Relationship between effie and haymitch

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relationship between effie and haymitch

As they're saying goodbye, Effie and Haymitch plant a big wet one on each other. if fans were supposed to pick up on romantic feelings between the pair. so for me it's just about [how] they have a really deep connection.”. Effie waits in anticipation with Haymitch and Katniss for the tribute training scores. Effie tries but Effie is unaware of the rebellion, President Snow's threats, or of the tension between Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch. When the . Relationships. The fan-favorite relationship between Haymitch and Banks' character, Effie Trinket, took a big step forward at the end of Mockingjay - Part 2.

When the time comes for the victory tour, Haymitch accompanies Katniss and Peeta along with Effie Trinket and their stylists and prep teams. Katniss goes to his apartment, and when the train stops for fuel, she suggests they go outside, and tells him about the encounter with President Snow, how he told her how the other districts are on the verge of rebelling, and that the "star-crossed lovers" act must be believed by everyone if she plans on keeping her family and friends alive.

He coaches Katniss through the "madly in love" facade which she must keep up with Peeta. Haymitch is surprised and somewhat disgusted by Katniss losing her temper with Effie after she complains about the train's unplanned stop.

Haymitch helps them through preparation for their victory speech they must give to the grieving families of the District 11 tributes, Thresh and Rue. After Peeta finishes his speech.

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Katniss' speech to honor Thresh and Rue, and the three-finger salute she does in their honor, are viewed as an act of rebellion by the Peacekeepers. They shoot an elderly man, which causes unrest. Haymitch interrogates Katniss and Peeta for answers, and he and Katniss must confess what has been happening to Peeta since they kept him in the dark, which angers him.

Haymitch, is taken along with the others to a room to prepare to depart. Haymitch continues to help them throughout the rest of the time until President Snow declares that the third Quarter Quell tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors.

Haymitch continues drinking, maybe worse than usual. When Katniss enters his house—after freaking out in an empty victor's house cellar—he laughs because Peeta had already talked to him, making Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss after Gale was whipped by Romulus. Haymitch promise that this time Peeta be kept alive. Then Haymitch asks, "Well, what do you want then? Katniss refuses to hand it back, so Haymitch pulls out another.

Haymitch is drunk and talks about how even if he is reaped Peeta will volunteer for him to be with her. Katniss asks him what he'll do if Peeta's name is drawn. And she convinces him that because he owes Peeta and he hates life anyway, Haymitch should go into the Hunger Games instead of Peeta.

Gale then walks in to where Katniss bawls in his arms. Haymitch's name is called by Effie but barely has time to frown before Peeta volunteers. Haymitch and Plutarch Haymitch begins to plan the rebellion. He jokes and says "stay alive" and urges them to befriend other tributes. When the games begin he works with District 4, and later 3 and 7, since Katniss, Peeta, Finnick Odair, Beetee, Wiress, and Johanna Mason were in an alliance together but are working with Plutarch behind the scenes to help the second rebellion.

When Katniss blows up the force field and is in the hovercraft that rescues her, him, Beetee, Finnick and Plutarch gather together and talk about what has happened. When Katniss enters the room, he is annoyed and explains everything that has recently happened.

Katniss is enraged with all of Haymitch's lies that she cuts his face with her nails and since he cannot attack her, they both yell at each other until she is taken away. Mockingjay "Well, I'll see you tomorrow. He asks everyone to come up with a moment when Katniss has ever touched them inside. After everyone finishes, he states that she did them all by herself. When Haymitch and Katniss find themselves alone in the meeting room, Haymitch told her to say what she wants and she asks him why he let Peeta get captured.

Haymitch sadly asks why she let Peeta out of her sight. The two begin to reconnect and comfort each other. Haymitch tells her the plan to shoot the propo live in action. After Peeta's interview, Haymitch clarifies that Peeta gave a hint about an attack that is going be launched by the Capitol. District 13 does not believe him, but Katniss does, and the citizens begin to panic. Haymitch and the other head members of the rebellion begin to form a plan for the impending attack.

Haymitch informs Katniss about the rescue team to save Peeta, JohannaEnobariaand Annie from the Capitol and tells her Gale was the first to volunteer to be a member of the rescue team. When the group returns and receives medical treatment, they meet in the command room.

Effie Trinket

Haymitch, along with the others, discusses the propo. They decide to allow Katniss to go back into combat and shoot more propos after she is fully recovered. When Katniss returns to her hospital bed, Haymitch enters and talks to her for awhile.

