Fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

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fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

The Guild went into the building to celebrate and found first master Mavis and the black mage Zeref sitting on the Guild Hall floor, quietly kissing. Many FT couples got to get married because of this tree! a 'Heartfilia' anymore, now, she's a 'Dragneel' and now, she's pregnant. I was just thinking, without The Magical Tree, I don't know how our relationship will end . "Mavis and Zeref, you know, Fairy Tail first master and the dark wizard" Mira said. Laxus had always dreamed of being master of Fairy Tail since he was a Ever since the defeat of Zeref everyone's dreams seemed to have come true. "Yeah, so many members found out they were pregnant," Lucy smiled.

They walk… and walk… They don't talk, everything is so awkward. Lucy sometimes glances at Natsu, she really wants to hold his hand. Repeating what she did, Natsu finally notices his girlfriend sometimes steals a glace "What is it, Luce? Lucy blushes wildly "N-Nothing! Natsu looks at Lucy, and then he blushes and turns his head.

Lucy busts Natsu did that "He-Hey!

fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

What did you think?! He buries his head on his palms. She pulls Natsu's hand and holding it tightly "Better?

fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

Natsu leads both of them to a really unfamiliar place to Lucy. Suddenly, she feels something sucks them. In a blink of an eye, they arrived at another dimension.

Lucy stunned seeing the perfect view. The higher place makes them see the view better. If they go down with the stairs, there's a flower field with a big tree on it.

Next to it, there's a blue river flowing beautifully "Waah I'm so glad you like it" Natsu said, smiling widely at Lucy. Lucy blushes at her boyfriend's action "But, how could you find this place? It's a different dimension, right? But to go in there, only have to bring your lover. So I bring you here, I actually didn't know this is the other dimension" "Haha… What's up with that? People still believe things like that, huh? Did you say something? Lucy turns his face again I just want to make sure that that legend is true, so I can live happily ever after with you Natsu thought But I couldn't tell her!

fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

As soon as Laxus proposed she had told Aquarius, whose key had been rather hard to find, she told the mermaid. It was nice to be the one rubbing something in the blue haired woman's face for once. She returned to watching her friends. Erza, who was pregnant, was eating cake. Poor Jellal had turned white and fainted when he found out.

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Juvia and Gray were cuddling. Bickslow was moping at the bar as Lis chased his babies around, something she only did when they were fighting because he couldn't go on missions without his babies.

Mira was demanding that Cana take a pregnancy test. Mira had started having some in the guild seeing as everyone was getting pregnant. Cana was under suspect because she had just come back from a romantic weekend and wasn't drinking. She and Laxus had discussed kids on their honeymoon, they wanted them but wanted to wait little longer.

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They had only been married for six months now. Still she loved kids and always wanted one. Some things they had discovered were that Mavis actually had two kids before she died, twins. Everyone had been shocked to find this out but she had just giggled and said that being young and having children had been common when she was alive.

fairy tail relationship between zeref and mavis pregnant

She even told them that Yuri had married in his teens. In gratitude, members of Fairy Tail made her a grave on the holy island of the guild - Tenrou Island. Mavis was given with an epithet as the Fairy Tactician, since she led her team in many victories thanks to her exceptional skills in making strategies during battles. Mavis refuses to believes this and runs away from his statement.

While Zeref wishes to obtain Mavis's Fairy Heart, the latter views him as a danger to the world that must be disposed of. Despite this, the two actually still hold deep feelings for one another.

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This is shown when Zeref feels sadness while watching Irene attempt to strip Mavis of Fairy Heart, a process which brings Mavis great pain. Later, when Zeref informs Mavis of his plan to erase the current timeline, the latter tearfully begs him not to erase the world where she meets him. It is proven later on in chapterwhen Zeref is paralyzed, Mavis says that she doesn't want him to die and wants them to stay together forever.

She also admits that she still loves him even if he had taken other lives. Zeref then realizes that this was the way to free him from immortality and to be able to face death.

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The strongest magic that immortality cannot best and the biggest form of contradiction that killed Mavis, love. Mavis then kisses Zeref after they express their feelings towards one another. He then states that she has made him happy and starts to disappear. He tells Mavis to live on but the curse is taking her too.

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In the end, it is shown that they have ended the eternal sadness and now have eternal smiles. As of chapter after Acnologia has been destroyed for good, Zeref and Mavis are reincarnated as regular civilians named Arleos and Mio.