is the most important landmark of the USA and Canada at the same time, as it separates one country from another Grand tour of Moscow, Russia According to the legend Moscow is situated on seven hills.

The first mention of Moscow dates back to yearand since then, for almost nine centuries, the city experienced a myriad of events, and it has been destroyed and rebuilt over and over again Cancun, Mexico Cancun is one of the most famous resorts towns in Mexico visited by almost seven million tourists every year. Half a million of local residents are involved in tourism industry and work hard to provide guests with high quality recreational experience. Meanwhile, in only three people lived here, and the only activity they did was looking after a coconut plantation Irkutsk, Russia Irkutsk is a city and the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, and one of the largest cities in Siberia.

The city proper lies on the Angara River, a tributary of the Yenisei, 72 kilometers below its outflow from Lake Baikal And how magnificent are the flows of glowing lava from Eyjafjallajoekull, the famous volcano! Petersburg, Russia Nowadays Peterhof is a world-famous complex consisting of various palaces and gardens, and it's considered to be one of the most important sights in St.

Modern Peterhof includes several palaces and park complexes that were under construction for almost two centuries Flamingo, Kenya, Lake Bogoria The number of flamingos varies during a year depending on the water level and food availability, but at the peak of the season Lake Bogoria is covered by about half million of these graceful birds This film was captured in September of over the Kurile Lake in Kamchatka in natural habitat of Kamchatka bears Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia Uzon Volcanic Caldera a cauldron-like collapse was formed about 40, years ago on the site of the volcano that was destroyed by a series of eruptions.

Just like an open air museum, this unique volcanic territory offers you almost all Kamchatka places of interest: The Great Migration, Kenya Masai Mara, a unique nature reserve, is located in the south-western part of Kenya, with its northern part adjoining the Serengeti National Park.

The reserve was named after the indigenous population Maasai and the Mara River.

uvac regional swim meet oklahoma

With an area of square kilometers, Masai Mara is one of the largest nature reserves in Kenya Florence, Italy As any other ancient city, Florence has a lot to offer to tourists. However, its distinguishing feature is not only presented in architectural elements, but rather in continuous connection with history and culture of the world.

The locals who have been fighting the high waters for the second month in a row are comparing the catastrophe to the Biblical Great Flood. Almost 30, people have been evacuated and almost 3, are in hospitals. Trip to the North Pole The most impressive thing is how fast it pushes through the ice floes.

You could never forget the vibration of the vessel while it is making its way through the ice and the scratching sound it made. It seemed like the sensations pierced my whole body Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland Iceland is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, with eruptions occurring every years on average. There are no indications of it erupting again in the near future Rome, Italy Rome is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world.

The fall of the Roman empire didn't affect the city's renown: Nowadays countless sights of Rome built during legendary times attract many tourists Split-panoramas The Maldives Islands are often associated with calm and lazy leisure full of utter bliss and tranquil solitude.

Today we decided to gather all panoramas we have created for last years on Maldive Islands into one virtual tour If put together, all of Mexico City's contrasts: Aztec pyramids, slums vs.

You can also see Tugela Falls that drops in five free-leaping falls from the eastern cliff. Here one can find peaks next to completely flat tops, and rainforests next to meadows and savannas Prague, Czech Republic Prague is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world.

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The city's nine hills are situated on the bank of the Vltava River, offering very picturesque views. There are many unique architectural landmarks in Prague that survived to this day: Flooding in Germany, It was very unusual and strange to see bushes, trees, street signs, and lampposts floating in the water.

And it was even more unusual to see flooded homes in the distance. Seven hundred meters separated us from the Elbe River channel! Level of the raised water, its volume, and its speed made a horrendous impression on us The first "under ice" panorama in the world Ice diving has a special place among all other types of diving. During this process you can't surface where you want, you have to carry more equipment, and the temperature of air and water is much lower.

