What episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

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what episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

The fourth season of Nip/Tuck premiered on September 9, and concluded on December Matt's decision to go down a new path in life is met with uncertainty by his Arthur Stiles, wants his younger lover to look as distinguished as he does. And when Christian accompanies Liz to a lesbian bar, it becomes a night. 1: Are They Real Or Fake: The Miraculous Make-Up Effects Of Nip Tuck Christian accepts, but Kimber discovers the truth and exacts a small revenge. Sean meets Ava, a life-coach, and enlists her to help out Julia. When Gina tells Christian he can no longer be involved in Wilbur's life, Christian is forced to reach out to. And do me a favour, Mr. Perez, when you answer, drop the 'no hablo English' bullshit. Sean: [to Kimber, about Christian] Ms. Henry, I think you're confusing Dr.

All I have to offer is a great smile and a convincing line of bullshit. There is only one way. Grubman and practice on her. What did she give you that I couldn't? She saw the good in me, Julia. She saw the potential, the hope.

Every time you look at me I see it in your eyes. All I see staring back at me is regret. Excuse me, someone in the lobby requests to see an arrogant, oversexed, antichrist. First time at the plate and I get credited with the RBI. You were the only batter. I was wearing a rubber. Just because I'm carrying Satan's baby doesn't mean I need to marry the father. Alright sailors, tankle away. Maybe I should get a dog.

I laughed, I cried, I came.

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I just thought I should be here to catch you when you fainted from shock. I think we should have this baby. Why the change of heart? I wanna give more. What's the matter Christian, not turned on by pregnant women?

No, just not by you. Withdrawal is very hard on the baby. I can only eat so much.

what episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

Would you rather I suck on these or some random guy? Do you have any idea what smoking does to a growing fetus?

Then I'll buy you a bag of goddamn lollipops! They come to kill. Is that the last implant? Unless you made the poor girl eat one for shits and giggles, yes. Its Mahi-Mahi with an Asian slaw. I found the recipe online. So what do you want? I need you to make love to me. You better have made a kick-ass dessert too, sweetheart. My bowels are backed up like a stadium toilet.

Your seduction skills need a little work. And we never will be. We both know it. We tried our best. You've seen how he treats women: Hasn't stopped me from working with Christian. Season 2[ edit ] Erica Noughton [2. Face it, Sean, we're not college kids anymore. Your hairline is up and your ass is down. I'll be sure to put that on your 40th birthday card in a couple of weeks.

Can you believe the shit that passes for music these days? Maybe you should hang out here on Thursdays. What are you doing? Exhibiting a feat of modern technological daring by programming my number into your cell. Thus, proving that I'm a modern man of my times. Can I buy you a drink? Thanks, but no thanks. Is there spinach, sweetheart?

I didn't realize you are a bitter lipstick lesbian. I'm sorry for taking up your time. Actually, Christian, I love dick. Just not year-old dick. That's perfect, 'cause mine is Why don't we go somewhere dark and private and you can count the rings around my trunk. Do you have a subconscious desire to harm me? I assure you, Erica, any desire I have to harm you is entirely conscious.

You slept with my mother. Also at my wedding? So, I see she offered up full disclosure. I don't want my child around cheap common whores. He's around you all the time. Oh correction, you're an expensive whore. Once you've seen a woman's cum face, you've seen her soul. It might be nice if you paid me a little attention first. First come, first served? Why didn't you say so. Husband come home early from work?

Until now, the worst thing that's happened to this face is a rough exfoliate. I never even had a pimple as a kid. Doesn't look like your orbits are involved, maybe just a deviated septum along with the fractured nasal bone. I'll reset it after surgery. No, you gotta make it what it was before, Sean. I only do perfect, remember? Tell me what you don't like about yourself. We're not here to talk about my nose, Sean.

We're here to talk about what just happened in surgery. There was a minor mishap. You call that river of blood minor? Unger bucked from a bad anesthesia reaction. Your hand palsied again, Sean. Whatever this problem is, it's getting worse. It's not getting worse. So there is a problem. Patient looking at a model walking by: How do you improve on that, huh?

