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star wars the old republic jedi knight chapter 1 ending relationship Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC: Video Games. break meaningful relationships with your companions; Engage in Heroic Star Wars Combat - Fight against Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Jewel Case) - PC Choose to be a Jedi, a Sith, or one of a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, and make. I've played a Knight to the end of Chapter 1 and an Inquisitor to almost As a dark side Republic guy, you'll still be forced to do goody goody. New Level 60s, Romances, and Chapter 1 in Knights of the Fallen Empire Play SWTOR for Free The devs feel like they neglected the story, and with end- game content, and they want to make said romancing say Theron or Lana, when you're in a pre-existing relationship or even already married.

The separatist movement on Ord Mantell is seeking to overthrow the corrupt planetary government backed by the Republic. And there is an armed resistance on Balmorra fighting a guerrilla campaign against the Imperial occupation with Republic support.

Knights of the Fallen Empire essentially throws the player character into a deep freeze, destroys all the existing storyline development up until level 60, and sets them out in an unfamiliar galaxy ala The Exile. Players have the option of resetting story line quests in the event they choose the wrong options or dislike the outcomes.

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HK for Imperial characters. He also shows up one more time to defend his creator in the Temple of Sacrifice Operation. Kephess is fought in both Explosive Conflict and Terror from Beyond.

The update added in a lightsaber based off of Kylo Ren's —an extremely rare case of something from the current canon being added into the old Legends continuity.

Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: A potential fate for Darbin Sull on Corellia. They experience the harshness of both Hoth's climate, and the aggressive campaigns initiated by both the Republic and the Empire there.

The Eternal Empire from Knights of the Fallen Empire conquers all of the other factions with a fleet and army almost entirely composed of droids. It comes back to bite them when a rogue droid hacks the entire network in Chapter 15 and seizes control of the Empire. Rooting for the Empire: Although the game presents the possibility of good and evil characters in both factions, there is still a group of people on the official forums that believe the Sith to be better than the Jedi because they believe the Jedi to be too strict and hypocriticaleven though the same could be said about the Sith.

This has lead to debates about the Light Side and the Dark Side that are treated like serious philosophical arguments. The novel "Fatal Alliance" revealed one truth about the Sith of this era. As some know, the Jedi policy of taking children from their families for training was controversial both in-universe and in fandom.

Well, the Sith of this era do the same. Such Sith lose their claim of being the way of "free" Force-users and aren't better than the Jedi Order in restricting every born Force-sensitive. There are many people who root for the empire for completely unrelated reasons, like evil being cooltheir various fashionssexy Evil Brit accents, the pleasure of getting to wield Force Lightning both inside and outside of combat, because all of their class story-lines play with or Subvert The Hero archetype that RPG's always force players into, and just because they like the Imperial companions.

More Imperial than Republic guilds are registered for a reason There's also the fact that one can play a light-side Imperial or Sithwhich many find more interesting than playing a good guy who belongs to the faction where you'd expect to find them.

There's also the fact that three of the Republic classes have excruciatingly dull first acts based on glorified fetch quests, with the same basic plot repeated on every planet with little variation. Those classes also suffer from Two-Part Trilogy much more blatantly, with nothing from Act 1 ever coming up again beyond short call backs.

For centuries, Alderaan stood as a beacon of hope in the Republic. But the Empire came, and with one savage strike, brought Alderaan to her knees. Now, time is running out as few are left to face the enemy.

For those that remain, there is but one choice. The Outlander offers one in Chapter 9, the Outlander could offer an inspiring or oppressive speech to the new-found Alliance.

The Sith Inquisitor's conversation choice of " Shock him ". The mentality might come from a quest on Korriban where you must try different methods to get a holocron from inside a So there's a precedent for the effectiveness of shooting lightning.

Random galactic denizens who insist on trying to bully, strong-arm or otherwise tangle with the player character. Usually when insisting they've fought your kind before and are not afraid.

Vette has a "Did I mention I have a fear of [dying from local hazard]? When the Jedi and Republic were unable to break the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way, a group of smugglers, sensing the opportunity for profit, came together to start running supplies through it to the increasingly desperate Coruscant.

This eventually led to the battle between the smugglers and the Mandalorians which enabled them, and the Republic, to finally break the blockade. During the Battle of Corellia, the Empire forms a blockade around the planet, and General Garza has to contract some smugglers to move troops past it. The ending of Act I for the Imperial Agent, where you have to choose between stopping a terrorist attack and letting the terrorist go free, or arresting the one behind the attack after letting the terrorist kill thousands.

