Relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

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relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

As a left-handed, gay man, I am interested in all possible links and Like gays, lefties are thought to be more creative than others. . It would allow to discriminate to anyone who is not the same religion you are not just gay. Such findings would further the debate over whether homosexuality is innate or a choice. Compared to straight men, gay men are more likely to be left-handed, to be the debate over same-sex marriage frequently strayed from established Christian groups such as Exodus International argue "that. The Bible's emphasis on 'the right hand' is a reflection of reality. . A 'left-handed marriage' is not a marriage but an adulterous sexual liaison, as in a In 19th century Europe, homosexuals were referred to as 'left-handed' whilst in protestant .

Sexual Orientation A relationship between handedness and sexual orientation - specifically that homosexuals are more likely to be left-handed than heterosexuals - has been proposed by several researchers over the years. In fact, the idea goes back to a hypothesis of Sigmund Freud at the end of the 19th Century or, more accurately, to his disciples Wilhelm Stekel and Wilhelm Fliess, whose less-than-scientific assertions struck a chord with many chauvinists.

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A link between homosexuality and left-handedness perhaps suggested itself due to a series of striking although quite likely coincidental similarities, both statistical and qualitative, between the two phenomena. But the evidence is at best mixed - for example, a study indicated a correlation between homosexual women and left-handedness, but not men, while a study showed just the opposite a correlation for homosexual men but not women - and no convincing explanations of the link have been put forward.

A study by Richard Green and Robert Young suggests that individuals with gender identity disorders transsexuals were significantly more likely to be left-handed or at least less exclusively right-handed than the general population. The study conjectured that elevated levels of testosterone during pregnancy may have decreased the asymmetry in the fetal brain, resulting in a greater tendency to left-handedness. Research Questions The research was guided by the following questions: How many types of handedness do we have?

What does the Bible say about right hand and left hand? What must parents do to their left-handed children? Research Design This study used the descriptive research approach. According to studies, there are many variations for descriptive research. The following categories are common: The category of detailed description was employed for the study.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

One of the most frequently used designs within the empirical research methodology models is the descriptive survey method design. Conceptual Clarifications Studies stated that handedness is ability in using one hand more skillfully than, and in preference to, the other.

Handedness is a better faster or more precise performance or individual preference for use of a hand, known as dominant hand. Handedness is not a discrete variable left or rightbut a continuous one that can be expressed at levels between strong left and strong right. Handedness is observed quite early in human development. There are four types of handedness - Left handedness, Right-handedness; Mixed-handedness, and Ambidexterity. Lefthandedness is somewhat more common among men than among women.

Right-handedness or dexterity is an estimable trait very different from being left-handed or sinister. True ambidexterity occurs in less than one per cent of the population. Thus, it is exceptionally rare, although it can be learned. A truly ambidextrous person is able to do any task equally well with either hand. Those who learn it still tend to favor their originally dominant hand. Mixed-handedness is the change of hand preference between tasks.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

This is common in the population with about thirty per cent prevalence. Being left-handed implies having a preference for using the left hand for a variety of tasks, reaching, throwing, pointing, and catching. Left handedness is an interesting, and sometimes troubling phenomenon. It is if you are a student trying to sit in a right-handed desk; or trying to use a right-handed potato peeler or right-handed scissors, or a right-handed mouse- or any of the right-handed devices.

It is if you get bad marks from your teacher because of handwriting. The word left in English comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, which means weak or broken. The Oxford English Dictionary defines left-handed as meaning crippled, defective, awkward, clumsy, inapt, and characterized by underhanded dealings, ambiguous, doubtful, questionable, ill-omened, inauspicious, and illegitimate. Phrases in English suggest a negative view of lefthandedness [ 2 ]. For example, a left-handed compliment is actually an insult.

It is if you analyze terminology such as: Left-handed compliment, left-wing, out in left field, or in French, gauche, German, Linkish, Russian, Levja, Latin, Sinistra, none of which are especially complimentary. It is interesting to note in the dictionary definition that left-handed also implies being clumsy and awkward. This is not borne out in practice. It is true that left-handers have difficulty using right- handed tools, such as scissors, and for this reason might appear clumsy, but when right-handers try to use left-hand tools, they appear even clumsier.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

Why are Left-Handers Rare? It is obvious that lefthanders are few in the general population. This generates a relevant question: Scientists have long wondered why left-handed people are a rarity. Stories about being slapped on the wrist for being a lefty, there must be some deeper, evolutionary reason, scientists figure. A new study suggests lefties are rare because of the balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution.

The findings come from some data generated from the sports world.

