Indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

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indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

Bangladesh-China relations are the bilateral relations of Bangladesh and China. Bangladesh Its first veto was used to support Pakistan during the Indo- Pakistani War of Bilateral trade reached as high as US$ billion in , reflecting a China has bolstered its economic aid to Bangladesh to address concerns of. This slowing down and change of economic relations between India and Bangladesh, coupled with strained and uncertain political relations. On February 17, Bangladesh reiterated its request to China for help on the will help prevent hegemonic tendencies from great powers such as India and the US. . avatar and culminate them in strong diplomatic, strategic and trade relations.

indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

A strong military at the border will help check the large refugee influx from Myanmar. Energy security is a key driving factor — Bangladesh has discovered enormous energy reserves in its waters, which penetrate the disputed territory. The incentive for harnessing these reserves has prompted China to go beyond providing the defence component to contain the dispute. China has also mediated between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The negotiation was successful in preventing Naypyitaw from exploring for oil in disputed waters. On the other hand India is avoiding engaging in constant high-level defence ties with Bangladesh.

indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

This reserved approach is to prevent confronting China as well as to pacify Myanmar. Myanmar is undergoing political and economic transformation and a democratic India does not want to upset the improving relations with Naypyitaw. Nevertheless, China is pushing ahead with its strategic and commercial forays in Bangladesh at full speed. In this context China is helping to develop the Chittagong port along the coast of Bangladesh. It is significant that Chittagong is in proximity to Kyaukphyu, a Myanmar port from where an oil pipeline is being built to Kunming.

If an oil pipeline is built from Chittagong, it can be parallel to the Myanmar energy transit route originating from Kyaukphyu and Sittwe, thus expanding a valuable energy corridor for China. Bangladesh too desires enhanced infrastructure. Dhaka has sought Chinese assistance in constructing a highway passing through Myanmar to Yunnan province of China.

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A rail network passing through the same area has also been proposed. Sheikh Hasina had asked India to also contribute to the development of Chittagong port in This island is an important air force base for Bangladesh. Interestingly, China is already involved in the Sonadia port development project. It indicates that Bangladesh fears both Chinese and Indian influence. On a similar note, Bangladesh is unlikely to allow China to setup naval bases at its ports in order to maintain good relations with India.

India-Bangladesh-China Relations: A Complex Triangle

Beijing has also inked a nuclear cooperation agreement with Dhaka in In addition China has crossed the space frontier with Bangladesh by engaging in talks to launch a satellite for the small state.

While China and Bangladesh share several points of strategic convergence, there does remain one irritant — the Brahmaputra river issue.

indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

The first project, the Zangmu Dam has already been operational since There are also fears that the Brahmaputra may be used as a political tool in Chinese foreign policy, via a stronger say in water sharing discussions.

Also, rapid development of infrastructure in the Northeast could create social tensions with local tribes.

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That must be avoided to prevent China instigating Arunachal Pradesh locals to agitate against India. The crucial role played by Tripura in forging ties with Bangladesh could offer important lessons for other border states in improving ties with neighbouring countries. The credit for growing Bangladesh—India ties goes not just to the Indian political leadershipbut also to those in Bangladesh.

The respective business communities and Chambers of Commerce have also played a decisive role in improving ties. Bangladeshi firms, in particular, have shown a willingness to open up to further trade and competition, and have played a stellar role in bolstering the economic relationship, despite the trade balance being in favour of India. Their approach has ensured Bangladesh has reaped significant benefits.

India should seek to further enhance ties with Bangladesh. It is crucial that India builds on present successes to find a way to resolve remaining challenges, such as the stalled Teesta water sharing agreement.

Ultimately, Bangladesh is not just relevant for India in the context of South Asia, but is also essential for both its Act East policy and in deepening its connectivity with South East Asia.

indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china

Famous ancient Chinese travelers to Bengal included Yijing and Xuanzang. Ming China and the Bengal Sultanate exchanged many embassies during the 15th century. China also mediated in disputes between Bengal and Jaunpur. Bhashani in particular, was considered close to Mao Zedong. Suhrawardy became the first Pakistani leader to make a state visit to the PRC.

Bangladesh–China relations

Modern relations[ edit ] Mao Zedong and U. President Richard Nixon found Bangladesh's liberation war an irritant during their rapprochement.

China blocked Bangladesh's entry to the United Nations until When the Bangladesh War of Independence broke out incomplex geopolitical rivalries erupted in South Asia. The Bangladeshis elicited the help of India in their freedom struggle. China had earlier fought a war with India in and became an ally of Pakistan.

Its first veto was used to support Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistani War of

indo bangladesh economic relationship between us and china