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wodota international site meet

and graduate studentsORganizations awardsDotA2 - WoDotA Top 10 Power and Wealth (Best Players)Meet Local and International Players. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu About Rhenie. meet me and you will know! Favorite Quotes. i wish my mouth have a. the front page of the internet. DotA 2 has no region lock and there are more international . youtube videos (Like PIS shadow fiend and Wodota top 10) featured .. U have always non meta picks in EU that u find in 5+k.

Believe me when I say that soloing the hard lane is difficult as balls as long as there is one ranged enemy hero. If they have at least 2 stuns you aren't gonna be having much farm and might as well go for the traditional build. When solo-ing I forgot to mention certain things like using Quill Spray to farm. Level it up to 2 or 3 and then you can last hit like a ranged hero.

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Then rush a void stone to continue doing so in lane while keeping a relatively safe distance. Another thing I didn't mention is stacking ancient creep camps.

Thanks for the reminder lol. This is especially useful on the Dire side. Just stack the camp like mad and once you have a Battlefury or even a Perserverance just go and whittle it down and get moneyzzzz. This build of course works optimally in the safe lane but usually I play in the hard lane. You don't need to farm like crazy. You can get the money from ganks.

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I do that a lot in my BB games. You can build a relatively fast Battlefury off that. Yeah his optimal timing is around midgame when he has full points into Quill Spray and some into the other 2 with Warpath.

This guide is sort of a gimmick where you reverse it all and go for the late game. Which surprisingly fairs pretty well in pubs.

wodota international site meet

Just try not to run in first. Have an initiator like Tide start the fight then run in with the rest of your team blasting everybody. The chances you get focused on is low because a lot of people will know attacking Bristleback isn't particularly effective since they would think he is a tank. Its a mind game of sorts. If people decide to focus you try backing out a bit to let them focus their attention on a closer hero before charging back in. I disagree with battlefury over radiance because I believe radiance is superior and has more synergy with his quils.

If you have the opportunity to go straight radiance, then you should skip battlefury and go radiance. Battlefury is a decent alternative however if you cant reach the radiance timing. Yeah, farming is difficult in this guide which is why most of the time you can't hit that optimal radiance timing.

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Quills and Radiance don't have any synergy. Its not like Quills buff up Radiance damage or anything.

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Low stats aren't really a problem. The main thing about worrying is getting some farm, managing your mana and looking out for incoming ganks. Tobinet I shoot a 63pound bow.

wodota international site meet

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wodota international site meet

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