Want to meet boxxy

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want to meet boxxy

So, #catiewayne aka #boxxy aha the queen of #4chan has meet #laina aka the overly attached girlfriend aka the queen of #reddit at #vidcon. The Queen of /b/. "You See" sung by Boxxy is a remix of a girl who was so She is Boxxy you see! See more .. Swoozie I admire him and hope that I will meet a guy just like him. She behaves without order – of course – but I wish to meet more individuals random!!!! hes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they .

They privatized her three videos and replaced them with one explaining to Boxxy that she should never make another video again, threatening her with the fact that they have all of her IRL information.

want to meet boxxy

After posting the video they proceeded to hang around the comments on their own accounts bragging to everyone who posted that it was them who hacked into Boxxy's account. Hacking into Boxxy's accounts on any other terms would have been a valiant and noble effort, but the sheer amount of bragging, namefagging and just generally trying to become internet celebrities off of this has been deemed to be extreme faggotry.

Thus invalidating the act altogether. Upon reading the above updates, the " hackers " responsible for white knighting Boxxy by finding her docs and spreading them all over the internetsput out another video on Boxxy's account. In said video they contradicted themselves about six times. They explained that they didn't do it for e-credyet called themselves martyrs in the fight for the internet.

In one line they explained that they did it "because she was annoying to not just 4chan, but everyone on the internet" and a couple of lines later they explained "Yeah she was annoying, but she is just a bubbly 16 year old girl " As you can see by the screencap on the right, a transcript of said second video was used as the index page for the IP of someone claiming to be the leader of the " hacker " organization to take down Boxxy's YouYube and throw her docs all over the tubes.

This individual left a crybaby message on this very articles talkpage trying to defend himself and his organization, however, his unwarranted self importance was not welcome here and he was thoroughly put back in his place.

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Her videos were placed back up. On July 12,it was discovered that the messageboard "iheartboxxy," a group of Boxxy fans started by an EDiot by the name of Overbeing who later promoted ex-CBCR founder Eyrev to moderatorhosted a small secluded group of people who had found 2 videos of Boxxy Cate filmed with a group of friends attending the Spring California Thespian Festival. The known accounts, Youtube and Gaia, were quickly spammed with the Operation Valkyrie tag.

The same day, her Youtube account disappeared and her Gaia account became inaccessible to the public. Was this the real Boxxy intervening, or simply trolls posting photos from photobucket under her guise, and hacking into her accounts and shutting them down?

It was also on the 6th that a clearly fake Youtube account was created - 'Boxxyakamoldybread'. Even though the videos are clearly of lower resolution than the originals, some were fooled by this, and some probably still are. Operation Valkyrie was rapidly being considered a failure.

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No myspace had been discovered, no email, no facebook had been delivered, aside from some obviously wrong semi-lookalikes. Others said she was in Florida, or even Australia. Pinpointing her accent also proved fruitless. The haters labelled this as a perfect example of a forced meme. Battle lines were being drawn. Boxxy threads began to fill with spam posts of 'sage this shit' and 'die in a fire'.

want to meet boxxy

To many it was clearly a newfag v oldfag war, but there were deviations, with some self proclaimed oldfags siding with the boxxy lovers. On January 8th, another Youtube account was created - 'boxxybabee' with the two original videos re-uploaded. The videos were of the same resolution as the original, either someone had done some great ripping or the real Boxxy was back.

  • I want your opinion on Boxxy.

On the 9th, Boxxy delivered. This interest generated over 70, views within 12 hours, pushing the video onto the first page for most viewed of the day on Youtube. A day later, and the video had reached 1 with overviews, accompanied by hundreds of new subscribers every hour. It is obvious that most of these viewers would have no idea what Boxxy was talking about in her video. On the 10th, with Boxxy now approachingviews and 10, subscribers, Operation Clampdown was declared.

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As the attack time of Some posted their desktops, with 4 or 5 nefarious programs open, prepared for zero hour. Within 30 minutes, 4chan became sluggish, and then crashed, displaying the desired The site returned hours later, and the 'cancer' instantly spread again, but not for long.

The moderators had listened, and hoards were slapped with 2 day bans merely for mentioning the name 'Boxxy', or even posting in a thread about her.

want to meet boxxy