Relationship between architecture and maths online

Mathematics in Art and Architecture

relationship between architecture and maths online

There is a relationship between mathematics and architecture. That relationship is, at times, a partnership where one draws equally upon the other. Sometimes it . Nexus: Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics. 1K likes. The 11th conference "Nexus Relationships Between Architecture and. Art, Architecture and Mathematics at Leeds University. Investigating by Jill Britton. Please remember to check out her activity links.

If you are planning to do a very special topic, and you're having a hard time finding somebody interested in it, I MAY also approve individual projects or groups of two or three.

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The chances of me approving such requests are best if you approach me early. Many topics will only be touched upon in lectures, and you may explore them further on your own in the projects. I have a list of possible topicsbut I also encourage you to propose your own topics and send them to me for approval. I hope that you will be able to find something that you are enthusiastic about. However, the project must have some scientific angle.

I cannot be a pure arts or cultural project. The project can be a normal paper project, a web page, a physical model or a combination of all these.

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I don't have any set rules about length or scope of the project, but I have some guidelines. The project proposal should include the title, the names of the members of the group, a brief outline, and a list of the main references. One or two pages is enough. Please submit the proposal, the project and the homework in both hard copy in class and soft copy in the IVLE workbin.

I prefer to read the hard copy, so if you create a web page, please print out a hard copy, too. I realize that the print out may not do full justice to your web page, but it will give me time to read the text before I look at your page.

If you have animations or other things that you can't print out, please include a note where you indicate which parts of the web site I should look more closely at. If the project is a web page and you have a server to put it on, you can just submit a file with the URL.

relationship between architecture and maths online

However, I would appreciate it if you could also give me the files on a CD, or zip the files into one file and upload. If your project includes a physical model, please let me know if you want it back.

relationship between architecture and maths online

Some of them I may ask to keep, but some of them are too bulky, and I must either throw them away or return them to you quickly. I have a page with links to some past projects. The first homework is to make paper models of the five Platonic solids and the thirteen Archimedean solids.

The second is to collect five pictures per person of mathematically interesting objects around you. So if there are x people in your group, I expect 5x pictures.

Mathematics and architecture

I have a page with some highlights from the second homework. It has a discussion forum that I encourage you to use. Recommended Texts Unfortunately, there's no text that is suitable.

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Some of the material will be taken from books like: Christine Kinsey and Teresa E. Moore, Symmetry, Shape and Space. Geometry and the Visual Arts. Washbourn and Donald W. Crowe, Symmetries of Culture. For example, in the tall gopuram gatehouses of Hindu temples such as the Virupaksha Temple at Hampi built in the seventh century, and others such as the Kandariya Mahadev Temple at Khajurahothe parts and the whole have the same character, with fractal dimension in the range 1.

The cluster of smaller towers shikhara, lit. Jackson observed of the pattern of towers grouped among smaller towers, themselves grouped among still smaller towers, that: The ideal form gracefully artificed suggests the infinite rising levels of existence and consciousness, expanding sizes rising toward transcendence above, and at the same time housing the sacred deep within.

relationship between architecture and maths online

The four gateways are tall towers gopurams with fractal-like repetitive structure as at Hampi. The enclosures around each shrine are rectangular and surrounded by high stone walls. Greek architecturegolden ratioPythagoreanismand Euclidean geometry The Parthenon was designed using Pythagorean ratios.

They observed the harmonies produced by notes with specific small-integer ratios of frequency, and argued that buildings too should be designed with such ratios.

relationship between architecture and maths online

The Greek word symmetria originally denoted the harmony of architectural shapes in precise ratios from a building's smallest details right up to its entire design. This gives a ratio of width to length of 4: Putting these together gives height: This sets the module as 0. Each half-rectangle is then a convenient 3: The inner area naos similarly has 4: The stylobate is the platform on which the columns stand.

As in other classical Greek temples, [64] the platform has a slight parabolic upward curvature to shed rainwater and reinforce the building against earthquakes.

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The columns might therefore be supposed to lean outwards, but they actually lean slightly inwards so that if they carried on, they would meet about a mile above the centre of the building; since they are all the same height, the curvature of the outer stylobate edge is transmitted to the architrave and roof above: Islamic architecture The historian of Islamic art Antonio Fernandez-Puertas suggests that the Alhambralike the Great Mosque of Cordoba[70] was designed using the Hispano-Muslim foot or codo of about 0.

In the palace's Court of the Lionsthe proportions follow a series of surds. There is no evidence to support earlier claims that the golden ratio was used in the Alhambra.