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wormquake tmnt 2012 meet

April O'Neil is a deuteragonist in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Her tessen makes her a very skilled (almost full-on) Kunoichi. my friends are mutant ninja turtles who live in the sewers and the closest thing I have to a father figure is a gigantic rat. CartoonsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow/Fav I meet the This is about my adventures with the turtles, if i ever met them. Warning, this. CartoonsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow/Fav I meet the Turtles 2! By: Angelxoxo8. This is the sequel to I meet the Turtles! And if you.

Don't you hate it when that happens? Season 2 Finale Review Of course, the mutations in Season 2 were usually just the setup for bigger-picture stuff.

The season premiere, for instance, began a long road to forgiveness for April, who, after Kirby's mutation, felt betrayed by the Turtles.

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However, April's departure also introduced us to Season 2's most valuable player -- Casey Jones! Prior to his debut in "Mutagen Man Unleashed," there was definitely some skepticism surrounding the new Casey's lankier, cave-mouthed design. But it didn't take long for the character to grow on fans, thanks in part to Josh Peck's spot-on voice work.

Exit Theatre Mode While she had already made her mark in Season 1, Karai was another character that really came into her own in the second season. Previously, we'd seen her struggle with good and evil, often riding the line between ally and opponent for the Turtles. But over the course of Season 2, that struggle came to the fore. Episodes like "Follow the Leader" and "Target: April O'Neil" were particular standouts for Karai, with "Vengeance is Mine" being her most significant milestone.

In that episode, we learned the truth behind Shredder and Splinter's past, and Karai's place in it. But Karai wasn't the only rogue to get the spotlight in Season 2. For fans of the original series, there was the genesis of Slash, voiced to perfection by Corey Feldman; Baxter Stockman, who made his inevitable transformation into The Fly; and Mutagen Man, who spawned from last season's Timothy.

In sum, these characters were great nods to TMNT's classic ne'er-do-wells. Exit Theatre Mode In terms of new mutants created specifically for Season 2, well, some of them were stronger than others.

On the one hand, you had villains like the Squirrelanoids, Fungus Humungous, Malachai and Pizza Face, who were decent one-offs but didn't carry the same gravitas as some of the other enemies. On the other hand, you had Tiger Claw Eric Bauzawho was far and away the best new mutant to come out of the season, if not the entire show.

Between his bombastic intro in "Wormquake! For crying out loud, he's part-Tiger, Part-Boba Fett -- what's not to love? As a midseason finale, "Wormquake!

Exit Theatre Mode That's not to mention the development of April this season, which not only explained her alien abilities but also subtly hinted at the evolution of humankind.

wormquake tmnt 2012 meet

My hair got longer throughout those weeks, somehow. It now goes down to right above my feet instead of my knees. I did eventually cut my bangs, which went to my chin no way was I cutting my hair. Now they fall down to right above my ears. As for me and Leo, our relationship has gotten stronger. And you're probably asking: Is Leo my boyfriend? We decided to take things slow. I can definitely see him as something more, but for now, I'm happy with where we are.

Raph, well he's tried to be nicer to Leo like he said, but sometimes it doesn't work out too well. At least he's trying. Donnie and Mikey never changed, and that's all I need to know. Honestly, they're better off staying the same. April has become my best friend, and we hang out whenever she has the chance.

I was allowed to go out whenever I wanted since the Kraang are gone. Everytime I go topside, I usually train sometimes with Leogo to April's house when she wasn't avoiding me that is or get something for the guys when needed. Or I usually go on a date with Leo. My mother has fixed up our apartment, which she now stays in. I was offered to move back in with her, but I declined after I saw my friends' faces.

I just couldn't bear to leave them. My mother agreed with my decision, as long as I visit or call her once a week. The turtles were happy with me staying with them longer, especially Leo. Speaking of Leo, he and his brothers were still celebrating their victory after defeating the Kraang once and for all. We jump across the rooftops happily.

I backflip to the next building. So cool," Raph replies. If we didn't stuff him in that microwave, the earth would be drowned in cheese! I roll my eyes. I-That doesn't even make-" Raph sighs while I slap my forehead. Whatever you say," Raph replies wearily. This is why I don't even bother. And it was from a girl. I shush them and look around. I hear another scream below us and we all look down to see the Purple Dragons mugging a girl.

You're gonna have do this on your own," Leo orders. I nod and jump down to the Purple idiots. I tap Fong on the shoulder and he turns to me. Now you've really gone downhill, Fong," I reply.

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I'll deal with this one," Fong tells his sidekicks. The biggest one cracks his knuckles. I smile and jump over him. He looks around but as soon as he turns around, I punch him in the face, making him crash into a dumpster. The other Purple Dragon charges at me. I duck and kick him where the sun don't shine. He wheezes in pain and falls to the ground. I smile and turn to Fong, who was trying to grab the girl's purse.

wormquake tmnt 2012 meet

I narrow my eyes and high-kick him in the head. He falls to the floor. The girl looks at me and frowns. I raise an eyebrow. Gee, I wonder who that reminds me of. The girl looks behind me. I give her a confused look. She points behind me and I look to see four shadows with white pupils. I narrow my eyes. I took care of those creeps," I retort. Leo glares at him. The girl clears her throat. I have a name," she retorts.

