Why does he want me to meet his ex

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why does he want me to meet his ex

My boyfriend of nine months just asked me if he can meet his ex for a drink later After a Break Up, Do Guys Ever Really Want to Be Friends?. My boyfriend (I'll call him Drew) and I are in love and beginning to talk seriously about a future together. I'm in my late 30s and he's in his. Did you recently find out that your boyfriend is still talking to his ex? Before If you do meet his ex, pay attention to how she (or he) acts. Does his ex. If he won't introduce you to friends who know his ex, it may be because he doesn't want the old relationship to be over. I have, and it didn't bother me.

This doesn't mean that you should blame your boyfriend for feelings of jealousy that you might have. This simply means that you should acknowledge them. Communicate your fears to your boyfriend.

If he doesn't seem to care or acts really defensive about it, then maybe you should press him for more details. Maybe they started dating, realized their feelings were mostly platonic, and decided to remain friends. This is the ideal situation if your boyfriend is still talking to his ex: There's little to be jealous about if their relationship was short-lived and not very fiery.

Even better, if your boyfriend's ex turned out to be gay or straight, if you're gay and that's why their relationship ended, then there's not as much of a chance that something inappropriate is happening between them. Granted, it could still happen. On the other hand, there's more reason to be suspicious if there's no conceivable reason that they're still talking.

For example, let's say that your boyfriend and his ex had a purely physical relationship and went through an explosive breakup. Furthermore, they were never very good friends in the first place. Why would they still be talking?

How long have your boyfriend and his ex been apart? In that case, maybe the fire between them has cooled off enough that they can legitimately be friends without any drama. On the other, hand, did they break up just last month? Did they break up because of you? If it's only been a few weeks and your boyfriend is already talking to his ex, this might be something that you'll want to calmly address with him.

Take Some Time to Think and Cool Down Even if you find information that you don't like while probing your boyfriend about the situation, take some time to be by yourself and think about what's going on.

Before you react, reflect on what your rational response should be. Remember that if your reaction is based on insecurity you may do irreparable damage to your relationship. You might unwittingly send the message to your boyfriend that you don't trust him. How will he react to that? Is he really doing anything wrong? Think carefully about what you've learned and the best way to proceed.

Obviously, if you've discovered that your boyfriend is sending naked pictures to his ex or something like that, there's less to think about. In unambiguous situations like those, you might just want to kick the guy to the curb. Ask to Meet His Ex If his ex really is just a friend, your boyfriend should have no problem introducing you.

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Sure, it's normal for him to perhaps feel a bit awkward bringing a current and past flame together, but it should be doable. However, if he is still seeing his ex in secret, he'll probably feel too guilty to introduce you or allow you to hang out together.

He'll probably be nervous that you'll discover his two-timing ways. If you do meet his ex, pay attention to how she or he acts. Does she seem nervous around you? Does she give you smug looks? Is she really touchy-feely with your boyfriend? If so, then you might have a problem. Even if there's nothing between them, she may be trying to rekindle something. After meeting his ex, if you can tell that she definitely still carries a torch for him, advise your boyfriend of this.

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of his talking to someone who clearly still wants him, don't be afraid to let him know. If your boyfriend keeps bringing up his ex, that could be a sign he still has feelings for them.

Even if he's mad at his ex and complains, the fact that they're on his mind is a red flag. He's active in his ex's social media.

why does he want me to meet his ex

If you're over somebody you don't like everything they post. It's another sign that the ex is on his mind. He uses his ex's name by mistake. She is not in the picture and even though his financial circumstances have changed.

I don’t want to meet his ex

The more you bring her up, the more damage you cause to your relationship. You would be angry and hurt if you felt he was comparing you to her all the time but he is not. Encourage him to resurrect his career but do so in a manner that does not bring up his past life. Yes No I need help Hi, what do I do with my new partner and his contact with his ex wife not ex as yet?

Your article has been very helpful answering some questions. I have been seeing a man for 9 months, his wife has her first affair 4 years ago but he 'would have walked to the end of the earth' his words to save the marriage of 25 years. She eventually ended it, and 2 months after he started dating me.