This choice is made more complicated with the fact that you are told that stopping the terrorist attack would involve a "suicide run. One is becoming The Dragon to the terrorist while the other is convincing him to stand down. In Act III of the Trooper storyline, you are forced to choose between saving Sergeant Ava Jaxo, a recurring character that helped you throughout the story and a minor love interest for a male trooper, from death by Explosive Decompressionor Republic POWs on an Imperial space station.

The companion you try to save next will be killed by Vaylin right in front of you. Valkorion lampshades this when you're about to make the choice. Samus Is a Girl: The Imperial Agent story ends on a rather epic version of this. It turns out that Hunterwho has been teasing the agent, even face-to-face, since Act II, is actually a woman who has been compelled to disguise herself as a man via holographic technology for most of her life and has either fallen in love with if male or is envious of the agent's freedom of identity if female.

One of the bosses of the Esseles flashpoint, Ironfist, does this when you first meet him. Use the emote named after him, and you can do this as well. By hitting Escape, a player can quit and restart any conversation they are in. Nevermind the fact that you're Save Scumming in an online game. This is frequently necessary thanks to maddeningly obtuse dialog options that don't match the actual decision they represent.

When you have an enemy concerned and defenseless, usually the Light-sided option is for you to either take them as a prisoner or let them go. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The Consular is calm, stoic, and at times, The Comically Seriouswhile Nadia herself is a Genki Girl who loves exploring the places her master takes her. The preferred weapon of the Smuggler's Scoundrel Advanced Specialization is the Star Wars version of this, a "scattergun".

The Great Acquisitions Race World Event is this, with players having to hunt for items on both Nar Shaddaa and each side's respective capital world for the Chevin Consortium. It's pretty in the most horrible way imaginable. The Imperial space mission "Skaross Fortification" has the player defending a space station from bombers.

After one run by the battle, the ship swings around to show that, right behind where the mission started, is a planet in the process of falling apart at the seams. All rendered in gorgeous detail. The broken, poisoned ruins of Taris, covered in the wreckage of a starfleet and a massive city.

The place is the Star Wars answer to Mordorrun by a council of insane even by their marginal standards ex-Sith. It is covered in rivers of lava, twisted vegetation, nastily deformed beasts, and creepy archetecture. It was a thriving Imperial city-world, but then The "former" Sith Emperor decided to possess a large chunk of the population and turn the whole planet into a blood-fueled frenzy.

And once the Player Character succeeds in distracting him, he vapes the entire planet using a World-Wrecking Wave. The Player Character can go back down to the surface of the world and look at the devastation left behind. Nathema in Eternal Throne is similar to this. You can watch it through a shaky, handheld camera of some guy playing through at PAX and Tython still looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. According to the Developersthe entire landscape is completely handcrafted, down to the lighting.

So, if it's not Scenery Gornit's this. Alderaan's snowy mountains and meadows, Rishi and Rakata Prime's tropical paradise, the vibrant city of Nar Shaddaa, and the gorgeous glaciers and jungles of Belsavis.

What's this Interesting Skull surrounded by dead jawas in the Tatooine desert? Why don't you click it and find out. Do click the Mysteriously Slain Jedi surrounded by trooper corpses on Taris.

It will most certainly not spawn a world boss that tries to eat you. The Forbidden Knowledge tablet on Voss is definitely a lore object, and not the key to summoning an endgame boss that requires 16 people and lots of specific items to take it down. A Bounty Hunter class quest has the player breaking into a palace on Alderaan. Early on, the player character discovers a Conspicuous Security Chest with a dead Imperial nearby. Examining the Imperial reveals he died of poison darts One of the types of Exploding Barrels you can detonate is filled with toxic gas.

At first glance it looks like destroying it will poison nearby enemies, when in actuality it will poison you instead. A Knowledge Broker on Nar Shaddaa manages to hack the entire holonet. Considering how many more people live in the Star Wars galaxy, compared to just Earth Screw the Rules, I Have Connections! He assures you that any "incidents" will be excused thanks to Czerka's many representatives in the Senate.

Ironically subvertedas his unlawful actions were one of the many charges leveled against Czerka which allowed its assets to be lawfully seized by the Republic. The Sith characters run on this, with the "connection" being "I belong to a dark wizard aristocracy that revels in anger.

SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline #8 Chapter 1 Ending: Vivicar Awaits (Light Side)

This is actually one of my favorite moments because you actually get to see an NPC example of what is essentially a Light Side Sith Warrior. He also chose not to attack non-combatants when stealing the drum. Also that he can be saved and convinced to go to the Jedi temple and join up with the Light Side there, or you can respect his wishes to die a honorable death for failing his master and strike him down.

You still have one more boss fight to go though, as the Shock Drum has roused a Sand Demon from its slumber and its attacking the Jawas who enthusiastically marched off to their doom to try and help you.

You kill the Demon and turn off the Drum. With Master Kiwiks saved from the doomsday weapon, you send her back to Tython to heal.

star wars the old republic jedi knight chapter 1 ending relationship

You get to choose what to do with the Drum — save or dismantle. Chances are someone will be upset with whatever you choose so just go ahead and pick whichever you like. Which I suppose could have been worse. You arrive on the scene and meet with your contact, an ambassador from House Alde who introduces you to the only survivor from the attack on the lab by killiks giant bug people.

Just getting all of our mad scientist tropes out at this point. You stick someone with the Death Mark and you can pin point blow them up with an orbital death cannon trademark pending and apparently the unlucky politician was one of those stuck with it.

The guards bust in right then and try to arrest you for killing the ambassador but the escapee woman says to take her and she will be held prisoner while you look for the real culprit. Okay, let me stop you right there plot. I mean how does that make sense? You clearly have not been paying attention to how I play my Jedi. Why would they let you go? So the plot can continue I guess.

Actually, they did a pretty good job not tipping their hands for that reveal. Her targets are all people who have been advocating for peace in the Alderaan Civil War.

The next likely target is the ambassador of House Thul that has been working with House Organa to draft a treaty of some sort. So the prisoner you did keep. You let her just wander around your palace unsupervised for the entire time and then did little to nothing to prevent her from leaving? How the hell is House Organa even a contender in this bloody war? So Master Orgus tells you to go save the Thul guy and stop the woman while he goes to try and stop the laser.

The Land of Odd

You succeed easily since a true member of House Thul trusts no one, not even allies and you can kill or imprison the woman. The Thul guy also knows how to find the Sith Lord behind the attack and gives you coordinates. Time to team up with your master and kick some Sith butt. Obi-Wan and Anakin style! It seems your trustworthy master lied to you. He went after Darth Angral directly. Way off at the edge of the system. You know what that means, right? The Sith makes sure to tune in so you can watch.

Not terribly shocked, sad to say. I mean, Orgus was just kind of a bland guy who never struck me as someone I cared about. The first plan is to try and cut power to the weapon, and is contacted by Lord Nefaridanother follower of Angral, who plans to set up a new power source. To find the weapon, they traced Aleyna to House Thul. Aleyna fights the Jedi and loses, but she already set her marks on others, including the Jedi and destroys it to prevent it from being removed.

She is knocked out by Horis, and he reveals the location of Nefarid. The Knight updates Orgus, and the Jedi Master reveals he was not searching for the Sith apprentice, but for Darth Angral, and he was on a cruiser to the Sith's ship. Upon arriving in the main room of the base, Nefarid shows a live holo of Angral killing Orgus. The Knight kills Nefarid, destroying the weapon. The Knight finds out that Orgus left a tracker on Angral before his death, tracking the Sith.

The Knight follows the signal to Uphradesa flurishing planet that now appears to be a dead one, thanks to the Desolator weapon. The Knight hears a distress call from a near by ship and rescues the ship from the Imperials. He then finds out that Angral plans to use the Desolator on Tython in hopes to wipe out the Jedi.

star wars the old republic jedi knight chapter 1 ending relationship

Oppressor The Knight and Kira go aboard, destroy the weapon, and face Angral. Before the fight, Kira becomes possessed by the Emperor, thanks to her training as a Child of the Emperor, before running away. After Angral is defeated, the Emperor takes control of Kira again, and the Knight has to fight her. After the Emperor is defeated, he threatens to kill the Jedi, even at the expense of Kira's life. Kira, however, fights his control again, and this time perminently breaks his control of her.

The two return to Tython, and Kira is promoted to Jedi Knight, and the two Jedi are told to prepare for challenges in the future. Chapter 2 Hunt for the Emperor While on his space ship, the late Master Orgus Din speaks to the Jedi Knight, telling him that he must stop the Emperor and take the ship and head to Tatooine, to find a crashed starship.