Salt water freezes when temperature drops below zero, about minus two degrees to be more precise. Water in the White Sea reaches freezing point Kazan is officially known as "the third capital of Russia": Guilin National Park, China Guilin is one of the most interesting cities in China, also famous for its wonderful natural monuments.

The Guilin's mountains are among the most picturesque mountains in the world. They are often covered with soft haze, as calm water of Li's river has this magnetic aura, that excited the muses of artists and poets for ages Shanghai, China During the centuries of Shanghai's history, the city has seen both peacetime and war: And now it's one of the world's major financial centers, the core of China's political intrigues, and, at the same time, the cradle of modern Chinese cinema and theater Our colleague Stas Sedov is working in Usti nad Labem right now.

Athens, Greece Being one of the oldest cities in the world Athens was first mentioned in 15th century BC. Maya Pyramids, Tikal, Guatemala The name Tikal, which in means "the place of spirit voices" Mayan language, appeared in the s when Europeans discovered this area. Perhaps this monumental abandoned complex made explorers tremble in awe, and native Indians, descendants of the ancient Maya, decided to strengthen this impression by giving this place an appropriate name Singapore - Dream City Singapore is an eye-candy city-state.

It stretches 2, kilometers along the coast. It is the largest coral ecosystem of our planet and the largest natural object formed by living organisms President of Russia V. Norwegian Fjords Fjords are considered to be among the most beautiful sights of the world: Barcelona, Spain Barcelona is one of the most famous ancient cities in the world.

The center of the old city is the Gothic Quarter. It still has many structures that were built during the Middle Ages, and even some buildings that were built around the time of the first Roman settlements Flooding in Germany, Fischbeck and Lostau Towns, Ultra High Resolution The situation in Germany is getting slowly back to normal, but there are still many places which are still under water.

We would like to suggest you two ultra high resolution panoramas from Fishbeck and Lostau towns Shooting spherical stereo panorama We shot a lot of complex and unique spherical panoramas in various parts of the globe.

But so far we could not make a spherical panorama with a 3D image. Today we managed to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem But don't let it fool you: Mont Saint-Michel is a small rocky tidal island situated on the north-west coast of France Acropolis, Athens, Greece Many Athens landmarks have survived to this day, and the most famous of them, without a doubt, is the Acropolis.

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It became the famous landmark of the world and a symbol of Greece, just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Kremlin in Moscow Top Hotels in Turkey Turkey is famous for its resorts. Millions of tourists come to Turkey every year.

uvac regional swim meet oklahoma

More and more hotels are being built on the Turkish shore. The variety of Turkish hotels can satisfy every taste. There are true masterpieces of architecture, secluded club houses surrounded by green golf courses, boutique bed and breakfasts, and huge ultra-modern hotels Maldive Islands The Maldives Islands are often associated with calm and lazy leisure full of utter bliss and tranquil solitude.

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The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is reputed to help some people suffering from skin diseases Santorini ThiraOia, Greece There is no time, no rush. Eyes are resting, slowly moving along wonderful, as if carefully picked by an artist, details: Everything has its special charm.

This is an amazing island, capable of filling up not only view finders of your camera, but your entire soul The first underwater cave panorama in the world Underwater caves are considered the hardest subject of underwater photography. Overhead environment, inability to surface when you need to, underwater narrows, you have to squeeze through, and complete darkness - here are just a few difficulties that one faces in cave diving Grand tour The waterfalls are unbelievably cool!

A true endless flow of water! Approximately 1,5 to 3 million liters per second of water flows down the Iguazu Falls every second depending on the season. Entire canyon is covered with think mist created by falling water Iceland is also one of the most active volcanic regions in the world The Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland Ranking traditional icons of Switzerland by their increasing size may look like this: Swiss watch, Swiss knife, Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, and Swiss bank.