Haymitch is mad at Katniss for removing her earpiece and shows signs of vengeful thoughts towards her. She makes sure not to be left alone with him. He later goes back to the command room to discuss topics and other objectives that must be taken care of with the head of the rebellion. She asks him if they need her help and he informs her she could shoot propos to air during the rescue mission. Haymitch comforts Katniss, who is sad because she did not go along with them.

He explained to her that two weeks after he was crowned victor, President Snow killed his mother, younger brother and girlfriend. Around midnight, Haymitch informs them the rescue party has made it back safely and they go to meet them. Haymitch goes to District 2 with the others. He meets Lyme and attempts to think of a plan to attack a mountain nicknamed "The Nut" and take control of District 2.

Gale pulls a plan together where they would set off avalanches to collapse the Nut, which Haymitch does not fully agree with. After the rebellion, he, alongside Peeta and Katniss, goes back to District He continues to drink, but he also raises geese.

Work Haymitch doesn't work, he drinks alcoholic beverages, but before the second rebellion, he mentored tributes annually. However, after the war he raises geese in addition to obsessively drinking. Haymitch probably gets most of his money from the Capitol's Victors monthly allowance. In Catching Fire, he is described as formerly being young, strong, and "something of a looker" 25 years ago when he won the games; he had curly dark hair and gray Seam eyes that are bright.

In the films, he has straight blond hair and blue eyes like the people in the merchant sector. Relationships It is mentioned in Mockingjay that two weeks after being crowned victor, his girlfriend, mother, and younger brother were all killed by the Capitol due to the stunt he pulled with the force field in the 50th Hunger Games.

He made the Capitol look stupid, being the only one to know the advantage of the force field. Katniss Everdeen Haymitch and Katniss before Katniss leaves to go to the arena.

Haymitch first meets Katniss when she volunteered to go in instead of Prim at the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. He stated that she had "spunk.

At first, he dismissed her as well as Peeta but decides that they may be worthy of winning the Games after they gang up on him. Katniss is convinced that Haymitch hates her and he does not try to contradict her. He is hard on them but his teachings are the only things that help them through the Games. During the Games, Katniss and Haymitch, albeit being apart, develop an understanding and a strong bond is forged.

Katniss and Haymitch communicate through Haymitch's gifts. If he didn't send much gifts, or none at all, he was telling Katniss to play up the "love" act. She then concludes the reaping with her famous line, "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! She tells them about the pre-Games routine on the train and her plans.

To toy with Effie, Katniss begins to eat like an animal by wiping her fingers with the tablecloth, upsetting Effie. Afterwards, she sits with Katniss and Peeta and watches the recap of the reapings in the other districts. Katniss and Peeta play and joke about Haymitch during the reaping which annoys Effie and she yells at them saying he is their lifeline; just after this statement Haymitch enters the room and vomits all over the floor. Effie is obviously disgusted and tells them "So laugh away!

Effie eating with Katniss and the District 12 stylists. Effie eats breakfast with them and retires to her room to make arrangements for their arrival at the Capitol.

relationship between effie and haymitch

Effie contributes to the positive preceedings. She is filled with joy and celebrates after their amazing performance in the parade through the Capitol. Effie helps prepare them for the training sessions with Haymitch, hoping they'll achieve high scores in order to attract more sponsors.

She is shocked and surprised when Katniss tells them about her seemingly disastrous private session. She can't believe she shot an arrow at the Gamemakers. She attempts to comfort Katniss due to her fear that they'll attack her family. Effie states that it serves them right and that it's not nice to ignore Katniss even if she is from District Effie is overflowing with joy and excitement when Katniss and Peeta both manage a high score from the Gamemakers.

Effie waits in anticipation with Haymitch and Katniss for the tribute training scores. Effie tries but fails to help Katniss with her Interview with Caesar Flickerman. She attempts to teach her how to sit, smile and talk like a lady, but only gets frustrated with this. After the interview and Peeta's astonishing declaration of love, Katniss fights with Peeta, pushing him and causing him to trip into an urn. Effie breaks up the fight and cools her down while Haymitch tells her about the logistics of his and Peeta's plan.

The night before the Games begin, she wishes them good luck and is heartbroken because she has grown to like them and leaves the room before she could become more upset.

She assists Haymitch in lining up sponsors for Katniss and Peeta and helps them throughout the Games. After Katniss and Peeta's victory, Effie gloats about winning them sponsors by comparing them to coal, explaining that when you put enough pressure on coal they become pearls.

