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fan blog dolce flirt tenute

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fan blog dolce flirt tenute

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fan blog dolce flirt tenute

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I colori sono troppo per le parole: A Space Odyssey Remember, too, the strange love is mutual: Kubrick screened Eraserhead for the cast and crew of The Shiningto set the mood. Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee. Why, seventy years after Stein, are there even fewer masterpieces per capita? Medium to full-bodied, opulent, and fleshy, this classic wine cuts a stylistic persona somewhere between the and It can be drunk now or cellared for two decades.

Fleshy, full-bodied, and intense, displaying a seamless integration of wood, acidity, tannin, and alcohol, this beauty can be drunk now or cellared for 20 years or more. This deep, full-bodied, elegant yet powerful should age handsomely for over two decades.

Some patience will be required since this vintage exhibits more muscle and virility than normal. I do think there is a hint of bay leaf and a meatiness to it. In short, I find this to be a spectacular Pichon Lalande.

Liste des marques - France

The Petit Verdot certainly gives the wine more of a tapenade, floral note, which I think can be interpreted by some as herbal. This is a rich, opulent, stunning Pichon Lalande that is beginning to drink beautifully, yet should continue to improve for at least another years and last 30 or more years.

This wine is drinking exceptionally nice right now. For Pichon-Lalande, the percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon is atypically high.

One of the top properties in Pauillac, Chateau Pichon Comtesse de Lalande

Deep and full-bodied, with fabulous concentration and a sweet, opulent texture, this wine was singing in full harmony when I tasted it in January. Given the wine's abnormally high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, I would suspect it will close down.

It possesses plenty of tannin, but the wine's overwhelming fruit richness dominates its personality. It is one of the finest s, especially for a northern Medoc.

The knock-out nose of roasted herbs, sweet, jammy black currants, and pain grille is followed by a full-bodied, gorgeously concentrated and well-proportioned wine with low acidity, plenty of glycerin, and a savory, highly extracted, fleshy mouthfeel. This has always been one of the stars of the vintage.

Since bottling, it has flirted with perfection, and was a sprinter out of the gate, which gave rise to questions about how quickly it would begin its decline. However, at age 27, it retains all its glossy, rich, flamboyant cassis fruit, chocolaty, berry jam-like notes, and plenty of earthy, foresty flavors.

This is a full-bodied, extravagantly rich Pichon Lalande seemingly devoid of acidity and tannin, but the wine is incredibly well-balanced and pure. It is an amazing effort! Medium in body, with firm tannins and a moderately milky, plummy aftertaste.

A bit of info about Pichon Comtesse: The recent phenomenal success of Pichon Lalande can be attributed to a lady named May de Lencquesaign, whose family has owned the estate since During the 's and 's it was administered by her brother; in she assumed control as a result of a family quarrel.

When the family's holdings were split, Madame de Lencquesaign took control of Pichon Lalande and moved into the property. She immediately launched a five-year, multi-million dollar capital improvements plan for the chateau.

The entire mansion was refurbished, a new underground chai was built for aging the wines, the most modern winemaking equipment was installed, and an ambitious replanting of the vineyards was begun. Bordeaux's superstar consulting enologist, Emile Peynaud, was hired to assist the extremely talented cellarmaster Jean-Jacques Godin.

Peynaud has become the single most influential man in modern Bordeaux; he has consulted to and improved the wines of over chateaux. Some say they can easily detect Peynaud's influence in the change of winemaking styles. Peynaud believes in wines of early accessibility and drinkability - wines that do not have to age in dark cellars for twenty years before they emerge from a grudging adolescence and become enjoyable to drink.

While some old-school thinking deplores this "Penaudization" of Bordeaux, we applaud it vigorously! For a time the name of the chateau had been shortened so that it would not be confused with that of its less superior sister property, Pichon Longueville Baron. Madame de Lencquesaing - dismayed at the abbreviated name given the estate by her brother - returned the wine to its original namesake: Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande.

Pichon Lalande is located in Pauillac, but about a third of its vineyard crosses over into the borders of St. The fact that its southern exposure lies in St. Julien and that sometimes less than half of the wine can be Cabernet Sauvignon results in a fruitier, more feminine, more supple wine in youth - somewhat akin to Lafite as opposed to the other great Pauillacs like Mouton and Latour, which show more concentration due to the high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon in the cepage.