Flight to Stratosphere Sending cameras into the stratosphere is done by using balloons filled with helium. These balloons rise kilometers above the ground, gradually increasing in size until they are as big as three-story house. At this altitude balloons suppose to burst and send cameras safely to the ground by parachute Bryce Canyon in Winter, Utah, USA Truly the Bryce Canyon is not just another attraction in the USA; it is one of the very few places on our planet that puzzles our human mind unable to find logical explanation and process visual information.

This gigantic forest of orange and rose asparagus is very real Volcano Plosky Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia, As we got closer to Tolbachik, we realize how incredibly lucky we were!

The slopes of the volcano were clear of clouds; the visibility was perfect up to the horizon. The morning sun lit up the plume of smoke from the active volcanic cone. We are going straight to the cone Since that moment nobody else has been able to get a permission to shoot the Indian landmark from air for 15 years. Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil During sunrise the wind blew from the ocean and gradually cleared the fog away from the hill, leaving behind fantastic colors.

Suddenly a huge heavy cloud floated above our heads became brightly coloured in orange. Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Arabian proverb says, "Everything in the world is afraid of time, and time is afraid of the pyramids".

I had to shout from the back seat while trying to overcome the engine roar that was coming from the open door to let the pilot know where to go. I also had to tap on his shoulder and then point the direction Paris, France France is one of the most famous countries in Europe, and Paris is probably the most famous city in the world.

Paris is rightfully called "the city of light". It is because the capital of France has been a center of education, arts and philosophy for many many centuries Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar It's not surprising that the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda was repeatedly plundered over the years, and some parts, like three hundred years old bell encrusted with jewels, are now lost.

However, the Golden Pagoda in Myanmar has survived to see our days in its full glory Vatican City State Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world with a total area of 0. Vatican has almost two thousand years of history and it is more than just a church, the square, and museums The photo session lasted for two days.

However, all of difficulties were overcome and Dima managed to shoot Angel Falls and two other waterfalls that flow from the Tepui. New York, Manhattan, Night Technically this shooting from the hotel Millennium UN Plaza was enough difficult, and we spent more several years thinking about this panorama. The idea has arisen in after we had made our first panorama using four meters bar. We had some difficulties to ressolve before the shooting Petersburg accompanying with the sounds of thunder.

The big rain drops were pattering on the train's windows but we were not upset anymore - our work had been done. A year of preparation, a month and a half of waiting for a good weather and an hour and a half of the flight over one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - all those were in past. Matterhorn-Cervino, Monte Rosa, Zermatt In terms of altitude, the Matterhorn is the fifth among the Alpine peaks, but the difficulty of a climb ranks it second to none.

Its faces are so deceptive, that even the most experienced climbers could not ascend them until ; and the southern slope remained unconquered for another 66 years It was opened in The construction took over 5 years and involved 7 thousand artisans and 3 thousand construction workers from all over India. Construction of this beautiful site was funded by donations and done through a spirit of volunterism Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor includes a number of majestic temples complexes, the most famous of which is the "Temple City" of Angkor Wat.

It was built as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II in It's considered to be one of the biggest cult buildings in the world We have already been shooting aerial panoramas for 6 years. However, we didn't succeed in shooting Moscow, the city we live in, though we did our best. Ta Prohm temple, Angkor, Cambodia Ta Prohm is a beautiful temple, bound by massive roots of huge trees.

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Back in the days it was very different: When in late nineteenth century Ta Prohm was discovered by French, they decided not to conduct a full-scale restoration of the temple Moscow, Aerial Video testing In early we developed and published a method for filming and editing spherical video.

We also filmed a test video from the car around the Moscow Kremlin. Now we offer you something that was impossible for many years: It's so famous that it outshines all other Pisa tourist attractions and monuments combined. Locals call it the "long-drawn miracle". Ironically enough, the tower is located at Piazza dei Miracoli the Square of Miracles Roman Colosseum, Italy The Colosseum is a monument with a great history. It probably wouldn't even have been built if not for the vanity of the Emperor Vespasian, Nero's successor.