Effie helps them get ready for their final interview with Caesar. After their respective interviews, she says goodbye to them before they head back to District Catching Fire Effie during the 74th Victory Tour. Effie comes back during Katniss and Peeta's Victory Tour. She tells them they have to start off with District On the way there, the train makes an unplanned stop which angers Effie because it changes her schedule.

This also irritates Katniss, causing her to yell at Effie and tells her that no one cares, which in turn hurts Effie's feelings. When Katniss comes back she apologizes to Effie who graciously accepts. When they arrive to District 11 she is displeased with the way they are being treated. Later, Effie ensures that everything is prepared for the victory speech Katniss and Peeta must give to Rue and Thresh 's family.

After the elderly man is killed for whistling Rue's tune, which signaled the end of a working day, the Peacekeepers force them all to leave quickly, which annoys Effie due to their lack of manners.

She noted that the Peacekeepers were very strict when she was looking around District 11's justice building. She said they ordered her to get back to her quarters and one even poked her with her gun. After the Victory Tour was complete, she went to the final dinner for Katniss and Peeta in District 12 and was touched when Peeta proposed to Katniss. Effie escorts Peeta and Katniss to the President's ball. Effie leaves to go back to the Capitol and soon comes back to District 12 at Katniss' house for the wedding photoshoot, using her manipulative nature to order the crew about, and watching to make everything go perfectly like her plan.

Effie is unaware of the rebellion, President Snow 's threats, or of the tension between Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch. When the third Quarter Quell is revealed and is announced to be reaping the victorsEffie had to draw the lots out of the same spherical glass bowl, in the same way as before in the 74th Hunger Games.

She felt his hands encircle around her waist, pulling her in closer as she ran her hands up his arms and entangled them around his neck. His lips grew more demanding, each of his kisses sending a flame to her heart and lighting her world on fire.

It wasn't long before Effie began tugging on his shirt in frustration, hopelessly fumbling with his buttons. Haymitch managed to scoop her up as Effie jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, making it back to her quarters and before dropping her onto her bed. Clothes and shoes were tossed carelessly around the room before Haymitch climbed on top of her, crushing his lips onto hers.

Running his hands down her curves he peppered a trail of kisses from her jaw and down to her collarbone. He stopped briefly, meeting her eyes. But she bit her lip and nodded nonetheless. Haymitch removed her golden wig, revealing waves of yellow curls that tumbled down her frame. He gently ran a few of her curls through his fingers; it was like silk.

It wasn't until he noticed the few strands of grey hair or split ends that he found the source of Effie's insecurity. But he still couldn't believe it.

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Why on earth had she been wearing those ridiculous wigs for all these years? But Haymitch just shook his head, staring incredulously at the woman. He placed a chaste kiss to the corner of her jaw, murmuring "beautiful" as he did so. Effie's heart melted at his hoarse words, her eyes fluttering shut as his lips continued to pepper a trail of kisses down her neck and ghost down her abdomen, repeating the word like a prayer between each kiss. Effie bit back another moan when she felt his lips kissing each breast, his teeth grazing and tongue encircling around her sensitive skin, sending waves of shivers up her spine.

Her hands clawed their way up his back and threaded through his hair, her eyes fluttering shut. Casting her a smirk from below, Haymitch shifted down lower, pressing a chaste kiss to her inner thigh. He felt her legs immediately open for him as he placed another kiss higher up her thigh, his tongue swiping over her skin. His fingers slipped underneath the lace material, stroking the heated pool that had built up between her thighs. Haymitch's smirked widened as he felt her arch back towards his fingers, her breaths growing more rapid.

A few more torturous strokes later Haymitch buried his mouth between her thighs, releasing another breathless moan. Effie arched her back more, her fingers twisting through his hair, encouraging his mouth to go further, truly believing that his tongue would push her over the edge.

Haymitch pulled out with a teasing smirk, capturing Effie's lips in another kiss. She immediately rolled him onto his back with a triumphant smirk of her own, straddling his hips.

Slowly she rolled her hips up against his, releasing a small groan. She continued to teasingly do this as her fingers traced patterns down his arms, his shoulder and his chest, watching his muscle contract beneath them.

Her eyes lingered over a faint scar down his hip, her finger touching the scar before Haymitch caught her hand. Effie saw the hint of pain flickering within his eyes and immediately understood. Bending down to kiss his lips once more, she lowered her body down as he slid into her. She rode him slow at first before her pace quickened to meet his. One hand circled around her waist as the other palmed her breast, releasing another moan from her lips. Haymitch watched her on top of him, her eyes fluttered shut, her lips red and bruised, her head tilted back and her natural curls a wayward mess around her frame and clinging onto her glistening skin, as they both reached their climax in one last cry.

Effie rolled off of him and onto her side, still a little breathless and at a lost for words at the turn of events. She almost kicked him as she quickly sat up, covering herself with the sheets. You're supposed to be delivering a speech in a few minutes". Haymitch blinked at her. But Effie was already up and scrambling for their clothes, slipping hers on and chucking his onto the bed. When Finnick couldn't find you he asked me during the reception if you would be interested in making a speech and I said of course you would be".

Haymitch's eyes widened as he slipped on his clothes. And you're telling me now? Effie rummaged through her purse, pulling out some palm cards.

relationship between effie and haymitch

He is your friend and he wants you to make a speech". Haymitch sighed, putting his shoes on. He headed towards the door before pausing to kiss Effie by surprise. Haymitch gave her another wink before slipping out, leaving a flustered Effie Trinket who, despite what she told herself, was looking forward to their next affair. He was lying on his back, his hands behind his head.

relationship between effie and haymitch

Effie grazed her lower lip. Of course she knew. Even if it had been destroyed, District Twelve was his home. Not the damp quarters in District Thirteen and certainly not in the Capitol where she would be returning too. Effie felt the tears prickling her eyes, threatening to spill like a breaking dam if she thought about this any longer. So she pushed the thought away and rolled on top of Haymitch instead, straddling his hips.

She bent down and kissed his lips tenderly, her fingers ghosting down his chest. Over the past weeks she had grown familiar with every one of his scars, even the ones she had never seen before. Effie shifted down, brushing her lips against the scar that curved along his chest.

She remembered the story behind this one. A District Two tribute had pinned Haymitch down in the arena and in his futile attempts to restrain Haymitch and end his life, managed to slice his knife across Haymitch's chest before Haymitch had brought his knee up towards his attacker's face and escaped. Effie kissed another one of his scars, this one higher up his torso.

Haymitch told her as she rested her chin on his chest one night, her fingers tracing the unusual cut, that he was in a bar fight with another drunk in District Twelve. He had tried to throw a punch but ended up landing on a pile of broken glass.

relationship between effie and haymitch

She briefly closed her eyes. It was always amazing how, even when they were in the midst of a war, his arms managed to make her feel secure. Effie looked down at him, the tears biting behind her eyes again.

She had changed these months in so many ways. Her passion for the revolution. Yes, it was in subtle ways, such as when Effie finally obliged Coin's wishes and began to follow her schedule but the wardrobe change was off the tableor complaining less about District Thirteen's lifestyle and the lack of coffee but trying to show more support towards the rebels.

And during their conference meetings about the war, Haymitch saw the fire in her eyes when footages of the Peace Keepers destruction was shown, a fiery storm that had never been there before. Haymitch caught her roaming hands, meeting her eyes. Haymitch swallowed, his chest tightening. Never would he have imagined that Effie Trinket would miss him.

They had grown close over the few months. Their nightly affairs had slowly turned into something more. Haymitch stopped leaving her bed early in the mornings. Effie found herself wondering into his quarters at midnight and slipping into his bed just to curl up into his arms. Haymitch soon found that she managed to ward off his nightmares when she slept next to him, well at least the worst of his nightmares. They soon found themselves just sleeping next to each other, curled up in each other's arms, talking late at night and into the early morning.

Haymitch learned more and more about her with each night they spent together, and she about him. They slept in each other's arms for warmth. For a sense of security during their fears that Katniss and Peeta would never return. And as the rebels captured District Two, reunited Panem and infiltrated the Capitol, the couple slowly realised that the war was coming to an end.

And they would be going home. He sat up and tilted her chin up to him, wiping away her tears. He pressed a kiss to her cheek where one tear had fallen, and another to her lips. You can always visit, and Peeta and Katniss will want you to see you too.

We're used to being a part for a while, right? But they both knew it wasn't the same.

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Haymitch still sensed her distress so he placed another kiss just underneath her ear lobe, his arms encircling around her waist again. I can finally get my hands on a bottle of whisky, you can call me a vulgar drunk".

Haymitch smiled when he saw her repressing a small giggle at the thought.

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Effie closed her eyes, a small sigh escaping her lips.