Someone's got a crush… "My name is Ann. And why are you hiding? Raph doesn't respond for a minute. He looks at Leo who gives him an uncertain look. And if we let you see us, you'll freak out," Raph tells Ann. She shakes her head. I promise I won't freak out. Cross my heart," Ann replies, crossing her heart.

All four turtles look at each other and then at me. I shrug, not knowing what to say. Leo looks at Raph and nods. Raph slowly steps out of the shadows, the others following. Ann looks at them in awe. I smile at this. Ann shakes her head. All four turtles smile. I clear my throat. Leo steps up next. Nice to meet you," he explains. She raises an eyebrow. Good one," she replies.

Raph blushes a little. Ann turns to me. I cringe and nod. Donnie raises an eyebrow. He's pinpointed her apartment. Yeah, that's not creepy… "That's kinda freaky, dude," Ann replies.

wormquake tmnt 2012 meet

Donnie jumps up to the rooftops. Sorry Ann, we gotta go! I groan and turn to Ann. I nod and we all jump up to the rooftops. I'll give you my number," she explains. Raph takes this opportunity to jump down. I shake my head in amusement as he trips. I see her write something down on a piece of paper and give it to Raph.

Raph jumps back up to us and waves to Ann. She waves back and we start to run off. We all laugh as we head to April's. We knock on April's window. We all groan while I slap my forehead. He did NOT just say that. Leo takes my hand and rubs his hand against my knuckles. I smile at him. Did you really just say that? April walks up to her window. I wave and she opens the window. Um, great to see you. Yeah, uh, you mind staying on the fire escape? She's been acting weird ever since we stopped the Kraang.

April shakes her head. Amy comes over here by herself all the time," she answers. I gestured to her to not say that, but it was too late. I smack my forehead. The turtles give me a look. Why didn't you take me? Dad's alien abduction nightmares are getting worse. He's so freaked out, he won't let me out at night. I'm surprised your mom isn't acting like this, Amy," April tells us. It's just-what if the Kraang are still out there?

I'll do anything to protect you," Mr.

April O'Neil

O'Neil replies, coming into April's room. I can take care of myself now. And-And I'll be with Amy and the guys! I couldn't be more safe! Shredder and those little squishy brain-freaks are long gone," Mikey tells him. Hmm…are we really sure about that? Mikey, Raph, Leo and I were playing dodgeball with the Kraang communication orb. Donnie was doing something in his lab, as usual. Raph kicks the dodgeball to me.

I smirk and high-kick it to Leo. He hasn't hit me once. I duck and it landed in Donnie's lab. I narrow my eyes at him.

wormquake tmnt 2012 meet

Leo and I sit down on the couch and he wraps his arms around my waist. You guys can't just-" Raph scoffs. This is a party! Splinter walks in from the dojo. I'm so done… "Are our enemies truly defeated? The Shredder is a crafty and patient foe who bides his time," Splinter says to us. Splinter slams down his staff. You five have become lazy, overconfident. You shirk your training. Maybe he's right… "Well, that was kinda harsh," Raph replies. It's not cockiness when ya got the skills to kick massive-" The communication orb begins to beep.

We all look at it in confusion. This isn't possible…I thought… "That thing's working again? It must have received an incoming signal. Which can only mean one thing," Donnie explains. I pinch my nose in annoyance. We were in Donnie's lab, who was figuring out what the orb was alerting about. Oh no… "We gotta find out what that cargo is," Leo orders. Then, we follow the bees," Mikey suggests. We all look at him. That is such a bad idea… Donnie pulls out a tracking device.

It's aligned to the radar dishes we placed throughout the city. It'll create a triangulating pulse-" Raph scoffs. I don't know anything about radar! He barely lets me out of the house anymore," she replies. I remember his worries about the Kraang and April. I shake my head. And my mom knows nothing about radar," I reply.

We really need his help! Should I be concerned? We all stand in front of a converted Coney Island amusement ride my mom went there all the time that had the shape of a rocket.

There were four seats. We were all wearing helmets and something on our backs. I don't know what it was, since no one wants to tell me, no matter how much I pester them. They just keep telling me that it's a surprise. Not even Leo will tell me! Where are we going, Jupiter? But that place is infested with space yeast! I slap my forehead. Ames, call April," Leo orders. I nod and dial April's number. I think," she answers before hanging up. We all pile in the T-Rawket I'm surprised Mikey didn't complain about the namewith me sitting on Leo's lap.

Ames, when I tell you to, pull the string right there," Leo explains, pointing to a string near my waist. You're gonna love it," he answers. This is it," Donnie replies from the front. I scream happily at the speed we were going. We fly up high in high speed, in the night sky. We all fall from the rocket and I scream. I pull the string and somehow, I float in the air.

I look behind me to see wings that were pink. I gasp and look at the string. Was that what it did? I soar in the air in awe, flying next to Leo.

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How does it feel to fly? I smile and spin around him. I can't believe it…Donnie, you have gained all of my respect! I immediately stop myself before the others crash next to Mikey. I giggle before we enter the ship. Three floating brains see us. How do they know about that?! The others snicker and I glare at them. We must alert Kraang! Three little floating blobs of brains, that's it? They're getting cocky again… A noise is heard from behind us. Our eyes widen and we turn around, pulling out our weapons.

Eventually, a giant blue ape-robot comes out…with no head.