Want to meet someone special

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want to meet someone special

One day you are going to meet someone in your life, that is going to change And this person, this perfect stranger, will make you want to be a. While London is home to around million people, meeting new people can be tough. Finding someone you like enough to date or be in a. Besides, we've all heard it before—no one wants to start dating someone new the season in style—and as a bonus, they can also help us meet someone new!.

If you tend to do most of the rejecting it's time to be honest with yourself. Are you really ready for a relationship? Next time you're not sure about someone, go on at least three dates before you make up your mind.

want to meet someone special

It takes at least that long to get to know someone. Forget the past The New Year is the perfect time to make a promise to be more positive. No one is immune from knock-backs and break ups — not even A-list celebrities. Stop being hard on yourself and accept rejection with good grace.

want to meet someone special

People who regain their confidence and get back out there are far more likely to meet someone special. Makeover your mind It's easy to get a new haircut and buy new clothes but not so easy to make over your mind. The beliefs we have about ourselves are very often outdated and can hold us back.

Perhaps you were picked on at school or you were a doormat in your last relationship. Who you were then isn't who you are now.


Yes, it's part of your experience but you've grown since then. Remind yourself of your achievements and say goodbye to the past.

want to meet someone special

Challenge yourself In order to change what you're getting out of life you have to change what you're putting in. Doing something different can be scary, especially at first, but the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the easier it gets.

want to meet someone special

If you've never joined a social group, have a look online and see what's happening near you. Sites such as Meet Up advertise all kinds of interest groups, some for the over 50s. If you like walking, what about joining a ramblers group for the s?

If you don't have anyone to go on holiday with, book yourself a singles break for the over 50s, such as Saga Travel or Solo Holidays. And if you haven't tried online dating yet, why not give it a three-month trial?


It might be a small conversation, a chat about the weather that leads to a chat about life and death. It might be a tiny moment, a lingering thought and gaze that hits you like cold water on a burning hot day. It might be a subtle glimmer of hope, that will turn a rainy day into a April sundress day. It might be a small speckle of words, that will lead into a masterpiece of sonnets and poems.

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You may never see this person again. You may never have a conversation like that ever again. You may have to keep the memory of this person burning bright in your mind when times get dark.

3 Tactics To Use To Meet Someone Special

But one thing is for sure, you will be forever changed. Maybe you were soulmates only meant to meet for a day, or maybe you were destined to end up together. Or maybe fate would rather you two be great friends. But the way they smile at you, will make everything ok again. The way they speak to you, will make you realize how much a part of you has missed being truly looked at.

want to meet someone special

And this person, this perfect stranger, will make you want to be a better human being. This person, will suddenly awaken a light in you that has been shut off for so long.