I am now starting to feel that he is not in fact over her and I am the 'stand in' or 'rebound'. He said he will always stay friends with her. They still have the same friends, he goes out and about with her family, and she asks me all the time we have never met. Still, friends on Facebook and she regularly post memories of the 2 of them. Every single conversation there is a mention of her, he does not compare me to her, but I have figured it out that they speak almost daily, if not speak then text.

I have brought this up and he says 'she says we will never get back together'. I don't get a straight answer about his feelings towards her. My question; I think I know the answer, do I wait until all the financial side has been settled in the hope this will change things? Or am I kidding myself? He is a great guy, but I think he is hung up on her, and she treats him horribly. Do I just end it?.

Giving him space and time Listening to him, any arguments with her, and conversation he has had with her. Yes No I need help He started dating you fairly fast after the end of his year marriage. You can't expect him to drop all mention of her when this is all he has known for the last 25 years. It is tough to determine if you are just a rebound.

I would say you are more of a comfort to him during this time which might grow to something more. Just keep in mind that you are going to hear a lot about his ex because she is still in his social circle and a part of his life. With more time in your current relationship, he should begin to distance himself.

Yes No I need help Why would your ex-bf not tell the recent new girlfriend that he was in a long relationship that he just ended approx. Actually, I am the ex-girlfriend, he broke up with me and was seeing her before he broke up with me. He has not told her. I'm the recent ex-girlfriend. Found out that he is with the "co-worker" that he told me was "just a friend" and she is now his girlfriend. Yes No I need help He is avoiding coming to get his Christmas presents which he has said he set a day but came the day before when I had other plans.

Then told me he has a new girlfriend and wanted to know if I still wanted to see him on Thursday -which is tomorrow. I answered him yesterday the following: Lol- it would be nice to catch up. How did you feel when we finally talked via cell phone? Was it dreaded or felt comfortable?

I enjoyed it and I got the feeling you might have too. He has not replied. Yes No I need help To summarize, and keep this within the context of the article, it seems that you are, in a round-about way asking if your boyfriend is still in love with you.

It also seems that you are assuming that he did not tell her about you, or that he was seeing both of you at the same time because he was intending to return to you. Unfortunately, it is more likely that he was trying not to turn the new girlfriend off by making any type of reference to you.

Also, nothing pops the romantic bubble of new love faster, then telling her all about your last relationship and how he was have sex with her too. Yes No I need help Here is also another conclusion to arrive at here, which is may think that he may think his relationship with you is none of her business and vice-versa.

Furthermore, some people find the idea of cheating or keeping secrets from a lover sexually exciting. Yes No I need help As for your final query, it is likely he is not coming over because he is trying to detach from you. The fact that he has lied to two women should also indicate to you that he is lying to you about liking hearing from you or wanting presents as well.

If you have tried the thirty-day no contact rule, as you say you have, and this is the result you chasing him then it is time to let it go. This appears to be a man who is in love with his new girlfriend and not his ex.

Yes No I need help I am concerned my boyfriend of 12 years is reaching back to his wife? When I met my boyfriend he said he was divorced it had been 8 years after his " divorce" when I met him. Within the first year, I discovered he was legally separated and they had indeed been apart for 8 years. This has always troubled me. I pressed him and he said when we moved in together he would get a solid divorce.

Also within the 12 years, he rarely spoke with her.

why does he want me to meet his ex

They have 2 boys together which he raised. Now within the last year, he speaks to her at least once a week.

why does he want me to meet his ex

He is distant with me, and when I press him about it, he actually becomes angry. He has not gotten his divorce and I am perplexed. This sits very heavy on me, and he tells me I am crazy for thinking he would get back to her. Also, he updated his will, made her the executor and of course his sons are the beneficiaries as it relates to his sons I have no problem with that. But the executor part, adds to my worry.

Yes No I need help Depending on the age of his children, their mother may be the executor because she is the other custodial parent. Do not read too much into that, as it is more about legality than love.

As for the divorce, he should definitely file now.

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Perhaps he has not feelings for her but is not motivated to make any changes, but that is not a good indicator for your relationship's future. If his children are old enough that there are no custodial issues, and financially all debts are paid off from the marriage, this should be a simple divorce. Is his name still on property that he owns jointly with his wife?

