Wi state legislatures that meet

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wi state legislatures that meet

Access links that are related to the Wisconsin State Legislature and also get a detailed look at Legal resolutions from the past several years. NOTICE: Proposed constitutional amendment relating to the rights of crime victims · Wisconsin Blue Book · Citizen's Guide to the Legislature · Report Fraud, . Dec 6, Wisconsin Republicans are trying to erase their loss .. Earlier this week, the Republican-held state legislature passed a series of.

Despite its Midwestern reputation, there is no state that has become more polarized along partisan lines over the past decade than the Badger State. It all began with the election of Gov.

Wisconsin GOP works to limit incoming Democrat's power

Scott Walker, the man Evers beat last month, in A month into Walker's first term, he moved to end collective bargaining rights for public sector unions.

The national labor movement immediately mobilized, casting the fight over Act 10 as the defining political skirmish for this generation of unions members. Protesters mobbed the Wisconsin state capitol in an attempt to keep the legislation from passing through the GOP-controlled chamber.

wi state legislatures that meet

Democratic state senators decamped to Illinois to try to keep the bill from going through. Despite all of that, Act 10 became law.

The political consequences were vast. Recall efforts were launched against Walker and the Republican state senators who voted for the bill. Walker, against all odds, won the recall election -- which had become a sort of pre-presidential test for both parties in advance of the election. Walker won, again, narrowly in -- as the deep partisan riff in the state only worsened.

His defeat in in a quest for a third term and in his fourth race in eight years was a massive victory for national Democrats who had grown to loathe the Wisconsin governor not the least of which for his seeming invincibility to their electoral challenges. Walker, in the middle of his second term, ran a disastrous -- but mercifully short -- campaign for president. Add it all up and you get this: There is zero love lost between Republicans and Democrats in Wisconsin.

And in that sort of climate, anything goes. Which, said another way, goes like this: I want people to know the state legislature is controlled by Republicans, and the governor's mansion ain't.

Wisconsin Republicans will continue to control the state Senate and state House in Those in Green generally spend more time on the job because their sessions are longer and their districts larger than those in Green Lite.

As a result, they tend to have more staff and are compensated at a higher rate. Within subcategories, states are listed alphabetically.

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Gray Legislatures Hybrid Legislatures in the Gray category are hybrids. Legislatures in these states typically say that they spend more than two-thirds of a full time job being legislators. Although their income from legislative work is greater than that in the Gold states, it's usually not enough to allow them to make a living without having other sources of income.

Legislatures in the Gray category have intermediate sized staff.

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States in the middle of the population range tend to have Gray legislatures. The compensation they receive for this work is quite low and requires them to have other sources of income in order to make a living. The Gold states have relatively small staffs.

wi state legislatures that meet

They are often called traditional or citizen legislatures and they are most often found in the smallest population, more rural states. Again, NCSL has divided these states into two groups. The legislatures in Gold are the most traditional or citizen legislatures. The legislatures in Gold Lite are slightly less traditional.

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States are listed alphabetically within subcategories. Green, Gray and Gold Legislatures.