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flirt pkp icc

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Pociągi FLIRT 3 / FLIRT 3 trains

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flirt pkp icc

For additional details see the privacy policy. Passengers also appreciate travel comfort, that is, modern and comfortable rolling stock, renovated railway stations and good condition of the railway infrastructure, which has an influence on that important element determining the competitive edge of carriers — punctuality.

Polish State Railways Inc. Group announced that in — it spent PLN 22 billion on modernising railway stations, railway lines and rolling stock.

In turn, PKP PLK reported that 3, turnouts and nearly 1, railway and road crossings were modernised by the end of The administrator of railway infrastructure also assured that the full amount of allocated EU funds would be used up. In the company put four innovative system stations ISS into service: Innovative railway stations are a pilot project by PKP S.

The facilities are built according to a standard with size, materials and finish matching the local conditions. The modernised buildings are energy efficient and are equipped with photovoltaic panels. Another innovation is the darkening of the railway station and platforms at night and increasing light intensity when the train enters the station. This will allow cutting down on electricity consumption.

The average cost of construction of a single system station is less than 5 million PLN. Options for reconstructing these facilities are being analysed.

In the new European perspective for — this project is planned to be implemented in all large cities. Regional railways play a key role in daily transport. Their expansion was not comparable to that in Germany, for instance, where local transport forms strong foundations for passenger railways. It is true that PKP Przewozy Regionalne managed to repay the historic debt and the carrier gives a positive evaluation of the measures comprising a far-reaching restructuring plan.

PKP Intercity focuses on new, comfortable rolling stock The journey time to the destination depends, among other things, on the condition of the railway infrastructure, which is the responsibility of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe. In turn, PKP Intercity is doing its best to improve the travel comfort of passengers, investing in comfortable and modern rolling stock. The carrier declared that by the end of it had completed 10 rolling stock projects worth PLN 5.

IC assures that it has accomplished the plans and now its rolling stock is 70 per cent new and modernised, including: PKP Intercity also goes with the flow, taking care to implement modern transport technologies.

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In the carrier implemented Lemon — a locomotive positioning system developed by PKP Informatyka. However, doubts were expressed about whether it was reasonable to buy twenty 7-unit ED vehicles, along with maintenance worth about PLN 2. However, it seems that more and more passengers have come to see that EIP is a good solution as the carrier increases the pool of tickets for Pendolino at attractive prices.

In the first year of its presence on Polish tracks, Pendolino carried 3. EIP trains travelled for 6. The units cost PLN 1.

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However, due to delays caused by the producer, PESA of Bydgoszcz, only seven vehicles passed final acceptance tests and the remaining 13 were delivered to the carrier but were accepted conditionally upon acceptance of the infrastructure department. The vehicle is equipped with an integrated air-conditioning and heating system, ergonomic seats, electric sockets, facilities for the disabled, a developed passenger information system, modern toilets, bicycle transportation areas and catering services.

By the end of they were supposed to supply 20 Flirt3 trains to the carrier. The first of them set off on their journey on 13 Decembersimultaneously with an updated train timetable. Passengers travel in first and second class compartments and can use a separate bar space. The trains are equipped with ergonomic seats, modern toilets and are air-conditioned. Every seat comes with an electric socket and individual light. The vehicle is also equipped with electronic displays and a modern public address system.

Passengers travelling with babies in selected toilets will find changing tables and those with non -standard luggage — a separate area for transporting bicycles, skis etc.

The trains will also be adapted to the needs of the disabled. Ultimately, more than new InterCity trains will run on the tracks.

flirt pkp icc

Investors assume that at the end ofthe entire rolling stock will be new or modernised. The activities of local railways do not match the successes and investments of long-distance carriers although they are fighting to maintain their position in the competitive market more and more keenly. As a part of the process of restructuring PKP Przewozy Regionalne, a decision was made to introduce a new owner, that is, the Industrial Development Agency representing the State Treasury.

The President of the carrier company, Tomasz Pasikowski, ensures that in the restructuring was according to plan and has produced positive effects, which is testified, for instance, by the repayment of the debt of PLN million. Their future seems safe. A train owned by Przewozy Regionalne on the route to Bydgoszcz At a greater speed From the point of view of freight transport it is essential to ensure conditions for complementary services in connection with other branches of transport.

The structure of branches in the transport market will be balanced thanks to the development of interoperable and intermodal infrastructure. Two segments of the freight transport market are identified as being the most promising. The system of intermodal freight transport is particularly promising, considering the objectives and tasks of the transport policy.

flirt 3 pkp intercity

This is mostly due to the fact that it is environment-friendly, relieves the road infrastructure and reduces the external cost of transport. It is assumed that containerised cargo transport will predominate. Unfortunately, it is forecast that in the coming five years the significance of hard coal will be reduced for the system of full train load bulk transport.

Estimates regarding transport of oil derivative products and other chemicals are certainly better. Railway freight carriers are already preparing for such a possibility, diversifying their activities and becoming full-service logistics operators. What must be done to improve this relationship and when is it possible?