When ladies meet movie review

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when ladies meet movie review

Joan Crawford always seems out of place in comedies to me, but I suppose I always find her acting style rather odd and out of place in most films. I guess it's just. This film, which was remade in with Joan Crawford and Greer When Ladies Meet (), which also stars two more of my favorites. Joan Crawford and Greer Garson in When Ladies Meet () Joan Crawford and Robert .. This and the constant talking make the movie somewhat dated - what woman would put up with such a 8 of 13 people found this review helpful.

Like most of her roles, she plays a rather dizzy woman but obviously not dumb since she is living in such a beautiful home.

when ladies meet movie review

Woodruff Garson who arrives not knowing that she will be meeting her husband's mistress. The things that go on in seemingly respectable country homes! This lovely timber-framed Connecticut-style farmhouse boasted hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, thick white stone walls, and plenty of fireplaces to keep the guests cozy on rainy nights.

when ladies meet movie review

It just so happened to be a rainy night when Robert Taylor and Greer Garson arrive unexpectedly. Believe it or not that "pond" is the swimming pool, which Joan Crawford just splashed into from her perch atop a rustic swing.

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The Front Drive - The driveway skirts around the pool. We are never shown the garage but there certainly is one, and it is probably where the servants quarters are, too. THE INTERIOR Dizzy Bridget was so proud of Walter's handiwork she gave the characters a tour of her house and, since she conducted it so well, we will just follow in her footsteps and make some remarks as we pass by these beautiful rooms.

The Living Room - One of the best features of a traditional "Connecticut" style home is the sunken-living room.

Review: When Ladies Meet (1933, Beaumont)

The wrap-around sofa reminds me of the interior of a ski lodge. That's a model ship hanging on the wall. There are a number of them throughout the house. Walter must have shared a common interest in yachting with Claire Woodruff. When it's raining cats and dogs outside, sit beside the piano and sing a duet.

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At least, that is what Claire and Mary decide to do. After they find out they share a love for the same man, they no longer have much to sing about. The water-wheel, that is. Look how thick the supporting beams are! This house is built to withstand a Blitz.

when ladies meet movie review

The acting is marvelous in it. Who do fine things. If I could find a way.

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I mean, without getting swamped or being nasty. Which, I suppose, we all do, though not all of us are sanctimonious as to put our presumed amazingness into self-authored books.

Both women are smart and complicated, but both have hung to facades of a man to maintain an illusion of their own invincibility.

Well, invincibility outside of the terrible vocal ranges. Harding is great in this, too, I should add. She has this baroque voice matched by the slyest damn smile. She has a great sense of mischief about her, as well as a deep sense of sadness that follows her around like a raincloud, with both being able to be flipped masterfully.

All of the other actors are fun. Giving him all… for love. Morgan has a fascinating ability to build a fakeness into Rogers, making all of his relationships seem a little off than all of the other characters, save Jimmie, which the women attribute to his kindness or charm.

Jimmie knows what it really is, and, in the scene where the two are alone and finally have a showdown, we finally get to see the real Rogers and not the self-perpetuated literary ideal of the man. Alice Brady is very, very funny as Bridget, a woman obsessed with image and sex, and frustrated by having to pretend not to care about the friction between the two in s society.

when ladies meet movie review