Will percy jackson meet magnus chase

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will percy jackson meet magnus chase

Will takes Leo to see his cabin, telling him about Percy Jackson, Charles He takes Apollo to the Big House where they meet Nico di Angelo and Will introduces. Read Magnus Chase Meets Percy Jackson from the story Crossovers and This is a fanfic of my take on what would happen if Magnus and Percy met after the. Thoth makes a vague reference to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will be other gods and rival magic that Sadie and Carter will encounter in the future, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and Camp Half-Blood Series At the end of the book, Magnus and Annabeth meet up, and presumably tell each .

You may be able to snag one that way if you order from your favorite bookseller. I also post my public events in my News. Most of these events happen around the time a new book is released. Most stores that host an event for me will take your order, get your books signed on the day I do my event, then ship the books to you.

At the actual book events, there are always signed books available for sale, but I am NOT able to sign and personalize all the books that every fan brings from home because of the size of the crowd and the number of books. It makes me sad that I can't do that anymore, but it just isn't possible to get through a signing line that big in a single event. I get too many requests to accommodate shipments of books, and by the time they get to me if they get to me they tend to be in pretty bad shape.

Characters If two demigods had a child, would that child be a quarter-blood, a demigod or what? Their lives are simply too dangerous. If they did have children, the kids would probably pass for normal mortals, since the godly powers get diluted with each generation. If the parents were extremely strong, the child might be more like a demigod. Would you name a character after me? It's cool to imagine yourself in a story you like.

However, I don't name characters after real people, except very rarely when it's someone I know personally, perhaps a former student of mine who has an interesting name. I get many, many requests like this. If I named characters to honor requests, I'd have to have about ten thousand characters in each book.

Still, if you happen to come across a character with your name in my books, you're welcome to adopt him or her! Where DO you get your character names?

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Most of them are simply names I like — names I think will sound good in a book. Percy is short for Perseus, the old Greek hero. I know the original Perseus was the son of Zeus, but as explained in The Sea of Monsters, Percy's mom named him this because Perseus is one of the few heroes who has a happy ending in most versions. Jackson is a name I've always been fond of for many reasons.

My grandfather's nickname was Jack. Also, Jackson was the name of my protagonist in the adult mystery series I began writing inwhich featured private eye Jackson "Tres" Navarre. I just thought it sounded good with Percy. Annabeth is a name I made up. I've never known anyone named Annabeth, though I've met a few fans with that name since. Also, Annabeth is modeled after Atalanta, the most famous Greek heroine, who is also described as a blond warrior girl with fierce eyes.

I guess I watched too much Sesame Street as a child. Some names were picked as shout-outs to people I knew. Dodds is based loosely on a real Mrs. Dodds who taught math at the school where I worked.

will percy jackson meet magnus chase

Brunner was the Latin teacher there. I also had students named Miranda and Nico. But like I said, most names I pick because they just work well. I also have to be careful not to have too many names with the same first letter.

How did you decide on Nico's character development in House of Hades? Here's my statement concerning Nico in The House of Hades: One of the most important reasons I became a teacher was to advocate for marginalized children — those who are bullied or misunderstood, those who feel lost and alone.

As a middle school student myself, I certainly felt that anguish. As a middle school teacher, it was critical to me that all my students saw my classroom as a safe, supportive environment where they could be honored for who they were and express themselves without fear.

Every child can be a hero. No child should be shamed or shunned for being different. It was not something I planned. I had no agenda. Some self-identified as early as elementary school. Some came to terms with their sexual orientation later in high school. Most had a hard time during the middle grades, which are tough years for any child. All my middle school students enriched my classroom. They made me a better teacher and a better writer for children, and they all deserve my support.

will percy jackson meet magnus chase

I am committed to writing appropriate books for the middle grades. This means no bad language, no gratuitous or explicit violence, and no sexual content beyond what you might find in a PG-rated movie — expressions of who likes whom, holding hands, and perhaps the occasional kiss. The idea that we should treat sexual orientation itself as an adults-only topic, however, is absurd. To pretend they do not, to fail to recognize that they have needs for support and validation like any child, would be bad teaching, bad writing, and bad citizenship.

Having said that, a good book, like a good classroom, should raise questions, not insist on a particular set of answers. It certainly should not ignore difficult questions. Most importantly, I hope the story continues to entertain and keeps kids reading! Upcoming Releases When does the next book come out?

