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Red Carpet Proposal (Josh Franceschi) (You Me At Six)Word Count: with them and they loved flirting with you around Josh to make him jealous. .. I had all my classes with her minus music, and I would write lyrics and. Lyrics for Flirt by Elissa Franceschi. Elissa Franceschi. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch for Spotify and. Franceschi wrote all of the songs' lyrics, and attempted to give them "its own of music" on the album, "almost flirt[ing] with a Limp Bizkit kind of vibe." . Josh Franceschi - lead vocals; Chris Miller - lead guitar; Max Helyer.

What if the fellowship had a Dragon on their side? What if there was something different about that dragon? Revised from earlier story. Goes to whoever drew it on deviantart. Lord of the Rings - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Felix belonged to Peter and there was no room for anyone else in that relationship. Especially not a child. Maybe Sherlock should have guessed that asking John to pretend to tie him to the bed and shag him though the headboard - for a case - wasn't such an intelligent idea.

Or, the one in which a femme fatale murder causes Sherlock and John to role-play sex. So he gambled and used his last smidgen of magic to break into Eitri's vault. And once he reached the ancient sands, he would stop time right then and there, and sleep until regaining enough energy to leave the place alive.

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Or at least, that was the plan. This is my first Smauglock fanfiction. Like your flatmate's nose buried in your hair. While you're in bed. M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: MxM loving Teen Wolf - Rated: Dean finds it's the perfect time to show his lover what exactly is in the box labeled 'Pandora's Box'.

He begins to beam away but he finds himself pulled from his destination on Kronos. He finds himself slammed down hard enough to make him dizzy on the cold floor of somewhere very dark and the first thing he hears is a deep, smooth, and…sensual voice saying "How interesting…" Khaloki pairing. Crossover - Star Trek: Porn with a small plot, edited because I decided to write more.

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Eventual Johnlock in the last two chapters, but Sheriarty in the first three. Alphas are the heads of the pack, but Omegas are the brains. Dean takes this saying to heart when he meets his mate, Castiel. Frankenstein is worried about his master's condition and one fine morning, his worst fears come true. This is NOT a tragedy. Actually, its quite the opposite. Featuring 'baby' Rai and Frankenstein. K - English - Humor - Chapters: In the cellar, Dean walks into some kinda hoodoo crap and suddenly a certain blue-eyed angel is all he can think about as his body takes a It's rated M for reasons.

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Destiel Supernatural - Rated: Okay, all of it is porn. Dean is excited to spend his summer at camp, especially so when he develops a quick attraction to his cabin-mate. But things start to get weird around camp, and he constantly feels like he's being watched. That, plus the ever present harassment, may just make things take a dangerous turn this summer. M - English - Chapters: Who could it be so late at night, but his hot, German neighbor Erik Lehnsherr, who ends up with more than what he expected?

The Movie - Rated: He keeps thinking about the professor in a number of compromising positions - and the telepath can't help but overhear.

Rated M for sexual themes. Slightly smutty, but not too detailed. Please read and review! Cas has to go undercover as a priest and ends up doing a sermon Dirty talk, a bit. Enjoy Supernatural - Rated: And his mouth, of course. Lazarus reviews When demons acquire a dangerous ancient artefact, Castiel must take Dean and Sam back to recruit the aid of the only person capable of destroying the item in question But being together all the time makes feelings much harder to hide for everybody involved Written for this visitingfan on tumblr.

T for attempted murder and swearing. Rewrite moved to The Kitten Curse. This version is more of a crack and humor story. Hidan pisses off a witch and, as punishment, she sends him and the others to the real world. Pwp Supernatural - Rated: Erik Lensherr is a cold businessman with no friends, no family, and no sense of direction. Charles is possibly the most insufferable, annoying, and adorable hobo to stalk the outside of his building.

Playing happy families is clearly not on the cards when Dean realises he will never be able to think of Castiel as his brother and his feelings are taking a much more forbidden route. Dean's not too fond of this, and takes him home to make sure it's known Cas is his. He should be happy, but things are a little more complicated than that. Night People was announced in August, followed by the single release of the title-track.

In November, the group released two singles "Give" and "Swear" before embarking on a European tour. Before the end of the year, "Heavy Soul" was released as a single. Night People released on 6 January through Infectious Music. Following its release, "Take on the World" was released as a single in March, and the group went on a tour of the UK.

Following this, the band's social media accounts went inactive. According to Franceschi, King's "attitude was very much, 'I can't have you make a record with me unless it's your best record, and I want it to be the best rock record I've made. After attempting it, King was instantly impressed with how well the group worked as a cohesive unit: I can tell you guys know each inside out. We put a lot of time, a lot of dedication into [Night People]". Franceschi wrote all of the songs' lyrics, [13] and attempted to give them "its own character, its own sort of perspective.

The group worked on it as a full-band song at Flint's home studio. Franceschi described the song's lyrics as being about the "pursuit of someone you've wanted for a long time.