Relationship between online reputation management software and market research

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relationship between online reputation management software and market research

Learn how to research, manage, and protect your brand's reputation with to your web properties by building new relationships with partners marketing channels to start building and managing a healthy online Listed below are five tools that will help you research and evaluate your digital reputation. Online reputation management has long been a topic of latest study shows just how quickly we've reached the tipping point. You can also use media monitoring tools like Mention or Cision for a more robust brand tracking system. percent of a company's market value is attributable to CEO reputation. Are you struggling to manage your online reputation, check out my review of the best 21 reputation management tools and software solutions on the market. Today's consumers can research anything about a company online, and most of How else are you going to find someone posting a bad link to your website on a.

So it is with reputation management. Whether trying to build a reputation-enhancing campaign or one to counteract negative reputation, our primary efforts probably go toward amassing and publishing facts and arguments to support our case.

However, forgetting the emotional elements cuts us off from one of our most powerful tools.

6 dimensions of online reputation that should guide your social media marketing

In my previous Marketing Land column, I gave examples of three brands that are still doing very well organically on Facebook.

REI has earned phenomenal devotion from its customers in part by consistently identifying with their passion for the outdoor life.

Use Online Reputation Management To Beat Negative Reviews

In their Mirnavator video, they took this a step further with an inspiring and heartwarming story of a woman overcoming multiple challenges including online bullying to pursue her passion for running. First, and most obviously, portraying a positive work experience at your company is important for recruiting. When people consider applying for employment at a company, they often start their research by investigating its social media feed.

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Obviously, if they get cues there that your company is a great place to work, it can influence their decision.

These days people are more conscious than ever of the power they have as consumers. With more choices than at any time in history, people look beyond your products and prices. Socially conscious consumers will stay away from companies that are known for treating their employees badly.

Improvements to company policies. Fun or meaningful events sponsored by your company.

8 Must-Have Online Reputation Management Tools

Volunteer efforts by employees. Candid photos around the office. Accomplishments of individual employees outside their work responsibilities.

While none of these seem like they have anything to do with marketing or driving sales, they help reinforce that your company cares about people, and that makes consumers feel better about doing business with you. Financial performance Financial performance may be the trickiest of the six dimensions to promote well on social media.

relationship between online reputation management software and market research

However, there are circumstances where some disclosure about finances can help with overall reputation enhancement. Most obviously, if your company has a great, profitable year, social media can be an appropriate place to crow about it. People like being associated with winners and like brands that are successful, as they probably assume that such success equates with superior products and services as well as customer satisfaction. Being as transparent as you can with your financials also projects an image of honesty and authenticity that can reflect upon you positively.

Beyond that, if you are a public company, there is also value in keeping your investors informed on your financial health.

relationship between online reputation management software and market research

Vision and leadership Because of fast-breaking internet news and social media, executives and management at known brands are under more scrutiny than ever before. Most of us can probably name companies in recent memory that took substantial reputation hits because of highly publicized scandals or ill-chosen words from top executives. Conversely, people admire corporate leaders who are seen as visionary, selfless, generous or outspoken on important causes, and their reputation is associated with the companies they run.

Therefore, brands that want to be proactive will seek to make heroes of their leadership. One way to do this is by encouraging the heads of your company to become online thought leaders, regularly publishing insightful content or even interacting via social media. Reputology delivers all these reviews in one place, and even lets you respond to them from within the platform. SimilarWeb Many of us already know SimilarWeb as a website ranking site. I use it almost daily to see how much traffic a particular site or blog receives.

Even as a free tool, it gives a very good idea of how your website — the face for your brand — performs online. Its biggest value is that it lets you benchmark your site against competitors for factors such as time on site, bounce rate, and page views per visit.

This helps you understand how you stack up against the other players in your industry, and make improvements to your site. This includes brand visibility reports to show you how well-known and well-respected your brand is within your field. All of this is to help you maintain the best website you can, relative to your competitors.

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Now, imagine these are alerts are in real time, when you need them, and including social media, forums, blogs, news sites, reviews, and even television. But the tool also includes some very interesting and powerful analytics. When it comes time to reach out and build a stronger reputation, these kinds of insights are invaluable. Actively improve your reputation 5. Get Five Stars In order to receive 5-star reviews, you need to get reviews in the first place.

Get Five Stars provides a few solutions to help you encourage responses from your audience.

relationship between online reputation management software and market research

Next time you visit a new website or download an app, keep an eye out for small survey like this: These responses are averaged, and this makes up your NPS.

By asking for responses, you actively improve your brand reputation and become more appealing to future buyers.