Oh, there are ways. Are you here to get it reset?

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I'm here to consult with Dr. Jordan about a surgical technique. She's a colleague of mine. I couldn't believe it when I saw your name on my appointment sheet. What happened to your nose? That's why I'm here.

I broke it during a game of hoops with the boys. I'm looking to have a rhinoplasty A. No moles, but I'd recommend some lipo for those hips. Are you saying I have love handles? I do not have love handles. Not that they are noticeable to the untrained eye, but to a professional Hey, I am a professional, sweetheart. Don't try and sell me something I don't need. Men half my age want to look as good as this, okay? You're the one who needs work done, doctor. Look, Sean, you may be the expert on nerve reattachment, but I'm a goddamn genius when it comes to pussy.

If I build it, she will come. They are instinctive and verbal. Want to be a better lover? Work on your language skills. The procedure is rare. This has nothing to do with your competence as a surgeon. Or your technique as a lover. Remember, We're treating a patient here, not just a vagina. That's easy for you to say. You've never been with Vagina Gina! Grubman] Tell me what you don't like about yourself The older I getthe more interesting I get.

Sharon Stone was 32 before she hit a big. Sharon stone also got a nose. You are drug addictKimber! Keep on going like this and you've been no carier. What am I suppost to do? I have no money. I am screwed up. And he's my partner and best friend.

Why would I leave his mug in your inexperienced hands? I have pubic hair older than you! There's a difference between being a pussy and being respectful of fear. It's what reminds me to slide on a johnny hat every time I perform a slipindicktomy on a woman of questionable standards. What are you writing? I read somewhere that writing your own was a good motivational tool. And what does it say? Sean McNamara, years old, died Tuesday night of natural causes.

Inventor of bipolar liposuction. He was described by his friends and large family as a good doctor, good husband And a good father. Loss is a part of life. You can't really care for something or someone until you realize that one day, they may be gone. And when they do go, we feel as if everything goes with them and we feel like we'll never really care about anything again. And we discover that that loss was a gift, that helps us appreciate all of the things we still have.

Keeps you in control. German, Italian, or the occasional English. Treat yourself to a barber shop shave once a month. Take a beautiful girl to Florence and eat at the Enoteca. Talk to Marino, he'll take care of you. Tell him you're my son. Don't take any crap from anyone, you're better than that.

Never get too jaded to care. She's the life coach my mom hired to get my grades up. Your grades, asshole, not your dick! I have no idea you are so puritanical. I am a goddamn pilgrim.

I'll have you arrested for statutory rape. By Florida laws he is a consenting adult. You certainly know your rape laws. For someone who according to Matt has had his share of teenage girls, you are stupid if you don't. No, this whole family is bullshit. And you're the reason why. Don't talk to me like that, I am still your mother.

You're not my mother, you're a whore. Even if you did hit me, it would still be true. I'm getting my kid baptized. Over my dead body. I loved being a Catholic when I was a kid. The drama of it. The feeling that there was a mysterious man in the heavens watching out for you. When did you lapse? When I became a pro-choice lesbian. He's not your son. What are you talking about? I was there when he was conceived. I pulled him out of you when he was born. He's everything like me; too emotionally shut off, he's tuned in his head.

This thing with Ava Is that what you're trying to say? Is that what you're saying?! I didn't mean-- Sean: I am Matt's father! Agatha Ripp did at least have one point that makes sense. Not some obvious Machiavellian figure with horns and a tail but a silent foe disguised as friend. There is no statute of limitation for being a back-stabbing asshole. Fine, but it won't be a mole removal. It's gonna get invasive.

I get the furniture which I picked out for the waiting room, the anesthesia machine. Look, what's happened between the three of you is painful. But we can fix this. Your mother slept with my best friend, and you were the result, and I didn't know for 17 years, so stop defending them! Yeah, and my mother is sleeping in a hotel because you kicked her out, and I can hear you crying through the walls at night, so don't you dare scream at me!