Those dates will be posted on the website and on my social media accounts as soon as they are available. If you live in another country, your best bet is to contact a local bookseller or the publisher of the series in your country. The publisher is listed at the front of each book and on the book's spine.

Can you please release the next book faster?

will percy jackson meet magnus chase

I can't wait that long! I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I can't release the next book until it is written. Trust me, I'm writing as fast as I possibly can without sacrificing quality. Normally it takes me one full year to write each book. I'm trying my best to speed that up, but it's a slow process to make a book and get it right. Readers will always be able to read faster than I can write.

Believe me, I want the books to be done as much as you do. I'm not keeping any complete manuscripts locked up on my computer just to be mean. If the book isn't out yet, that's because it isn't done yet! Can you tell me the titles, release dates, or anything about what happens in your future books? I don't live in the U. When does the next book come out in my country, and where can I buy it? I usually only get information about the U.

This applies to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, too. I don't know the publication schedules for all the other countries where my books are published.

For information about the books in your country, your best bet is to ask a local bookseller. Usually booksellers can look up that information and tell you when the next book is coming out. Sometimes they can also special order books if the books are not in their inventory. I hope you're able to find what you're looking for! The Lightning Thief, released Feb. I did not write the script or help make the movie. I didn't even see it, because I didn't want the movie version to change the way I saw my characters or settings in the series.

I just write the books. The same applies to the Sea of Monsters movie in August of I read the script but never saw the film. I know nothing else about it. I have no information about future movies. I have no indication that those will happen, but Fox doesn't consult me on such things.

It is entirely their call. Did you have any control over the movie? When an author sells the rights to a book, typically full creative control goes to the movie studio and director — in this case, Fox and Chris Columbus. The movie rights to Lightning Thief were sold before the book was even published. I made the decision to sell the rights so early because it brought lots of public attention to the books and helped the series catch on.

However, once the movie rights are sold, the author has no control over what happens in the movie. They let me read a version of the script and make some suggestions, but that was the extent of my involvement. Like I said, I didn't even see it. Nor can I give you contact information for anyone who was involved in the movie. You mean the author of the book doesn't control the movie?

It's VERY rare for an author to be involved in a movie version or have any input whatsoever. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are just that: There are many reasons for this. Movies and books are different forms of storytelling. Film makers figure they know more about making movies than the author does, so most of the time, they insist on total control.

I explain it this way: Selling someone the movie rights to your book is a lot like selling someone your house. Once you sell it, it isn't yours anymore. You have to move out and let the new owners move in.

If you insisted on a bunch of conditions before you sold it, like: When you buy a house, you want to have control to do what you want with it. You could repaint it, remodel it, even tear it down and build something entirely new.

The old owners wouldn't have any say in the matter. Movie rights work the same way. If someone says, "Why did you let them do blah, blah, blah in your movie? It's not a matter of "letting them" do anything. It's not "my movie. The new owners can do whatever they want.

I wish them the best, but movie-making is not my thing. I have no interest in it. Besides, I may be biased as a novelist, but I believe if you have a book, you already have the best version of the story. There is no way a movie can ever create images as good as the ones you actively create in your imagination as you read. As I said, I was not involved with making the movie, nor did I have any control or input on the casting choices for the first movie.

Asking the author of a book on which a movie was based to give you a part in the movie is like asking the custodian at your school to give you an A in English class. It just doesn't work that way! There was a Percy live musical! What about a Percy Jackson TV show? News of the musical has made a lot of fans ask: Alas, live theater and television are two completely different things.

As far as I am aware, which is not very far, they have no plans to do anything further with those rights. I get the desire for a television show of Percy and friends.

There is a trend of taking failed movies Cough. If they did it right, could it be great? The conversation from there goes something like this: They declined to sell back the rights at any price.

Series Interactions

Why did you let them change the story? When Hollywood buys the rights, those rights include the power to do whatever they want with the source material. That is the standard contract all Hollywood studios insist on with all properties. Rowling is always the extreme exception to every rule.

However, even she did not have as much power as people think she did over the movies.

will percy jackson meet magnus chase

She has said as much. She did not control casting or scripts for the Harry Potter movies. In fact, when she got veto power over the script for Fantastic Beasts, that made international headlines because it was the first time she or any author had EVER gotten such control over a film project.

It is much more common for that NOT to happen. How much that helped, you be the judge. Netflix is an entirely different company than Fox. Could they strike some kind deal? Not that I would have any indication.

