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where tangents meet reddit nfl

NFL: National Football League News & Discussion He can also be Phil Simms level trash when he goes off on a random tangent and sees .. This one is particularly for the Patriots subreddit. .. Turkey is a sub par meat. RIVERS? NEVER HEARD OF HER Lmao Like Us NFL Memes! from Facebook tagged as LMAO Meme. Lmao, Memes, and Nfl: PHILLIP RIVERS? NEVER. NFL: National Football League News & Discussion posavski-obzor.info comments/. We hope you can meet both of these needs. how to use Sin, Cos, and Tangent but he also had to memorize the playbook!.

The underpinnings of the bond between the Big Ten and Pac beyond the Rose Bowl becomes clearer here, too. That being said, the Wall Street Journal database provides a lot of fodder for which markets make the most for the Big Ten in the event that it wants to expand its footprint further along with some explanation for demonstrated interest in certain schools during recent rounds of conference realignment.

The following is simply my blue-sky thinking as opposed to any evidence that there will be realignment moves in the near future. Texas was mentioned prominently as a past Big Ten expansion target and that was a no-brainer at all levels: The fact that Dallas has a Tier 3 connection with 9 existing Big Ten schools and Houston has connections with 4 conference members is just the proverbial icing on the cake. The Big Ten graduate data partially points to why the league was interested in the Yellow Jackets: The league will jump over states to get Texas, UNC or similar caliber schools if they ever wanted to join.

Kansas is also sitting there from the Big 12 as an AAU school with a blue blood basketball program and Kansas City is one of the few Midwest markets that been able to draw non-local Big Ten grads from multiple schools. I have long been on the record that the most valuable single plausible e.

where tangents meet reddit nfl

On the Eastern side of the Big Ten footprint, 10 of the 14 conference schools have connections with Boston. Adding a school to cover the Boston market would effectively make the Big Ten into the conference of the entire North. However, the challenge is finding an acceptable school that fits into the conference.

UConn is a more of an institutional fit as a flagship school, has strong connections to both New York and Boston and a top level basketball program historically. It might sound arbitrary and unfair, but old school pedigree is simply an absolute requirement when getting to the Power Five level and dealing with very literally the snobbiest group of people on Earth AKA university presidents.

Syracuse actually sends a similar percentage of its grads to the Boston market as UConn despite a farther distance from Upstate New York along having the largest percentage of grads of of any FBS school living in the New York City market with the exception of Rutgers.

As a result, it has Big Ten-like attributes in a region where Ivy League and other elite private universities have historically kept public universities in a subservient position. And there's no excuse for that I'd like to hear, why would stupid people be more deserving of punishment?

where tangents meet reddit nfl

Another important task was keeping ourselves, the mod-team in check, keeping tabs on each other because emotionsto not abuse their powers like this, taking the easy way. Part of that was setting stone-hard rules that were never, ever, to be broken. Obviously, one of those rules was "don't ever edit someone else's post without attribution". We were sure to drill in that rule, calling it out even if it was a "friendly" or helpful edit--partially for the principle of it, but also because not attributing friendly edits still erodes trust.

Oh and if moderating a single troll costs ten times the effort they put in, you probably need to upgrade your mod tools. How did you deal with trolls when you were a moderator? Any troll who can get around a shadowban can get around a regular ban as well by registering new accounts. First off, it's important you don't do this alone. Trolls get under your skin and if you get emotional, you're going to make bad calls.

where tangents meet reddit nfl

Have at least three other mods that you are in constant communication with via forum-PMs, IRC or other messaging. They also help lighten the load of doing boring non-automatable parts of cleanup jobs. Try to set hard and clear rules of how to act before the situation occurs.

where tangents meet reddit nfl

So, there's the crackpots on a spectrum from deserving-compassion-because-mentally-ill to dangerously-obsessed. There's the spammer-trolls commercial non-human spambots, human marketers, but also people with a grudge that want to flood threads out of spite, both manually or using tools. Then there's the "classic" trolls that use psychological tricks to push hot-buttons and try to sow discord and strife in the community.

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There's probably a few more categories but most trolls are some combination of the above. I'm not really counting users with "objectionable speech" such as racists or perhaps forum-specific controversial topics. If it's controversial but somewhat on-topic, it's for the community to deal with. If it's off-topic perhaps for a particular subforumit's your basic moderator-janitor clean-up job to delete, split, or move.

If that's too much work, either man up about it clean-up is going to suck sometimes, you can't automate everything, but maybe you can automate moreor confer with the other mods whether to treat this troll as a spammer.

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The other three teams: None of those teams went on to win the Super Bowl. Drew Brees can't win, even when he's good Drew Brees holds an unusual record. Drew Brees has never won MVP. I know that might seem kind of obvious -- and once I thought about it, I realized I already knew it -- but it's the kind of thing you just assume he's done.

12 stats to arm yourself with heading into Week 17 of the NFL season

He's won a Super Bowl, he's widely accepted as one of the top quarterbacks in the league, he's thrown for a zillion yards, racking up countless kinds of touchdown streaks -- it's just easy to lump MVP into his never-ending list of accomplishments.

Here's another Drew Brees stat Julio Jones chases history Julio Jones is having a historically great season. He's also chasing history. Jones, who's racked up 1, yards through the air this year, needs just yards to pass Jerry Rice for the second-most receiving yards in a season. But he'll need a monster day against the Saints to record the most receptions in a single season. Jones might actually have a chance. Sammy Watkins just needs targets Sammy Watkins is on quite the run since Week 8.

Sammy Watkins needs 89 yards next week to hit He had yards thru week 8.

where tangents meet reddit nfl

Usually Ryan is all talk, but he actually followed through on this one. Bortles sits at 4, yards, while Brunell threw for 4, yards in The Jaguars play the Texans on Sunday. Breaking down his yardage, Bortles has thrown for 3, yards when the Jaguars are trailing.