Do you think Matt looks like you? When you masturbate, do you ever think about her? Did you ever ask her to not marry me? Did you want to? I think you're forgetting how we met. You paid for my tray at the cafeteria and then begged me to tutor you up to a 'B' in microbiology.

And that tutoring bumped your 'A-' to an 'A', doctor. You have never appreciated my contribution to this partnership. So I have your ineptitude to thank? No, you have my inch dick to thank. Surgery is the one place where you're more of a man than I am. And you need to be better because somewhere in your twisted brian, you think that's what keeps Julia.

So you work hard and you focus. And for all your bullshit about carrying me, you've never been able to leave. You can't do this without me.

I spent 17 years trying to corral your bad genetics. Let's see if you can do better. We had a system. If I had a girl in the room, I put the Men at Work album outside so you know not to come in. But you're the one who insisted on coming in most of the time. Pussy, I knew what you wanted. You wanted to see me screw because it was the closest you could get to being laid.

We're not having a three way. Why not, everything else has been Not tonight, tonight it's Julia [Christian blows out smoke while shaking head] Isn't this what you've always wanted, Christian? Isn't this your dream? To be with Julia and I here in this moment?

And you haven't got the balls! Maybe I should come back? Call me old fashioned, but I like a girl with a few flaws and a brain. And look at where that got you! We're just wired that way, even if some small part of our brain actually gives a damn about your soul, it's always short-circuited by the part that wants to get into your pants. When I said you should make the most out of yourself I wasn't referring to your bra size.

The best thing of being blind is that you don't fear the unknown, cause everything's unknown. I read about that in Time magazine.

You fix some guy's cleft after walking into landmines. That kind of shit. Excuse me, Miss Moore. Have a seat, Mr. I thought you were his father. I'm his, uh, biological father. I have two dads. Well, was there a divorce? Emily Willis has two mommies. We're seeing more and more of this. Matt's father is my partner, Dr. They're not gay, Miss Wentworth. My Mom slept with Christian before she married my Dad. Technically, I don't have any father figures, but Matt's living in my house and screwing my Mom, so I pretend he's my Dad.

It's true, Miss Wentworth. Matt and I are lovers. I was his life coach. You see, Matt has a problem. He's a premature ejaculator. I deal with dysfunctional families on a daily basis. And trust me, everyone has a story, and none of you are that special. I know you've slept with some strange types, Christian, but a year-old school principal?

Put it on my tomb stone. Here lies Christian Troy. He was never predictable. There are times I want to feel more May, than September for a change. Here is the new world order, Christian. You keep Matt informed on how to minimize orange streaks at spray-on tanning salons, and I'm in charge of all matters concerning his education. Every time I feel like I'm getting my life back, I have a Gina outbreak.

You haven't had a pregnancy scare since Gabe Kaplan was a celebrity.

what episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. Amazing drug, isn't it? It's a rarefied form of metocurine chloride. They use it on psych patients I'm rescuing them from all that They call me the 'Carver'. Fifty noses all the same. A thousand flawless breasts. They refuse the job at first, but Liz talks them into doing it.

After a while, his wife is overwhelmed with them, and the man wants them taken out, which eventually happens.

The wife seems to enjoy them too much, which causes her to question her sexuality. Kimber has turned to the porn business after impatience caused her to turn back on her acting aspirations. A Real Doll used for sexual purposes of Kimber has been made, but Kimber thinks the vagina is too generic, and wants the doctors to fix the doll. Christian blasts the job and tells Sean that it's a bad idea, but Sean wants to follow through because Kimber offered a lot of money, and the practice lost money when Sean and Christian were on the verge of splitting.

When Sean takes the doll home to work on it, he gets lost in the moment and has full sex with the doll, which has suction features in the openings to give a full orgasm. Sean realizes how sad he is, but then Kimber shows up to unexpectedly pick up the doll, and ends up having sex with the real Kimber.

