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relationship between kirk and spock

Star Trek is a television and film franchise that has often been thought of as being very forward thinking. Seeing as it centers on a science fiction. The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock's Place in Queer he imagined the relationship between Kirk and Spock—he discusses it in. However, stories of Kirk and Spock in a homosexual relationship have became a part of the sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock.

There is no basis to it. Setting the characters there provides familiarity for the audience and means that the author does not need to set up the world so much. However, a difficulty can be that it is necessary to provide an explanation for why the mission is not focused on in the story, in order to focus on the relationship between the two men.

Shore leave is a common theme. They may neglect the relationship in future years but pon farr compels them to consummate the marriage at the appropriate time. Vulcans must mate or die trying. However, in "Amok Time", Spock finds that a substitute to giving in to pon farr is to kill another, and thus Spock's pon farr imperative ends after he kills.

Another key element in 'first time' stories and in established relationship stories is the mind meld - either as a way to break the barriers between the men, or as a plot device.

It's really hard to find another fictional couple that did all that, and did it as well. Weitekamp and Christine Scodari expressed the opinion that the portrayal of Uhura's character in the reboot is a step forward in terms of the representation of women of color.

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I mean no disrespect to people who either write or read fan fiction. I have absolutely no interest in it, it doesn't interest me, I understand how it interests other people, I respect their desire to be interested in it but I think both Kirk and Spock, and definitely me and Chris, are only good friends.

Any suggestion otherwise has more to say about the person making that suggestion than it does about the character's lives. Mild jokes about Kirk and Spock getting it on appeared as early as Spockanalia 3 in December The first volume of New Voyages was published inbut the stories [that show Kirk and Spock sharing a mental bond of some undefined nature] were floating around as far back as ah!

At the time of the first-ever con, the idea of a mental bond was fairly widespread -- thousands of Trekkers simultaneously inventing it on their own and not realizing that others had the same perception until we had a chance to get together and talk about it.

Being a Trek fan was pretty much a lonely experience before the cons started. You've got to remember that when ST first aired, Stonewall had only happened a year before. So, as I remember it, a mental bond between Kirk and Spock was always a part of gen, but it was slash that took it and ran. Editor Jenna Sinclair at Beyond Dreams Pressbased on personal correspondence with Guttridge, placed it as having been written in or possibly Since the story describes pon farr it could not have been written earlier than September An ad for this zine states that the story was "written in the '60s but still wearing well.

The Epilog to Orionpublished by Gerry Downes. A list from Not Tonight Spock! The author remains unknown. At the time, it was considered to have a shockingly explicit cover.

Image marked as sexually explicit, minimised. Some Early Fan Reactions Main article: Slash Controversies The vast and vocal majority of the early slash opponents in Star Trek fandom were female.

From a male fan in January The zines emphasize the darker aspects of human behavior, and in general reduce the two men to the status of oversexed homesexual [sic] lovers. This, very simply, is not necessary. To concentrate stories and entire fanzines on such a non-existent relationship is bad enough, but to do that to the exclusion of all that is positive and good about Star Trek is a crime.

Star Trek presents a world of optimism, of hope, of love and understanding, and of constant challenge and growth. Let us not get mired down in unnecessary excursions into human sexual abnormalities.

relationship between kirk and spock

Such writers need to examine their own motivations. A good many fen thought it was immoral to depict them having sex. Others thought it was simply out of characteror fell all over themselves laughing at the thought of Kirk or Spock saying 'I love you' to one another. The early debates over whether or not they 'did it' could get very heated. Although there were other panels at this gathering, these were the two sessions to cause controversy and highly emotional debate. Due to the intense popularity of stories like Leslie Fish 's " Shelter ," the number of explicit sexual pieces in the art display, and a PA glitch which resulted in Connie Faddis ' reading of an explicit but non-slash narrative getting piped throughout the hotel, many anti-slash fans felt outvoted, and some left the convention with the impression that the majority of ST fandom was now in favor of hardcore X-rated material.

The now-familiar age statement was instituted as a result of this discussion, and it's likely that the idea for modern labeling practices "gen", "het", etc. When Leslie Fish declared at August Party in during a panel on whether or not they'd do 'it' that "it's natural: These early debates would often draw huge crowds. The panel room at August Party was jammed with people, all shouting and red-faced, trying to convince others of their viewpoint. It was an exciting to be a slash or an anti-slash fan.

relationship between kirk and spock

I'm rather surprised that other people are surprised at the controversy surrounding ALT ; it was, after all, the first zine to deal at length with a top that was bound to make a lot of people uncomfortable at the very least, for the theoretical the idea of homosexuality and specific Kirk and Spock are doing THAT? But a situation has been going on for some time and I feel I must speak out.

I must admit I purchased one or two issues, because of authors, with whom I had come to enjoy reading. But I was dismayed by the stories and no longer purchase these fanzines or others of their kind.

‘Star Trek’ Producer Confirms: Relationship Between Kirk and Spock Was Never Consummated

I urge others of you who feel Star Trek is being degraded by this type of literature to boycott any fanzine which feels it must devote Itself to this type of material in order to sell it. Winston Howlett, the conservative Christian editor of Probewrote an editorial for issue 11 of that zine where he objected to "adult Trekfic " in general.

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Kirk and Spock Emotional Scene

For some other examples of early fan reaction, see: Langley argues, fans are often reading physical intimacy into what is mainly an emotional intimacy. And because slash is in the eye of the beholderneither position can point to canon for definitive proof: With Kirk and Spock, Starsky and Hutch, and countless other "buddy pairings," epic friendships, etc.

He did not mean it romantically. It was not unusual for gen writers then or now to include things like that in their stories.

Kirk/Spock (TOS)

They didn't see it as slash, and they didn't include it as slash. Some respond by pointing out numerous instances in the original episodes where they feel that the dialogue, stage blocking, and other theatrical elements were deliberately engineered to subtly convey the message that Kirk and Spock were, or would become, romantically involved. He refused to speculate, merely stating that he and Shatner must have done something they were unaware of which caused fans to respond with such ideas.

Fontana on "Canon Slash" D. Fontana was asked about this in Mayand replied as follows: In answer to your question, NO - there were no homosexual double-entendres in the script - at least none that were deliberate. If some viewers chose to read that into the dialogue, etc. The most important player of all, at the end of the day, is Gene Roddenberry himself. Which is both the crowning achievement and the waffling difficulty of the whole affair but more on that in a minute.

Kirk Spock and Star Trek's Place in Queer History | The Mary Sue

The first thing to know is that Roddenberry was inspired by Alexander the Great and Hephaestion when he imagined the relationship between Kirk and Spock—he discusses it in an interview that can be found in the William Shatner biography Shatner: Star Trek as a show was—is—famous for how progressive it was at the time, more often than not hidden under layers of allegory to distract the censors: I bring up that little comment to discuss a far more famous one, perhaps the most famous in regard to our besotted officers.

The only difference being, the Greek ideal—we never suggested in the series—physical love between the two. This book was published inwhen there was still time a-plenty for unholy hell to come down on his head were he to suggest a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock.

I speak, naturally, of the largely reviled Star Trek: A Space Odyssey, there is one thing it does very well: