Why do christian churches meet on sunday

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why do christian churches meet on sunday

The Christian community as a whole does not keep the Sabbath because it that Sunday was the normal meeting day of the apostolic church. Up until the beginning of the church, God's people were used to going to synagogue on the seventh day of the week (Saturday) which was called the Sabbath. Answer: Most Christians traditionally worship on Sunday. Historically, Sunday, not Saturday, was the normal meeting day for Christians in the church, and its.

Sabbath in Christianity

Scripture never mentions any Sabbath Saturday gatherings by believers for fellowship or worship. However, there are clear passages that mention the first day of the week, Sunday. For instance, Acts Historically, Sunday, not Saturday, was the normal meeting day for Christians in the church, and its practice dates back to the first century.

Christians worship on Sundays in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is very important to remember, though, Sunday worship is not commanded in the Bible, and Sunday has not replaced Saturday and become the Christian Sabbath. While the New Testament describes Christians gathering and worshipping on Sundays, it nowhere states that Sunday has replaced Saturday as the Sabbath. The key point in all of this is that we are not to limit our worship to any particular day of the week.

We are to rest in the Lord every day. We are to worship the Lord every day.

Why do Christians worship on Sunday?

At the very beginning, the church in Jerusalem met every day in the temple and in private homes Acts 2: Since the first believers were all Jewish, it seems safe to assume that they continued to participate in Jewish synagogue and temple worship for some time. However, the New Testament makes it clear that the observance of a particular day was not imposed as a binding obligation. The records that remain in the New Testament show that the first day of the week soon became a day of worship.

And when he wanted to meet with the believers at Troas, the gathering took place "on the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread" Acts There is no Scripture passage that specifically teaches that the sabbath has been transferred from one day to another.

why do christian churches meet on sunday

It seems most likely that the shift from Saturday to Sunday was gradual, and took place along with the change from a mostly Jewish church to a mostly Gentile one. The early church fathers generally viewed sabbath as a Jewish observance, and the Lord's Day as the proper Christian observance.

For example, Ignatius wrote in the early 's A.

Why do people go to church on Sunday?

Magnesians is a letter written to the church at Magnesia by Ignatius, a church father, also called Theophorus. If all of it is still binding on us, then so is the sabbath. If there are parts that are no longer binding because they were directed specifically to the Jewish nation, or because they were for ritual purposes, then the sabbath is open for discussion.

why do christian churches meet on sunday