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Alongside Bandshell, Elgato is making music that ostensibly is part of the British post-dubstep scene, but I swear the music is so strange that it could easily fit into some M Squared or Vanity Records compilation from and no one would be the wiser. These tracks have barely enough functioning parts to be called dance music, but they make for a lovely stack of bones.

This one is a pretty nice midpoint between the bombastic shrapnel shards of Collapsed and the tentative, fearful murmurings of Medium. The music is still surprisingly delightful, optimistic and loose, very Pavement-y but with a touch of the Modest Mouse blues. It feels like Fat History Month paid such close attention in school that they were contradicting the teachers over meaningless details and realizing what a sham the world is while their classmates were doing Beavis impressions and making plans to get drunk.

And dare I say it, but I think Culture Vulture is even better! This one is very much of-the-day industrial synth abuse, each track drilling a single idea into the ground. You might like things black, but this is the blackest ever, baby. Fleischmann, but without the mumbly German vocals, or maybe if Four Tet put out an album commissioned by an herbal sleepy-time tea company, or Boards Of Canada if they were Boards Of Dubai.


Seems like he went deep into auto factories and oil refineries for the source material on this one, using steam exhaust in place of hi-hats and steel-on-steel hammering for accent percussion, with degraded acid-bass hurrying beneath. This single has one song from and another fromso it seems like as good a place to start as any, and after giving it a few spins, I can understand why the name of R.

Stevie Moore is revered among critics and musicians alike. Pretty amazing to hear two songs of equal quality, presence and vibe and to know that they were recorded fifteen years apart. Or maybe he sang, because this was recorded inand he seems like a delightfully volatile person.

This band certainly fits in with his oeuvre — frantic guitars with staccato drumming, discordant melodies and his not-quite-pitch-perfect howl over top. Optional Body sound like a post-Interpol version of The VSS or At The Drive-In, in that there is an awareness that dark, gothy post-hardcore can successfully go radio-pop if pushed hard enough. Now if these guys could just put on a pair of pants, they might be going places.

Very cinematic indeed, and Black Magic Cannot Cross Water plays out like a soundtrack, slowly creeping through unsettling bass tones, sparse rhythms, plenty of rain and just a smidgen of jungle sound-effects. I can just picture some white guys in robes and pope hats trudging through vines and mud, slowly getting eaten by crocodiles and fatally stung by insects as monkeys and colorful birds cackle from up above.

The perfect record for those who want to see Bear Grylls fall down a ravine or get swallowed by a whale but would never publicly admit it. I put on Silence Yourself for the first time, heard the cool and weird little intro piece, and then quickly found myself surprised at how polished, shiny and professional this record is. I guess, good for them?

Sic Bacchus are definitely from the Hot Water Music school of rock, with multiple dudes yelling until they sweat through the pits of their thrift-store t-shirts. Of note with Terribly Well is the occasional addition of Pat Murano on synth, but he fits in so seamlessly that I can hardly pull him out, particularly as Sightings frequently take delight in forcing their respective rock instruments to sound like synths.

Is it really that hard to find a bassist? Have you hung out with any teenagers lately? Mostly all of the record is upbeat, fun, and sweetly innocent, like somehow none of Teenage Moods suffer from depression or unemployment or unsatisfying personal relationships. Definitely a fun record to have around, the sort of thing you want to play after a successful first-date or consuming a particularly delicious smoothie. Really, the whole EP is pretty tasteful, well-oiled garage rock, staying pretty far from punk or anything that may have occurred post Instead, the band split just a few months after its release, playing their final show in February He felt their fairly straightforward set-up — guitar, drums, bass, vocals — was holding him back creatively.

Not that they approved of that sort of thing, as any ATD-I concert attendee with a little too much enthusiasm or lager inside them can tell you. Similarly striking at the first time of asking: What are slithered entrails doing in the cargo bay, exactly?

You might want to put some ointment on that. My girlfriend this, my broken heart that — boring, said ATD-I, and invented their own intriguing, but utterly disorientating and insanely complex lexicon.

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One of the most vital albums of the first decade of this millennium according to NME, and one of the most important rock records of all time to the ears of Kerrang! Not by the men behind it, and certainly not by those who came in their wake, those citing it as a key influence, a core text on their own musical curriculum.

It has remained in a prism since release, reflecting adulation out into the creative cosmos, opening the entire spectrum of contemporary rock for all to appreciate.