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wpi track meet images

WPI Poly Club Inducts Six into Athletics HOF; McAvey Named Harrington Honoree June 4, - Track & Field WPI Men Second, Women Third in NEWMAC. The tennis courts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the spring on Men's Swimming & Diving Image Archive Men's Track & Field Image Archive. Staver and Strangio Pace Track & Field With Fourth USTFCCCA Academic Nod WPI Men Second, Women Third in NEWMAC President Cup Standings.

Georgetown runner Sydney Packard ready for more success as a WPI junior

To continue improving haptic feedback requires continued advances in both hardware, the haptic devices, and software, the rendering algorithms, as well as creative ideas of applications. Human-robot interaction is key to many robotics applications that require human guidance and intervention. Improved haptics can significantly improve the human experience in tele-operating robots. It is truly synergistic and one of its kind.

This program has a lot of potential to stand out not only in the country but in the world. Massachusetts has a long tradition of strong robotics culture, characterized by strong robotics research and education in academia, spin-offs, and signature robotics companies grown from spin-offs, such as iRobot and Boston Dynamics. With the growing robotics-related industry, the robotics culture is getting stronger.

What do you hope to accomplish first after taking over at WPI? With the strong growth of student population in the Robotics Engineering Program, we must expand resources. Faculty hiring will be one of the first major tasks to accomplish. With the new PracticePoint medical lab set to open inwhat medical robotics developments will we see from WPI? There are already active research and developments in a number of areas, including robot-assisted surgery, image-guided surgery, and assistive robotics for people with disabilities.

We expect more progress in those areas and branching out to new research areas. What inspired you to get into robotics? I was long intrigued and inspired by the general idea of making machines intelligent and perform tasks usually for us humans.

What advice do you have for people, especially young women, getting into robotics?

wpi track meet images

Global Projects Program[ edit ] At WPI, the opportunity to complete significant project work off campus is an integral element of an academic program that emphasizes the practical application of knowledge to meaningful technical and societal problems.

Typically, students work under faculty guidance in small teams at Project Centers to address problems posed by external agencies and organizations. Betweenwhen the first WPI Project Center was established in Washington, DC, andover 7, students had completed over 2, projects in locations around the globe.

Alden Memorial is the main building for the performing arts at WPI, consisting of a performance hall, music rooms, and a computer music lab. The project consists of five thematically-related courses in the humanities and arts such as Western literature, musical composition, etc.

This can be a variety of different things; recent Sufficiency projects include research into contemporary music history, a student giving a flute recital, original screenplays, and critiques of philosophy.

Students interested in foreign languages often skip the project and take an additional course, though there are opportunities to do a project. Students who are majoring in a humanities and arts related field do a similar Sufficiency project in a science or engineering discipline. The Humanities Project, or Sufficiency, was replaced by a new Humanities requirement starting with the class of Current students have the option of either fulfilling the Sufficiency or the new requirement.

An anemometer adjusts the height of the water based on the wind velocity. Generally, IQPs are designed to solve a societal problem using technology. This can range from improving high school science education to redesigning an irrigation system in Thailand. From an educational perspective, the IQP serves to emphasize team-based work and introduces a real-world responsibility absent from courses.

Many IQPs have made a significant impact on the community in which it is done. As mentioned above, this project is similar to a senior thesis, with students doing independent research or design.

Meet Jing Xiao: WPI’s New Director of Robotics

Topics of MQPs done in the recent past include the design of the MIR 2 space station life support system module, a study of the effects of stress and nicotine on ADHD, the design of a research rocket, a mathematical viscoelastic cell motility model, experimental research of liquid crystals using atomic force microscopy, and the design of polymers for medicine delivery.

As of [update]WPI's undergraduate program ranks at No. It placed in PayScale. WPI's innovative undergraduate program also enjoys a strong reputation among education officials; the New England Association of Schools and Colleges favorably commented on the Institute's dedication and unique approach to science and engineering education. Association of International Educators 's list of fifteen universities to be used as models for internationalization. These events usually only attract students, though some events, such as Gaming Weekend and Quadfest, are large enough to draw in off-campus visitors.

