Relationship between sulli and minho couple

Famous Korean actor Choi Min single or dating? Know about his relationship rumors

relationship between sulli and minho couple

When something reel turned to something real. How can it happen? As oppa/ dongsaeng relationship Let's backtrack again. Minho and Sulli. They have friendship and oppa-dongsaeng relationship, too. But though few, the interactions of Minho and Sulli especially the kiss scenes. The 25 years old, Minho, Son of a well-known soccer coach is a South Korean as the couple was encouraged by the people to date each other since they were This relationship between Choi's sister and Lui hints us that Choi and Lui are dating. According to Choi Min, Sulli is like a little sister to him.

"To the Beautiful You" SHINee's Minho Says Sulli Is No Longer Just a Little Sister

And I found it in my MinSul. They are just so beautiful to watch I felt the awkwardness and the romance at the same time. One of my complaints as a viewer, they gave us few BTS, unlike some dramas, there are lots. But though few, the interactions of Minho and Sulli especially the kiss scenes are daebak!

relationship between sulli and minho couple

Minho said he felt nervous and awkward at first but if I would base my analysis on the kiss scene at the park, there was no longer awkwardness, instead, they are both comfortable to each other enough for Minho to tease Sulli gently "Why are you so happy?

Actually, I only watched the videos from the Press Con after the drama ended. And from those videos, you can see Minho always there for Sulli, smiling sweetly, holding her, touching her arms, being a gentleman and always looking at her. Then I scout for more of MinSul videos. I found the fanvids of SM concert. Though it was really taxing to watch them, finding the moments where Minho was at Sulli's side, staying at her side, holding again her hands, I will myself to finish the entire videos just to see for myself.

After all I am searching for facts. Facts are not rumor, or make believe. I know this is a going to be a long journey for me as a MinSul shipper. But patience is my second name.: I got a lot of patience if only to find the truth and not mislead my visitors to just accept they are a couple. No, I want to search more and if romance will really find it's way to my MinSul hearts, my heart will be happy. And I thought SS is my one and only. Well, SS will always be my top choice, all their songs and the group is already embedded in my heart.

Minho & Sulli (Nothing But Love)

But there's still room for more. This is only the beginning of my ride as a MinSul shipper. And for starters, some photos of them together, similar items spotted, and videos.

I hope that you see and feel what I do. Minho's look speaks for itself.

Who is Minho's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee | MIJ Miner8

Sulli's bracelet was undone and Minho to the rescue, beating Hyun woo who became the third wheel Minho could not keep his hands off Sulli, compare to Kim Ji Won who was also there. Minho's scarf and Sulli's dress and the recent question Minho's part only cre: Roles have to be learned, characters have to be absorbed to be acted perfectly and also to understand the character.

Skinship can not be avoided. Holding each others hands, back hugging, piggy back and the intimate part, kissing.

relationship between sulli and minho couple

Emotions can not be stopped or controlled like a machine. I think that Sulli and Minho were given the drama because everyone see the chemistry between them even in simple photo shoots. I saw how they look good on their previous works.

There's something about them that makes you smile and say, They look good together!. How could I know that maybe both of them feels something more towards each other even before the drama.

Fan accounts were posted on how Minho was so sweet to Sulli, even they had a spat or something like that and Minho tried to cheer up Sulli. So it would not seem impossible if while filming TTBY, a closer friendship developed.

f(x)'s Sulli reveals a 'couple shot' with SHINee's Minho from 'To the Beautiful You'

From Reel to Real This is only my POV. But likely to happen. They were always in groups and sometimes far from each other.

But there were some events that they were seen seated together, talking only with each other, and some fancams showing they walked side by side or Minho behind Sulli at airports. These little interactions can not be dismissed easily as nothing, because, there might be something real about them. Sulli after TTBY is always wearing this necklace even during events. Perhaps, it is something special, given by someone special.

Whoever it was, I still don't know. Maybe Minho, maybe not. While recently, Minho is always holding his mobile phone. Even when he is being interviewed and at airports, he seemed he can not part with his mobile phone. Sulli is always seen, too texting while on her way to airports or somewhere. Both are in love with their mobile phones at the moment.