In his attempt to outshine the glory of the former ruler, in 70 AD Vespasian ordered to build a huge amphitheater, which could amaze everyone with its beauty and magnitude One might ask, "What else is there to say? Well, we are going to tell you what you might already know anyway Most Famous Mosques in Istanbul, Turkey Among the many landmarks in Turkey, the three famous mosques of Istanbul that deserve special attention.

Millions of tourists come there to see its places if interest, however, almost all of them are man-made. Montenegro, Kotor Bay Montenegro is located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula and is often called the gem of the Adriatic. It is a unique country with blue ocean, well maintained sandy and pebble beaches, most beautiful nature, and cleanest air. Wild nature of Montenegro coexists in harmony with small towns, resorts, and monuments of ancient architecture Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on the planet.

Rich, vibrant colors made me feel like a Disney cartoon character. Later that evening I went sightseeing with my friend Dima and wound up on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

It was the second time I lost my breath: Las Vegas at Dusk and Night The attentive visitor will tell that we already have shown something similar on our pages. And he will be right. However, shooting of night panoramas is extremely difficult task so we have decided to show the second part of our night shootings over Las Vegas Enjoy the sunset nd dusk time aerial panoramas of Manhattan now.

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Recently has been published the virtual tour of Manhattan at daytime Forest waterfall, video panorama It took us awhile to figure out how to add some action to our panoramas.

Finally we decided to create a panorama of a forest waterfall, which would be filled with sounds and falling water, to show it in its true glory And it's respectively called the Grand Canyon of Colorado Plateau: Witnesses say, that Ivan opened the airplane window to take some photos, before the co-pilot grabbed Ivan's camera.

Others say, Ivan himself gave his camera to the co-pilot, and had him lean outside the small cockpit window to take some photos of Ivan along the way Perhaps even my whole life. Over the past 20 years and despite numerous visits, I haven't seen the Golden Gate Bridge covered in its famous fog.

For me, it has been really unlucky South America, Peru No one knows exactly what Nazca lines are. The only indisputable fact is that they are located in South America, at the Nazca Desert plateau in the southern part of Peru. However this is where the indisputable facts end, leaving the scientists with numerous unsolved mysteries.

Moreover, at dawn all this splendor is surrounded by a light mist, and the higher you get - the further is the horizon. It's an incredible and breathtaking sight The drawings found in Palpa represent huge human figures. Besides, there are images of different animals and fantastic beings too We shot several spherical panoramas and landed.

As soon as the helicopter touched the ground we heard applause of the spectators and whistles of the security guards running towards us Around the famous castle located many other attractions. We were able to capture the castle Hohenschwangau as well as the very nice town of Fussen Maps and documents at the time of the American Revolution often render the name as Pepocottin or Pepper-Cotton. The name was used for both the creek and its valley, and subsequently during the nineteenth century for a small hamlet that later gave its name to a post office and train depot.

The post office was authorized as "Pepokating" on August 26, and the name revised to the more common spelling of Papakating in Service to this post office was discontinued in Today, the site of a confluence between an unnamed tributary and the Papakating Creek is known as Pellettown and the Board of Geographic Names lists Pellet Creek and Pellettown Creek as historical names that have been used for the creek in the past.

Obadiah eventually acquired "twelve valuable farms comprising twenty-five hundred acres of land". His son Stephen J. Pellet —a local farmer, merchant, and Justice of the Peace who was appointed the first postmaster of the Papakating post office operating in his store. Today, the Papakating Creek and its watershed is rural in character; consisting of farmland, forests, and wetlands.

There are a few low-density communities. Despite its seemingly Native American appearance, Neepaulin is not derived from Munsee or any other Native American language. Lake Neepaulin was named after a combination of the original developers children's names. The two watersheds are divided by a small rise in elevation of 20—30 feet between the drainages the two streams. The stream meanders through several miles of farmland along the floor of Kittatinny Valley.