Could finances prevent him from filing? Instead of forcing the issue, nicely ask what is stopping him from filing for divorce. Let him know that you are not interrogating him but just want to understand what the reason is. Maybe he is speaking with his wife to get the divorce in process. Yes No I need help Should I marry him, we have had a long distance relationship for 7 years?

I recently found paperwork that my guy has a will that was signed 3 years ago naming his ex-wife as beneficiary and her daughter.

Looking back I was dating him then and he asked me to marry him, I haven't discussed what I found and really not sure what to do. I just know I've been through a lot and I don't want to walk in the same shoes again, when you know better, you do better.

Yes No I need help His ex wife is listed because she is the other custodial parent. After 7 years, you should be married and have immigration procedures started if you are from different countries.

If you are from the same country, then you should be living together full time in the same location. He has asked you to marry him and you have spent 7 years of your life waiting for him to ask you, so make a decision. He is serious about you and the relationship or he would not have asked you to marry him.

why does he want me to meet his ex

See more questions like this: Mam how to know that my long distance boyfriend loves his ex or not? How will you know if he is really not emotionally attached to his ex? My boyfriend and I have been dating for so many years now and anytime we try to talk about his ex he leaves my questions unanswered. He told me never to talk about her. However, I discovered recently that he still has her contact and still stays in touch with her even on social media. They exchange pictures too. I was able to read his chats with her and what I read was annoying.

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He used my money to buy her stuff. So I decided to break up with him but he is still saying it was urgent that is why he did that. He didn't even apologize but was defending himself. Well, he is the kind of guy that will let you believe him and trust him but at the end, he is someone else. I think he isn't really over his ex because anytime we talking about it, he says its nothing, then he goes back to doing the same thing Was this helpful?

Yes No I need help Do they share a child together? Because that would be the only reason to keep a connection with an ex for many years. The fact that he used your money without speaking to you about it first, is a red flag. He was more concerned about his ex's financial issue than giving you the courtesy of consultation. If you are thinking of getting back together with him, the number one negotiated rule on reconciliation should be that he stops all contact with this ex. Trust has been damaged resulting in a breakup and you both will have to attempt to rebuild that.

I heard his ex is obsessed with him, and he talks to her. She always tries and messes with him.

why does he want me to meet his ex

He doesn't want to talk to her, but he has to get her brother. He doesn't do anything in the article, but they might text on hangouts or snapchat. His friend sent me messages from him and his ex. Yes No I need help His life is entangled in his ex's familial and social circles. He may not ever change this. So if you can't trust him or feel like there is a third person in the relationship, you should walk away.

His friends are showing you messages and warning you that his ex is obsessed with him. This also means that it is not just you who is concerned about your boyfriend's interactions with his ex.

Take their advice and speak with your boyfriend about how you feel pushed aside for his ex. Do I take my ex back if he dumped me for his lover and now she dumped him? Well, We have been together for over 3 years. They recently got divorced.

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He spent last weekend in a hotel with her cause they took their sons to Disney. He won't put me on Facebook and he won't let her see me with him cause he says it makes them fight and then he won't be able to see kids? So I am just wondering if I am just the side woman and maybe their really having sex too and he lies about me to her and vise versa.

That is why I am hoping you will know. He always acts like the kids are the reason for him to act like we're not together. Yes No I need help Have you met his children?

Because after three years, you should have met them and become a part of their lives if even a small portion. Not adding you to Facebook is another red flag. You have dated him for three years so this should no longer be a secret to his ex wife. Now that the divorce is final, there should be a standing custodial order with that divorce. His ex can't restrict his custodial visits structure without court intervention. You need to tell him that you have spent three long years in the shadows of his life.

Now that he is finally divorced, he owes it to you in terms of no longer hiding the relationship. If he still will not do that, it is time to consider breaking up with him because you will always be second to his ex wife. I have a suitor now. He's newly break-up with his ex who cheated on him. We're at that stage of getting to know each other. I know that it's still a fresh breakup, but he told me that he has no feelings for her.

That he's very in love with me already. But sometimes I get confused.