Some are listed below in order of occurrence. Homecoming — Sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations, this fall event brings numerous alumni back to campus to celebrate the past, present, and future of the University. A variety of music is played for dancers to break out their moves to Argentine tango, Salsa, Swing, and Discofox, among other dances. Socialization is promoted through the media of dance as well as conversation. Brawl, Dance Dance Revolution, and others.

The projection of these movies is handled by LnL. WPI is one of the few universities capable of showing both 35 mm film and 70 mm film in the same hall.

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The goal is to collect the most pennies; any money other than pennies counts against your score. Most of the money raised is from competing clubs offsetting the competition with dollars or larger denominations, since it all goes to charity. It begins on Thursday night, when the members and alumni of the chorus gather at O'Connor's restaurant. A large bronze statue of Gompei the Goat stands proudly at the Quad.

The event falls near Halloween, and includes a costume contest, over pounds of free candy, and many giveaways. Winter Carnival — Another event hosted by WPI's Social Committee SocCommthis event is a week long grouping of smaller events, ending in a major event such as a concert or a well known performer.

wpi track meet images

Major SocComm activities are held at the Quad. It takes place during the final week of the WPI school year. Events include musical acts, movies, and special booths created by WPI clubs and organizations. Information about past Quadfest events can be found in the QuadFest Archives. The Talent Show part gives every WPI student an opportunity to showcase their talent to each other, and the Fashion show is meant to promote professionalism and how to dress for success, tying into the core purpose of the NSBE.

The festival features original, unproduced works submitted each January and voted on by a collective of dramaturgs. First run inNew Voices is the longest-running annual collegiate new works festival in the world, and has produced over plays written by over students, alumni, faculty, and members of the WPI community. More than thirty percent of the undergraduate students participate in Greek Life.

There are 13 fraternities and 6 sororities at WPI. See the List of WPI fraternities and sororities.

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Mascot[ edit ] In the spring ofthe class of stole a goat and used it as a mascot. The goat was tended by a student, Gumpei Gompei Kuwada, because he was the only one with the initials G. The mascot of WPI is still a goat and in honor of the first goat keeper the mascots name is Gompei. Student newspaper[ edit ] In Tech News, formerly known as The Towers, was the current name of a student-run newspaper founded inwith an online version and physical copies produced.

Jacobs and a group of 40 other men, the club has a historically significant role in the early age of wireless communications both in the United States and the world.

One notable accomplishment is that the Wireless Association was one of the first 12 stations heard by Paul Godely [37]an American who went to Scotland to conduct the first Transatlantic Tests, when stations in America and Scotland tried to hear each other across the Atlantic Ocean. The club currently and has operated for decades out of the Radio Shack on the roof of Salisbury Laboratories. The club manages several public repeaters that reaches all around Worcester such as the Higgins Repeater [38].

Furthermore, the members of the club participate in many marathons, triathlons, and other events than need radio operators.

Swimming & Diving Teams Jump Into Season With MIT and WPI Meet - Bowdoin

Alumni[ edit ] Elwood Haynes Class of was an early alumnus, prominent chemist and inventor and credited for aiding in the development of the automobile and the creation of stainless steel. William Hobbs Class of was a noted 19th-century geologist. Kotaro Shimomura Class of was a chemical engineer. Atwater Kent dropped out in and went on to found the Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company, which was the world's leading producer of radios in the late s there is now a building on campus called the Atwater Kent Laboratories.

wpi track meet images

James Smith founder Class of was an American engineer, entrepreneur, educator, and businessman. Galbraith Class of In their lifetimes, they donated, in totality, over one million dollars to WPI and established three four-year full tuition endowed scholarships through the Macamor Foundation, which Smith established in the mids to continue all of his philanthropic interests after his death. Gilbert Vernam Class of is credited with the dawn of modern cryptography. Harold Stephen Black Class of revolutionized electronics by inventing the negative feedback amplifier in Whitcomb Class of was aeronautical engineer responsible for the " area rule " of high-speed aircraft design, the supercritical airfoiland winglets Robert Stempel Class of was the inventor of the catalytic converter and former Chairman and CEO of General Motors.