They reach the ship and find a Jedi, Jomar Chul. Jomar speaks to his master, Tol Bragainforming him of his status, and Jomar gives the Knight the sensor logs to deliver to the Council. The Knight reaches Tython and delivers the sensor logs, and he meets Tol Braga in person, who states he is creating a secret strike team, and asks the Knight to join them to capture the Emperor.

The first step is to locate an Imperial fortress hidden by a cloaking device where the Emperor resides and they need to find it. He sends the Knight to Balmorra to meet with another Jedi who is investigating a way to pierce the cloacking around the Emperor's fortress. The Empire has a prototype cloaking device on Balmorra and they will need it to find away into the Emeror's fortress.

In order to gain trust with Balmorra's resistance, the Jedi Knight saves the medical facility. It is there he meets the chief medic, Doc. Doc asks the Knight to retrieve some trauma kits the Empire stole in order to safely evacuate all the patients. Warren Sedoru meets with them after, and tells them that the resistance will help locate the device but need to have access to Sobrikwhich is under heavy Imperial control.

To lower security, the Knight creates false alarms at other Imperial facilities to draw them away from Sobrik. Using the computers there, they locate the area where the cloaking device is. Returning to Sedoru, he introduces a resistance leader who tells them one of there captured comrades might know where the cloaking device is, and if they wish to capture the base and rescue the prisoner, the Jedi Knight must disable the blast doors.

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He disables the blast doors and find the prisoner. The spy tries to mislead them into thinking the cloaking device was gone, but Sedoru detected her deception. She revealed that under threat of death, she told the Imperials everything she knew about the resistance.

In an attempt to save herself from being executed by the resistance, she tells them the cloaking device is at the Balmorran Arms Factory. Doc offers the lead the way into the arms factory. Doc is able to collect data on cloaking research and find the resistance has secured the cloaking device and wish to keep it for themselves.

After the mission, Tol Braga asks the Knight to find and help his Padawan, Sajarwho was a former Dark Council member before turning to the light. Orgus contacts the Knight again, saying the Knight needs to help. Quesh The Knight meets Sajar, who has fallen into a deep depression for surrendering to his anger and killed Imperial prisoners. Sajar tells them that an Imperial officer wanred him the "Emperor's wrath" is coming to punish Sajar.

The Jedi Knight defends the base as it is being locked down and meets the Emperor's wrath, Scourge. Scourge is intrigued by the Knight and gives up his mission to kill Sajar, and insists he will meet the Jedi Knight again in the future.

After the mission, Tol Braga tells the Knight to head for Hoth. Hoth Upon arriving at Hoth, the Jedi Knight is contacted by another Jedi named Leeha Narezz who informs the Knight that on Hoth, there is a vessal in the shipgraveyard which holds the technical readouts for the Emperor's fortress.

star wars the old republic jedi knight chapter 1 ending relationship

The Knight is contacted again by Leeha and she tells him to rescue a Republic squad, who is lead by a Sergeant Ruskand he apparently has vital information needed to locate the vessal.

The Jedi Knight arrives in time to save Rusk and his remaining squad member, and received the survey maps of the starship graveyard. The Jedi Knight returns to base where he delivers the maps to Leeha, accompanied by Meedeesdroids Leeha is training to someday become Force-wielders.

They find the location of the vessal, and they head to it, with Rusk and his new squad as back-up. After facing Imperial troops, they find out the White Maw pirates stole the ship's databanks.

They make it to the dreadnaught, which stands between pirates and Imperial forces. The Jedi Knight attacks one group, while Rusk's team attacks the other group. They retrieve the data and Sergeant Rusk is assigned by his superior to work with the Jedi Knight as a new teammate. With both the cloacking device and the technical readings, the Jedi Knight is called back to Tython to discuss the stage.

The Jedi form a plan to attack the base, but before they leave, Jomar tells them of a vision that the Jedi Knight will fall to the Dark Side if he goes to confront the Emperor. Braga and the other Jedi remain unconvinced and are resolved in their plans. Emperor's Fortress The Jedi Knight, along with Braga, Warren, and Leeha arrive at the fortress, with hardly any opposition upon arrival. The Jedi Knight arrives at the throne room, where the Emperor and Scourge are waiting for him.