Julia has moved into an apartment, and wants to pick up some items from the house to furnish the kitchen, and she also asks Sean if she can spend the weekend with Annie. Sean lets her, despite the fact that he is angry throughout the entire conversation. When Julia shows up the next morning to pick up the waffle iron, she runs into Kimber, who is going to make Sean coffee after their night together. Upset, Julia makes herself over and goes to a bar, where she meets a man she likes.

Christian Troy

She gets drunk, and winds up in his room where he wants her to use a sex toy on him. She refuses, but then man tries to force her to do it.

She makes her way to the bathroom, where she finds a phone and calls Sean, hoping that he will come and get her. She tries to make up with him, but all he does is give her money for a cab and leaves. Tuesday, August 31st, Natasha Charles Natasha Charles, a blind woman, comes into have work on her eyes so she won't appear blind.

Christian begins to fall for her, and he learns a great deal about beauty from her. In an attempt to get Sean back, Julia goes to a female plastic surgeon to have breast implants.

Erica visits Julia in her new apartment, and has become upset with her new lifestyle. Erica talks to Sean, and he gets mad at her also.

Natasha goes out on a blind date no pun intended with another blind person. Christian, at the same restaurant, tells him that she is not pretty like the man had hoped, and he leaves. Christian joins Natasha, and they go home together for an intimate night. Tuesday, September 7th, Sean resists at first, but eventually decides to do it after Christian lies to him and says the woman that was going to fix her face botched several jobs.

Sean tells Julia that he keeps trying to forgive her and wants to try to love her again, but that it wouldn't happen right away. Julia has an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and dreams during her surgery. Ava shows up in her dream as a different form of life coach, and guides her through this surreal life.

Julia is married to Christian, which seems happy on the outside, but is really falling apart on the inside.

Kimber Henry

When Christian decides to leave the practice, Julia interviews another doctor - Sean, someone she knew from high school. Trying to catch up on old times, Sean invites Julia and Christian to dinner. They meet his wife, Megan O'Hara, and their son Matt, who is on the nerdy side and has a bug collection. Megan is three months pregnant with a girl they plan on calling Annie, named after his grandmother.

Julia cannot have kids with Christian, who wanted to have a biological child since he was adopted. Kimber, Julia and Christian's three-way partner becomes pregnant, and Christian refuses to get rid of it. We are revisited by several characters, including Mrs. Grubman, Jude, and Julia's friend Suzanne. When Julia wakes up in recovery, Sean is there waiting for her. She has realized that things would never work out with Christian, and that Sean was always the one she loved.

Tuesday, September 14th, Oona Wentworth Maids and servants of a wealthy woman have a party while she is out of town, and they hire a cheap plastic surgeon to give them all Botox -- Merrill Bobolit. The women all have adverse reactions to it, and one of them comes in to have it fixed because bulges have formed on her forehead. Bobolit has now partnered with Madam Rose, who owns a chain of beauty salons.

He performs unsanitary plastic surgery for lower prices in her basement, and they proudly promote this new invented "Bobotox". Christian tries to talk some sense into him, and eventually learns that Merrill is hooked on the anesthesia, and is constantly high on it - even during surgery. Christian acts as his sponsor in an AA-type rehabilitation group.

Merrill becomes furious with Christian after a girl he wanted flirts with Christian. Meanwhile, Matt gets upset at Adrian for wearing his leather coat to school while soliciting drugs to other students. After Adrian refuses to give him the coat back, they get into a fist fight.

Since the coat belongs to Matt, the drugs in the pocket are pinned on him. Christian is called in instead of Sean along with Ava, and Ava comes up with the idea to bribe the principal, Ms.

Wentworth, with pro bono plastic surgery. After getting off free because of the surgery, Adrian and Matt decide to be friends. While having a conversation in the bathroom at school, Adrian urinates in one of the soap dispensers, and both Matt and Adrian get called to the principal's office again.