Fox does not consult me about such things. But somebody on Netflix customer service told me it might happen! And you think the random person on the chat room for customer service knows about studio decision-making?

They are trying to sell you a subscription. But what if we signed a petition — Me: We could have a bake sale. If I hear anything different from a reliable source ten or fifteen years for now, I will let you know. I would not hold your breath, though. The one thing I can and do control is the quality of the books. I assure you I will do everything I can to keep those coming and keep them entertaining!

What about a Percy video game? Fox owns those rights as part of the movie deal. I understand there was a Nintendo DS game associated with the first movie release, but I have no other information on plans for other video games or other merchandise. How do I do this?

I only do public events as part of the formal book tour each time a new book comes out. These are all arranged by the publisher many months in advance, not by me. While I visited hundreds of schools in the past and loved meeting young readers, the travel was hard on my family and my writing deadlines suffered.

Because of this, I no longer arrange any events outside the book tours — this includes school visits, internet events, book fairs, private functions and any other type of event. Right now the most important way I can connect with young readers is to write the best books I can as quickly as I can, but thanks for your interest!

I love meeting my readers!

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When they get to the dock they find the frost giant Harald who denies his boat to Hearth and Blitz, but lets Sam and Magnus take it.

The two groups agree to meet at the library later. When they go to the bait storage shed they pick out a giant bull head and drag it on to the boat before the set out to sea. While at sea he asks Sam what Big Boy meant when he called Amir her 'intended', after she told him a little about her life.

When they cross into Jotunheim they throw the bull head into the sea and wait. When they get a massive bite Sam helps him reel it in and stops Harald from cutting the line. When their catch breaches the surface, Sam introduced Magnus to her big brother. Harald pleads with them to cut the line and release the world serpent. Eventually the sea goddess Ran comes to the surface to demand they stop, as she can not scavenge on the ocean floor.

They say they will let Jormungand go, but only if she barters with them. She agrees and they cut the line. When Magnus asks her for the Sword of Summer, she says she will give it to them in exchange for Magnus' soul. Magnus then threatens to summon the sword which will tear her net and release her treasures. The duo leave for the Library. When Magnus reaches the public library he turns the sword into a white runestone pendant with a black Fehu on it. Big Boy then appears and asks for the apple, then morphs into a Jotun and reveals his name to be Utgard-Loki.

Blitz tells Magnus they will go to his home world in the morning by climbing Yggdrasil. The three meet up with Sam at the public gardens by duck statues. Blitz explains that this is the easiest place to get to the world tree, but tells Magnus he must do it. As he goes to the next duckling Gunilla is across the river with two other Valkyries and his hall mates. Sam, Blitz and Hearth stall while Magnus finds the right one.

On the fourth duck Magnus uses his sword and opens a rift. The four land on the world tree and follow the sword to their destination. Ratatosk the squirrel appears and attempts to attack them. Sam and Hearth hide under her hijab, while Magnus and Blitz go into a vanishing knothole.

The two end up wandering across the field, Folkvangerwhere they are greeted by fallen warriors. Blitz tears him to an upside down ship where they meet the goddess Freyawho reveals herself as Blitz's mother. Freya tells them to go to Nidavellir to get her a new pair of earrings and that there is a dwarf who could make them a new rope to bind the beast if Gleipnir breaks, which is very likely. She tells them that they have until January 22 to find Fenris Wolf's island.

The two go to Nidavellir and head to Nabbi's tavern where Blitz tells the bartender they want to contact Junior. Junior challenges him to a 'traditional' crafting contest with the usual rules. Junior leaves and Hearth and Sam come to tavern where explain what happened.

Magnus, Hearth, and Blitz show up at the contest. After making three items, the contest is declared over and the judges decide the winner. He sees Sam and wants to scold her for being late, but does not when he sees that she has a black eye and swollen lip. He asks her what happened and she says it was nothing too serious. Blitz wins and requests Junior give them the earrings and rope they asked him for, and tell them where Fenris Wolf's island is.

Junior says that Thor might know where the island is. Junior sees Sam and calls her out as a shapeshifter and claims she cheated; he orders the four to be killed before they run for it. While running, Blitz is taken in a golden net to his mother. Magnus readies his sword, which talks, startling everyone. The sword fights the dwarves on its own. They meet up with Hearth who takes them to a river leading out of Nidavellir.

