The relationship between guru and shishya

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the relationship between guru and shishya

In today's context who is an IDEAL GURU? Do we have the same relationship between GURU and SHISHYA as it was earlier or has changed?. Hare Krsna For me the best example of guru and shishya exists between devrsi narada muniji and prahlad maharaj. Devrsi Narada muni - the best of all sages. level of authority that may be granted to the guru. Between these two there are many variations in.

Motivation is not a force that can be supplied from outside. It has to be generated from within and it is a teacher, who is a true leader can inspire his students to grow overcoming every inability and obstacle.

A teacher does not have to tell his students to improve, his charisma and actions bring transformation in students silently. Teachers should be a role model for their students. Respecting the interests of students assumes much importance. The teacher should help students understand their interests and strengths.

An ideal teacher builds an everlasting impression on the minds of his students and are always remembered and loved. He displays extreme simplicity inspite of his extra ordinary academic attainments, dedicates his whole life to the cause of education. He never allows his students to be idle or indisciplined. The vastness of his knowledge deeply impresses every student and is never proud of it. For a perfect teacher, all students are alike.

Of what use is he, if he is tempted by money or anything else? He has the same disease as we do; both have a disease. The only guru that is useful, is the one who has no inner inclinations and temptations. One who has no buddhi intellect and ownership of his body is the true guru. If he has ownership of his body and you have ownership of yours, it will not work because the two of you will collide.

The guru's moral character should be absolutely pure. The disciple's character may not be so, but the guru's should be exact. One is not a guru if his moral character is not proper; it would be meaningless.

the relationship between guru and shishya

To become really pleased prasanna means never to become disappointed. What should one do when the Guru reprimands, abuses or beats? His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj Baba: One should not force the Guru to eat One should not force Guru to eat due to the following reasons.

Guru has no likes and dislikes of His own.

Guru–shishya tradition

Even if the Guru just touches a food item it is an expression of His acceptance. Her intention was not to celebrate Diwali joyously with Baba, instead her attention was fixed on whether Baba was following dietary restrictions like not eating oily foods.

Another lady disciple of His wept after Baba scolded her because she felt upset that it must have caused Him trouble to yell at her. Once at Indore at the construction site of the Ashram, Baba standing on broken bricks was beating up a disciple.

the relationship between guru and shishya

The disciple however instead of paying attention to the beating was worried lest Baba lost His balance and fell injuring Himself. The Guru does not like that. He will come whenever He wishes.

the relationship between guru and shishya

If one maintains this bhav, then the Guru Himself visits one without an invitation and even moves freely in and around the house.

One should not make the Guru an invalid Bringing the car to the doorstep, keeping a toothbrush and water for brushing teeth by the bedside, fetching water to wash hands after a meal, lifting His luggage, etc.

The disciple should see that the Guru gets at least some exercise. Thus, He remains healthy and there are less chances of His falling ill.

Though the Guru is unaffected by His illness, if He remains in good health it proves beneficial to the disciple itself. The behaviour of a disciple staying at tirthakshetra Place of pilgrimage along with the Guru Never embark on a pilgrimage to a holy place like Kashi or visit a temple without serving the Guru.

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Do not go on a pilgrimage, to a temple, care for the physical body or pay a visit to someone. Serve none other than the Guru as The Supreme Brahman, incessantly. At such a moment he develops an intense yearning for Liberation and realizing that without the acquisition of a Sadguru there is no salvation, he sacrifices everything and goes in search of the Guru.