Relationship between ron and hermione

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relationship between ron and hermione

Well obviously, the kiss between Ron and Hermione was epic but at the She wanted to have a close relationship with her children, so that. Believe it or not, a huge part of the series revolves around the relationship between Ron and Hermione. Throughout the seven book series. Harry Potter - 16 Beautifully Romantic Moments Between Ron And Hermione! - This probably wasn't the most romantic moment in their relationship, but it.

relationship between ron and hermione

The movies tended to play up Ron's meanness towards Hermione, but the books strike a pretty good balance between good friend and person who was just annoyed. Think about that first duel between Harry and Draco in the second book.

Hermione basically freaks out and begs Harry and Ron not to go through with it.

relationship between ron and hermione

While it's normal for a friend to be concerned if they think another friend is going to do something stupid, Harry notes how weirdly out of character this is for her. She might have already been trying to protect Ron to begin with. Then there's the first book when Ron gets hit by the White Queen in the big chess game at the end, and Hermione actually screams.

She's not really known for straight up panicking except when it comes to Ron. Their first major argument was all about feathers and putting the emphasis on the right syllable when they're casting spells, and it was that argument that led to the solidification of their friendship. In the second book—despite their arguing and their annoyance with each other—Ron is deeply affected by Hermione's run-in with the basilisk.

The only person who affects him more deeply than Hermione during this book is when his little sister is taken into the Chamber of Secrets proper. The arguments only get nastier as the two get older and realize that not only do they like each other, they actually get jealous when they express interest in other people and don't know how to handle it.

It takes a while for both of them to get a clue and to start actually making moves towards a romantic relationship, but war and a Horcrux drive them apart temporarily until they find their way back to each other. It's all very sweet. This seems like weird behavior, but given his background, it's totally within his character.

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He's so used to getting everything secondhand as the youngest of six Weasley boysand because of that, he's gotten used to never getting his way. The only time he's really stood up for something that he wanted was with Hermione. When it comes to Hermione, coming in second isn't acceptable to him.

It's something that contributes to Ron being the most affected by the locket in the seventh book. The locket plays on his insecurities when it comes to coming in last to everyone — even Harry! His love for Hermione turning into jealousy drives him away from her, but it's their love for each other that brings him back.


Without him, Harry and Hermione wouldn't have made it to their seventh year. The only exception to this rule seems to be Ron. Sure, she's a pragmatist who will prioritize Harry over Ron if Harry needs her more, but she doesn't do this because she has feelings for Harry, she does it simply because Harry needs her more. She's not a person who succumbs to her teenage hormones all that often She's also stooped to petty behavior over Ron, which is really out of character for her until you realize that Ron's the only person who brings a more impulsive side out of her.

But I think after some time they would probably left for Australia to find Hermione's parents to get their memories back! Which has helped Hermione to be much more light-weight ed and happy After that Ron and Hermione would spend time with each other very much.

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They would have ups and downs at this stage because it would be all new for them, like from friends to lovers After years, they would definitely talk about their marriage with their parents Hermione's parents would be agreed at once as they knows how much they loved each other and they were quite familiar with Ron and his family Weasley's were extraordinary happy for both of them!!!

Although, they were a bit scared but really very excited for their new lives! So as we all know, in the epilogue, Hermione and Ron had 2 very cute kids: Not much information is given about them, but it's a bit about them! She have red hair and eyes exactly like her father, but her face was just like Hermione.

She was as intelligent as Hermione was! Actually she was a younger Hermione with ginger hair: She was also a great quidditch player! He has brown, bushy hair and eyes just like Hermione and his face was just like Ron.

His habits were also like Ron!

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He was a miniature Ron with brown hair: They would be just awesome parents! Rose and Hugo will definitely enjoy and would be glad that they have such amazing parents, who bickers with each other: But they both whole-heartedly knows how much their parents love each other and them: Their house would definitely would be a very lovely, beautiful and perfect place for them! They all would be proud to have such an awesome family Hermione as a mother! Hermione would be a fun-loving but at the same time a strict mother!

As a minister of magic, she would definitely be very busy lady, but she would never leave a single minute to spend with her family too: She would give time to her family, especially to Rose and Hugo! She would definitely laid emphasis on reading habits for both of them. And she would also love that they both have some general muggles knowledge, so she would surely spend time to make them know! She wanted to have a close relationship with her children, so that they can trust her anytime.

relationship between ron and hermione

She acts like a boss in the house. She love to have conversations with her children so that she can understand them She would give punishments as well, if they misbehave and set rules and punishments for them. She like to have her children a decent behaviour although Ron wanted children to enjoy: She would definitely be a great and an adorable mother! Both the children will love him Well he would be very easy going and funny. When Hermione goes to work, he probably won't stop them from misbehaving: