Relationship between jess and jules

Bend it Like Beckham is Not as "Girl Power" as You Remember

relationship between jess and jules

Jess and Jules, our two female protagonists, are quick to recognize and call out undeniable and engaging forging of Jess and Jules' relationship. Jess and Joe have literally the worst chemistry between two actors since. After all, a queer relationship would have fit perfectly with the film's to the surface the underlying romantic tension between Jess and Jules, Jess and Jules end up fighting over their coach, Joe, who takes a liking to Jess. Jess loves football, is a mix of British and Indian, wants to play Describe the relationship between Jess and Jules at the start of the film-.

University of Texas, As the scene continues, Jess and Jules argue about who has the right to pursue a relationship with their coach, Joe.

Paxton overhears them as she brings up a tray of tea and cheese. The camera then cuts to Mrs. Paxton crying on the couch about this revelation even though untrue and based on speculation of a half-heard conversation. Tea, like any other meal, offers a chance for people to sit down, talk, and come to understand each other.

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In this scene, Mrs. Paxton jumps to a conclusion and is so horrified that she cannot begin to conceive talking to her daughter about it.

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She does this literally through the use of food. The scene starts with Mr.

relationship between jess and jules

Paxton at their patio table enjoying a glass of wine as they wait for Jules to get home for dinner. All sorts of condiment and spice bottles are arranged on the table like players on a soccer field. Jules enters and sees her father teaching her mother the rules of the game, and notices that her mother has read a stack of magazines about soccer.

By doing research on professional female players, Mrs.

relationship between jess and jules

Paxton also learns that there is at least one who is married with a baby. This is not the scene of the film in which Mrs. Paxton comes to fully accept her daughter. By pointing out the example of the married player, she is trying to encourage Jules to pursue this type of relationship rather than her imagined relationship with Jess. Regardless, the resolution that begins during this scene occurs because she has finally taken the time to sit down to a meal with her daughter and talk to her.

Though it is only half of the actual problem, it is a good beginning to its resolution. Paxton back into harmony with the rest of her family. Jess managed to leave the wedding to play a match in front of an American scout and has been offered a full scholarship to play college soccer in California. She comes clean to her parents after the stress of the wedding has passed and the family is sitting around eating leftovers and drinking coffee.

The way the group mostly women is arranged around Jess is reminiscent of earlier party scenes. Jess suddenly has so much to lose that she explains her opportunity to her family, especially her mother. She begs them to understand that playing soccer makes her happy.

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Her father is the first to accept this fact. Jess is wearing a sleeveless tracksuit and tennis shoes. Pinky is excited and animated while Jess stares into space and no doubt dreams of playing football.

relationship between jess and jules

The character that serves this role for Jules is her mother, Paula. In the very next scene, which is cut to after a final eyeroll from Jess, Jules and her mother are introduced. The two women are in a lingerie store, surrounded by pink and lavender and lace.

Paula is showing various bras to her disinterested daughter. She demonstrates to Jules a push-up bra with a pump, to which Jules says she would never be caught dead in. Both Jess and Jules are shown at odds with their family in terms of style. They are surrounded by feminine women who care about appearance, whereas they care about feeling comfortable. The scene is one of several that highlights the discomfort between the two when mistaken for a couple.

Her family is steeped in traditional Indian culture, and one scene in particular highlights the struggles of being queer in an Indian family, when Tony comes out as gay to Jess.

In following scene, Paula is shown crying on the couch with her husband, who is attempting to comfort her.

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Paula again focuses on appearance, saying that she always tried to buy her daughter lovely clothes. Going on about him and all his private business in the papers like that. The audience sees that despite her efforts to learn about football and accept her daughter for who she is, seeing Jules and Jess together sets her off. And anyway, look at the clothes you wear! In the following scene, Jess and her sister Pinky discuss the fact that Paula had accused Jess of being a lesbian.

This is the best day of your life, innit? The film features a very queer narrative in the form of the expectations placed upon Jess and Jules by their family to be feminine and to marry an acceptable man.

The Cultures and Relationships Expressed in Bend It Like Beckham

They overcome these expectations in order to play football, but the leap would have been much more exciting if they were lesbians playing football. The fact that the film is rumored to originally be gay highlights this, especially due to the fact that the director was worried about offending and alienating Indian audiences. For all that they overcame, the girls never received the support and acceptance to come out.

Anyway, in my interpretation of the ending, Jules and Jess are strolling down the street somewhere in America, hand in hand, probably talking about David Beckham.

relationship between jess and jules

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