When the dwarf mob approaches Magnus turns the sword, Jack, back into a pendant and collapses. Sam and Hearth support him when they jump into the river. Magnus dreams he is on Naglfar with Loki. The trickster tries to convince Magnus to give up his search for the wolf's island, and states that he convinced his daughter, Helto take Magnus in to her domain.

As Loki said, Magnus wakes up to a goat giving him mouth to mouth. He says his master is Thor and he was separated from him. Magnus summons Jack to track the god.

Otis then tells them they were unconscious for about a day, much to their shock. Then they meet up with Tanngrisnr, who goes by Marvinand tells them that Thor is drowning due to a giantess and that if the trio fail to save Thor he will kill them. After Magnus saves Thor using Jack, Thor offers him and his friends to stay for dinner. Blitzen rejoins the group. While going to the giant's home, Hearthstone summons one of Sleipnir's sons, Stanley, to help them pass a cliff.

When at the house, they see a caged swan that Sam recognized as Gunilla. The quad try to negotiate with Geirrod's children for Gunilla and for Thor's weapon. After failing to reach an agreement, Magnus uses Jack to kill the giants, while Blitz and Hearth rescue Gunilla and aid Magnus out of the room. They meet Geirrod in the hall where they ask him for Thor's weapon and says he will only give it to them if they survive a game.

While the game is going on, Thor comes in and takes the weapon and "sends them where they need to go". When Magnus lands on bunker hill, he is greeted by Hel. Hel offers Magnus a chance to come with her to Helheim to be with his mother, if he agrees to abandon his quest.

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He says that that is not what his mother would want and he says if he sees the goddess of death again, he will cut her in two. She then vanishes and he suddenly appears five stories above an asphalt roof and falls.

Once on the island, they find the wolf. Magnus tries to restrain Jack, who is destined to cut the wolf's ropes. Soon after Gunilla arrives with two other Valkyries and his hall mates. Gunilla tries to get the quad arrested, but the hall mates turn against her.

Surt and the fire giants arrive to claim the sword and kill everyone. After Magnus successfully uses Jack to retie the ropes, he runs in to battle and sees Surt kill Gunilla. Enraged, Magnus throws Jack who creates a rift that sucks the fire Giants to Muspellheim.

After defeating the enemies, they all get on a boat, where Magnus goes to aid Halfborn Gundersonwho is dying. Magnus uses the last of his strength to revive Halfborn and passes out. When Magnus wakes up he is greeted by his father, Frey, who he immediately hugs. Frey congratulates him for rejecting Hel's offer. Frey says that Magnus has accepted his fate and that the Sword of Summer is now his.

Before Magnus leaves Frey gives him his mother's ashes and the flyer Annabeth gave him tells him to contact her. Magnus wakes up in the Hotel's lobby and is summoned to the feast hall. When he and the others arrive at the feast hall he explains to the thanes about what he has done on the quest.

When he finishes the thanes say that his actions were heroic but since he left with out permission he must be punished.

X then speaks up and reveals himself to be Odin. Odin offers him a chance to either relocate to Folkvanger or return to the land of the living. The son of Frey says he is happy at Valhalla and wishes to remain there. Odin gives him and his friends full access to all of the nine worlds.

The next day he, Sam, Blitz and Hearth attend a funeral for the fallen Valkyries. He says he will visit them from time to time and goes to meet Annabeth.

He and Annabeth scatter his mother's ashes on the Blue Hills. The two try to mend the bond between their two families and agree to tell each other about their lives. The Hammer of Thor To see this text, hit the "Expand" link to the right.

After not seeing Sam for six weeks, Magnus meets her for coffee at the Thinking Cup. She is about to tell him about an informant that will meet them until she is alerted that a hero is about to die and leaves. He grabs a table and is soon greeted by Otis. Before Otis can say more he is hit with an ax and dies before he can be healed. The Son of Frey sees the assassin and goes after him.

During the chase the assassin warns Magnus not to go to Provincetown, then topples off the bridge and disappears. Sam then describes how her father Loki is making life difficult for her at home, that the giant have become more restless and are preparing to invade Midgard. Sam then states that they will need Blitz and Hearth, who are hiding in one of Mimir's safe houses.

Magnus then asks why he has not been told any of this and Sam responds by saying that he needed to spend his time training, because he will need all his skill in order to survive the mission. Before Sam leaves Magnus realizes that she got her black eye from the enherji she saved.

She says it will be explained at dinner and that it came from her brother.