Sean comes in this time along with Ava, and he forces the truth out of Adrian and Matt, and snaps at Ava. Sean punishes Matt by sentencing him to spending his afternoons at the office doing handiwork and cleaning.

Matt realizes he likes spending time there. Adrian has had the last straw with Ava's harsh treatment, and they share a meaningful moment as mother and son, but it turns weird when they begin to make out. Tuesday, September 21st, Trudy Nye Sean and Christian repair the face of a woman abused by her husband; Sean and Julia confront Ava about her relationship with her son Adrian.

Tuesday, September 28th, Sean McNamara Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. Another victim of the Carver shows up to have his face fixed - this time it is a male, who was both raped and carved. They agree to fix him. A local news station does an interview with Sean about the pro bono work on Carver victims.

The Carver finds his way into Sean's home. After Sean gets out of the shower, the Carver drugs him up and has a conversation with him. He slices his right cheek, and tells him that if he fixes another one of his "masterpieces", he is going to kill him.

Julia helps him recover, and Sean tries to win her back - but she reminds him that she is happy with Kevin. He calls his past lovers, including Manya, Erica, and Grace. He visits Kimber on the set of a porn movie, which she is directing. She tells him that she got tested quite recently because she's in the business, and that she's clean, which slightly relieves Christian. He has one more call to make - James and Wilbur now known as Gabriel.

They both come to visit, and Christian becomes very emotional. Christian's tests come back negative, and he visits Gina in the hospital with the good news. He lies down next to her in her hospital bed after a heartwarming conversation, and they fall asleep together.

Tuesday, October 5th, Joan Rivers Joan Rivers consults with Sean and Christian to have all of her plastic surgeries undone, because she wants her grandson Cooper to learn that you don't have to be perfect. When she ultimately learns what she will turn out like after the work has been finished, she decides to give up on her original plan and asks the doctors to schedule her for a facelift the next morning.

Matt is concerned about Ava, who seems obviously depressed. He suggests they go away to Paris and start a new life together, which she reluctantly accepts after some convincing.

Matt goes to McNamara-Troy to steal drugs for her to take with them. Christian finds him, and gets upset when he learns Matt is going to Paris. Christian goes to have a talk with Ava, and when trying to make a point using sex, he learns that Ava is really a transsexual.

Julia, Sean, and Christian spend the night researching, and trace their way to Maryland and a Gender Reassignment center. They learn that Ava's surgeon was a retired doctor by the name of Barrett Moore. Avery was a homosexual admirer of his, but Barrett could not love him the way Avery wanted him to. He perfected his plan for surgery, and made Avery a woman. They married, but their marriage was not perfect. Since they could not conceive, Barrett used a surrogate, and Adrian was born.

Ava could not live with the pain, so she left with Adrian when Barrett was not home. Julia confronts Ava, and tells her that she knows her secret - and that she will reveal it to Matt if she does not break up with him by the end of the week. Ava needs one more surgery before she's complete, and Sean and Christian call Barrett in to help. Barrett asks Ava if he could meet Adrian, and she agrees to let him do so.

When Matt comes home with the plane tickets, Ava gets upset by his constant mess making, and breaks up with him. In tears, Adrian comes home with a knife hidden behind his back. He once again tries to get his problems spoken. She tells him that Matt is out of the picture, and that they're going to go away to Paris together to start over. Adrian still knows something is missing, and we hear the noise of a stabbing. He never got to meet his father.

Upset, Ava decides to leave for Paris alone. The entire family - Sean, Julia, Annie, Matt, and Christian - have dinner together, very similar to the previous season finale. Sean repairs another victim of the Carver. Escobar lives in Sean's head as his conscious and tells him how to face the demon down. Sean decides he needs to lure the Carver to his house, and face him man to man. He has security cameras set up for protection, and brings a gun to bed with him. As the Carver creeps through the dark hallways, the Carver strikes.

