Describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

A summary of Act 1, scenes 5–7 in William Shakespeare's Macbeth. In Inverness, Macbeth's castle, Lady Macbeth reads to herself a letter she has received. What Is Troubling Macbeth at the Beginning of the Scene and How Does Lady Overall I think that in act 1 scene 7, Lady Macbeth used Macbeth for her own selfish As being the dominated one in their relationship Lady Macbeth uses all her. When first we see Macbeth and Duncan interact in Act 1, scene 4, Macbeth tells his 7, Macbeth says that he has no reason to kill Duncan except for his "driving .

Get Access Macbeth Act 1 Scene 5 and 7 The Relationship of Macbeth and his wife in Act 1 scene 5 and 7 From the beginning of the play, the relationship between Macbeth and his wife seem to be the expected partnership in romance, however, as the play progresses, our expectations seems to change for the worst.

We are informed that Macbeth desires to be King of Scotland and initially, his wife appears to be supportive of him as a wife should be but her response to this changes quite drastically as we read further on.

describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

We are first introduced to Lady Macbeth when she reads the letter which Macbeth sent to her recapping his encounter with the three witches. This helps to show how sensible and timid Macbeth can be and why Lady Macbeth has to intervene to make the situation progress further.

She is determined to make sure that Macbeth becomes king under any circumstances that need to be undertaken. This furthermore emphasizes her persistence to crown him as king and shower her with glory.

describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

Throughout this act, Lady Macbeth appears to be the stronger partner and this is reflected when she calls upon supernatural powers, much greater than her own, to make her less of a woman and more like a man. The audience finds this act quite shocking as females are meant to be the fairer sex. During the rest of her call to the spirits, she develops the sense of maliciousness and ruthlessness which accentuates the depth of her serious attitude.

describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

However, Lady Macbeth shows no mercy to the situation. This line reflects her decisive character showing that she is taking the lead role here.

describe the relationship between macbeth and lady in act 1 scene 7

This is beyond his usual attitude so this is hard for him to cope with. He knows how much he wants to be king but what frightens him the most are the consequences. He contemplates the idea of killing Duncan and weighs up the advantages and disadvantages.

Macbeth Act 1 Scene 7

The only know advantage is that he will become King. However, the disadvantages are what he already is considered to Duncan. He respects Duncan and feels a sense of be trail in his thoughts. As the conversation of the murder deepens Macbeth becomes more entranced in his manly hood has he weakens towards Lady Macbeth and is defeated by her supremacy.

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In Scene 2 it is the night of the Murder, the couple are jittery and uneasy Macbeth has murdered Duncan and is instantly regretting his actions. As Macbeth Arrives he is still holding the bloody daggers with which he had also murdered the guards with, he is straying away from the plan which he and Lady Macbeth set, as they planned to plant the daggers onto the sleeping guards to frame them for the murder.

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Macbeth is still nervous and his reactions are weak and edgy. Give me the daggers.

Although Lady Macbeth is enraged she still offers Macbeth support and guidance. Macbeth seems to be emerging into a blood thirsty character as he no longer dwells on the death of Duncan.

He seems to be more entranced in killing anyone who he portraits to have suspicion of his murderous actions. He is no longer consulting Lady Macbeth for help and guidance. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth host a grand Banquet, in front of their guest the couple act as the gracious host and hostess.

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He reacts hysterically and embarrassed Lady Macbeth, a concerning wife, she takes control of the situation and tries to calm her husband. She is not seen in the play in 5 early scenes before this act, which shows the strain Macbeths murders have taken on which once was a tough successful relationship. Her husband no longer cares for her well fare, he has no time for her, and he is too busy plotting murders.

Death of Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth has now become a person of little importance, when once she was the most important person in his life.