US researchers find evidence that homosexuality linked to genetics

Representing only 10 percent of the general human population, left handers have been viewed with suspicion and persecuted across history [ 3 ]. Researchers at North Western University, USA reported that a high degree of cooperation, not something odd or sinister, plays a key role in the rarity of left handedness - both right handers — are the first to use real-world data from competitive sports to test and confirm the hypothesis that social behavior is related to population- level handedness.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

The most important factor for an efficient society is a high degree of cooperation. In humans, this has resulted in a right-handed majority. Left handedness is extensively disapproved in most cultures. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered the left as imperfect and blasphemous. In some parts of Scotland, it is considered bad luck to meet a left-handed person at start of a journey. In addition, there is a saying in Scotland that describes an unlucky person.

He must have been baptized by a left-handed Priest. In Ghana, pointing, gesturing, giving or receiving items with the left-hand is considered taboo or rude. People of the Andes consider lefthanders to possess special spiritual abilities, including magic and healing. Due to culture and social pressure, many left-handed children are encouraged or forced to write and perform other acts with their right hands.

This conversion can cause multiple problems in the developing left-handed child, including learning disorders, dyslexia and other speech disorders.

There are two divergent theories regarding wearing the wedding ring on the left hand. Another theory attributes the origin to the Greeks and Romans who wore the rings to ward off evil associated with the left-hand. Research reveals that the frequency of left-handedness is greater in Euro-American than in Oriental India, Japan and China cultures and restrictions on using left hand are ingrained in the belief system and social interpretation in a given culture [ 4 ].

In Britain, around 13 percent of men and 11 percent of women are now left-handed, compared to just 3 percent of those born beforewhile about 30 million people in the United States are left-handed. In the past, there was often pressure to change left-handed people into right-handers. Children were often hit across the knuckles if they were caught using their left hands.

This attitude find succinct expression in Keith Milson, a left hander who runs the website with his wife and fellow leftie Lauren, who stated attitudes, had changed only recently.

In the early days of trying to understand dyslexia, especially the tendency to perceive and write words and letters in reverse, some educators recommended suppressing left hand activities in order to try and establish the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Educators currently realize that both hemispheres contribute to the process of learning and suppressing lefthandedness is counterproductive.

Adhering to societal customs and ethos is important, as it makes the community to be cohesive and peaceful. But when a custom is practiced out of ignorance, discrimination, injustice, and so on it should be jettisoned.

It took the intervention of Marry Slessor from England who persuaded the people against such a custom and eventually convinced them that what they were doing was wrong and inhuman. Years later, Nigerians were not permitted to kill twins. However, despite the advent of Christianity and Islam with the attendant change in way of life, villages in the Federal Capital Territory FCT still indulge in the old practice of killing of twins.

The Director of Information and Communications, Mrs Stella Ojeme, led the three week advocacy campaign against the scourge.

When slavery was practiced, those who sold and bought human beings as slaves justified it. The American Civil War that raged from to was not because the north was killing the south or oppressing them politically, but simply because Abraham Lincoln, who opposed slavery, had won an election and his stance threatened the economy of the slave states of the south.

Even after Lincoln won that war, some people felt so angry with him for stopping their custom of making their fellow human beings slaves that one of such people assassinated Lincoln six days after the war. In Nigeria, people are inclined to view left-handedness as worst and as a sign of evil or at best an expectantly curable adversity. The left hand is still demonized as unlucky, evil, clumsy, and so on.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality in christianity

Not only, it is seen as disrespectful to accept or give someone anything with the left- hand. About half a century ago, in Japan, left- handedness in a wife was thought to be more than enough for divorce. Only a decade ago in Taiwan, left-handed people were highly supported to being right or at least to write with the right hand [ 6 ]. In South America, the right hand is regarded as good, life and divine but the left is bad, evil and morose.

Similarly, among North American Indians, the right hand stands for bravery and virility but the left death and interment. When my grandfather was a boy, his teachers slapped his hand whenever he wrote lefty.

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Being left-handed, they told him, was obviously a choice since the Bible made it clear that left was the side of Satan. The right hand of God was glorious in power, reads Exodus; God sends the blessed to his right and the damned to his left. So deciding to use his left hand meant my grandfather had aligned himself with Beelzebub, and needed to feel the pain of a loving God through the smack of a ruler.

As a result, my grandfather was forced to use his right hand, which our family believes led to neurological problems later in life. If only those teachers had known that left-handedness is almost always determined before birth. How would they feel confronting the fact that the God whom they thought hated the left had, by their own beliefs, created left-handedness?

That they beat and bound children for being the way nature made them? In that case, science overcame superstition and forced an acceptance that left-handers have no choice. Hundreds of species engage in homosexual behavior—swans, elephants, bison, apes. For example, about 8 percent of rams exhibit sexual preference for males; researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University discovered a cell group called the ovine sexually dimorphic nucleus is twice as large in rams that prefer ewes compared with those that prefer other rams.

There are genetic differences between gay and straight people as well. The May issue of Psychological Medicine found significant linkage between gay sexual orientation and genes on the pericentromeric chromosome 8 and chromosome Xq Plenty of studies that have found other correlations.