Sean is alone in his bedroom, and Christian has been slashed by the Carver. Season 3 Tuesday, September 20th, 1: Momma Boone After Christian's Carver attack, Sean must look for a new partner to keep the practice going. Sean has to surgically separate an obese woman from a couch she has spent the past three years on. Julia realizes that she has to make a decision about the future of her marriage.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2: Kiki Sean hires Quentin Costa for six months during Christian's convalescence. The two remove tattoos from a former MS gang banger using cutting edge laser technology. Matt finds Adrian dead in Ava's house when searching for a plane ticket to Paris. The police thinks it's suicide. Julia calls Erica to help Matt deal with questions regarding his sexuality. Christian and Liz operate to repair a scar on the face of a female gorilla, Kiki.

Tuesday, October 4th, 3: Quentin and Christian help two students whose faces are glued to the behind of a third student. Christian starts losing interest in the threesome relationship between Kimber, Kit, and himself.

He asks Quentin to get involved with Kit to take her off his hands. Tuesday, October 11th, 4: Rhea Reynolds A woman wants surgery to make her look like her when she was younger, to jog her Alzheimer-stricken husband's memory.

Christian and Sean work on another Carver victim, who does not have the same physical attributes as the other victims. Tuesday, October 18th, 5: Granville Trapp Rhea Reynolds is found dead apparently murdered by the carver. Christian is the prime suspect. A man with a very hollow face caused by the HIV medication that he's taking is this episode's patient. Tuesday, October 25th, 6: Frankenlaura Sean and Christian visit a mortuary where an employee created a woman from body parts of other women.

They operate on a German woman. Sean is at a gathering of people over 65, trying to sell them some procedures. Gina and Julia are in business together. Tuesday, November 1st, 7: Julia, Gina, and Liz develop a new skincare product that uses semen as the main ingredient. They keep the main ingredient a secret though. Joan Rivers is the first to test the product and loves it so much she decides to endorse it.

Tuesday, November 8th, 8: Tommy Bolton Sean has feelings for Nikki Moretti. Quentin goes after Julia and she welcomes his attention. Christian has a down-syndrome patient who wants to look like the rest of his family. Christian meets with his birth mother again. Tuesday, November 15th, 9: Hannah Tedesco Christian and Quentin disagree over the ethics of an extremely dangerous operation that would enhance their medical reputations.

Sean is thinking about giving up everything and disappearing into the Witness Protection Program with Nikki and her son.

what episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

Tuesday, November 22nd, Madison Berg Christian still has second doubts about the wedding. Gina tries to convince Kimber to leave him.

Matt's new girlfriend compares plastic surgery to the work of the Nazis. Tuesday, November 29th, Abby Mays Sean wants Quentin out of the practice after finding out that he's dating Julia. Christian seems to be ok after Kimber leaving him, but his actions indicate otherwise. Tuesday, December 6th, Sal Perri A plane crashes just after take off in Miami. Julia's mother might be one of the passengers. Christian, Sean, Julia and Liz are all trying to save the lives of the people that survived the plane crash.

Tuesday, December 13th, Claus during the Christmas season. During her lipo they find a seventeen year old fetus inside her. Julia is not feeling well. A blood test performed by Sean reveals why. Tuesday, December 20th, Cherry Peck Christian finds out that Kimber didn't ditch him at the altar but was abducted by the carver. Quentin is a Carver suspect. Julia has bad dreams about her pregnancy.

Sean is threatened into doing pro bono work on the transgender woman who was beat up by Matt. Quentin Costa The Carver strikes at a sorority house. His identity is revealed.

Ariel's dad kidnaps Matt and Cherry. Ariel's dad forces Matt to make a life threatening decision, while the carver tries desperately to get his last minute revenge. Julia discovers that there might be something wrong with her baby. Season 4 Tuesday, September 5th, 1: Julia tells Sean some devastating news about the baby. Christian decides to redecorate his apartment after a disturbing appointment with his psychiatrist.

Tuesday, September 12th, 2: Blu Mondae Sean and Julia make a big decision regarding their unborn baby.

what episode of nip tuck does christian meet kimber

Christian and Sean hit troubled waters with their new boss and begin to realize what it really means to have sold their business. Matt's family doesn't quite get his decision to pursue a new path in his life. Tuesday, September 19th, 3: Monica Wilder Sean and Julia are looking for a nanny.

Sean wants to turn to Christian for support after his hidden desires are revealed. But Chistian is busy going to the gym because he thinks he's too fat. Tuesday, September 26th, 4: Shari Noble After having a nipple bitten off by her dog, Shari Noble comes in to have it reconstructed before her husband returns from Iraq. Julia meets a breast-feeding expert.

Christian and Liz hit a lesbian bar where Christian tries to attract one of the women there but she's attracted to Liz instead. Sean and Christian meet with a kidney specialist for one of their patients. Tuesday, October 3rd, 5: Dawn Budge A lottery winner offers Christian a fortune. Christian certainly needs the money since he's being blackmailed by James. Christian and Sean are trying to get Matt away from Kimber and Scientology.

Sean offers something to Julia. Tuesday, October 10th, 6: Christian's therapist has an obsessive torment to reveal. And Burt Landau proposes an unusual solution upon learning that Christian and Michelle are having an affair.

Tuesday, October 17th, 7: Burt Landau Dawn Budge needs an ear transplant. Burt Landau suffered a stroke and asks Christian and Sean to fix his face. Tuesday, October 24th, 8: Grubman is back for more Plastic Surgery this time she wants Christian to preform it after she has passed on. Sean and Julia have conflicts over Conor's Surgery. Tuesday, October 31st, 9: Liz Cruz Liz's new gilfriend, Poppy, wants her to have cosmetic surgery.

James makes Christian and Michelle help her steal another kidney. Sean offers consultation to Marlowe, who wants longer legs. Tuesday, November 7th, Merrill Bobolit, who's out of jail, needs Sean's and Christian's professional services. Escobar Gallardo wants them to perform surgery on his face. And Matt tells his family that he's married and that he and his wife are expecting a baby.

Tuesday, November 14th, Conor McNamara, It's the year Conor is getting the whole family together. In the present, Julia and Sean's marriage is at a crossroads. Tuesday, November 21st, Tuesday, November 28th, Reefer Sean drinks to a great extent as he spends a depressing Christmas without his family; Christian gets an surprising gift when a 3-year old Wilber comes back into his life; and James pressures Michelle to help as she takes forceful measures to fill her holiday kidney quota.

Tuesday, December 5th, Willy Ward Sean contrives to sell his portion of the practice; Michelle's connection with James finally ends, but not with James' boss; Gina is not happy to discover about Michelle's role in Wilbur's life; Matt tries to rekindle the spark with Kimber; and Poppy and Liz break up.

Tuesday, December 12th, Gala Gallardo Sean considers selling his shares of the practice to Christian and Michelle, although Michelle's past starts to threaten her future with Christian. Meanwhile, Escobar's wife needs cosmetic surgery. Season 5 Thursday, November 1st, 1: Being new to the city they find themselves having to start from scratch business wise.

What they thought would naturally fall into place turns out to require some foot work. So Christian and Sean hit the town and begin discovering a whole new world.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2: Sunday, November 11th, 3: Everett Poe Sean and Julia learn more about their new family dynamic as Sean resists Eden's advances. Kate reveals a secret compulsion. Matt comes to Los Angeles with some troubling news for his fathers. Tuesday, November 20th, 4: Annie and Eden start to form a sisterly bond, which unnerves Sean. Tuesday, November 27th, 5: Chaz Darling A patient inspires Sean to take his relationship with Kate in a new direction.

Eden uses extreme methods to persuade Christian to perform surgery on a friend.

Nip/Tuck - Wikiquote

Kimber reaches out to an former business associate when she and Matt fall on hard times. Tuesday, December 4th, 6: Damien Sands Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a reality show based on their careers as plastic surgeons.

Tuesday, December 11th, 7: Joshua Lee Sean tries to regain his youth through his relationship with Eden.