What is the relationship between bjp and rsss

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what is the relationship between bjp and rsss

The RSS presents itself as a cultural, not a political, organization that nevertheless advocates a Hindu nationalistic agenda. movement against British rule and as a response to rioting between Hindus and Muslims. Bharatiya Janata Party. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the ideological mentor to Prime Germany and Turkey - A difficult relationship Most of the BJP's leaders, including Modi, have a long history as RSS says it has recently seen a spike in its membership requests, indicating its growing popularity among. File photo of RSS patron Mohan Bhagwat with BJP chief Amit Shah. There has been speculation about the fraying relationship between PM.

is Not , RSS Push for BJP Won’t be as Intense: Shridhar Damle - News18

Besides, there are forums like Samanvay Samiti through which policy level differences are sorted out. Ministers often hold meetings with members of the Sangh. Unscheduled, informal meetings are also being held regularly. Six meetings were held between members of the Sangh and the government. The system is smoother now.

There was speculation that the RSS had shown that it did not depend entirely on the BJP and had friends elsewhere too.

Why do you think the RSS invited him for that function and why did he agree? The Congress as a political outfit has had the most number of the Hindutva-minded people. The RSS has always established contact and remained in touch with people from all political parties.

The RSS inviting non-Sangh people is not a new phenomenon. Vajpayee always remained in touch with him before, during and after his tenures as prime minister.

RSS – India's Hindu nationalists spread their wings far and wide

But why Pranab Mukherjee? Mukherjee has never been shy of meeting people. His doors have always been open. He was a good administrator and Sangh always appreciated that. Mukherjee was not the first Congress leader to have been in touch with the RSS. Rajiv Gandhi met Bhaurao Deoras at least six times.

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He was always polite whoever he spoke to. Congress made it an issue unnecessarily. Did anyone create noise about that?

How many people know about it?

2019 is Not 2014, RSS Push for BJP Won’t be as Intense: Shridhar Damle

You say in the book that RSS has put all its might behind BJP before general elections only twice — in in the elections following Emergency and inand that the Sangh is unlikely to repeat it in years to come.

Could you tell a bit about why and how RSS worked in Had the Congress and its allies come to power for a fourth time, RSS would have felt quite uncomfortable. Shah came to UP only a year before the polls.

Ina senior prant pracharak was called from Assam to Uttar Pradesh. This person mobilised lakhs of people with help of other pracharaks and created the booth-level programme which he then passed on to Amit Shah. It only asked people to come out and vote. I think urban seats will be the main challenge for BJP next year as well. So will the RSS not repeat its performance in ? Sangh really likes all its affiliates to develop their own infrastructure.

Opposition parties have accused Modi's government of attacking institutions and attempting to install people sympathetic to the RSS ideology even in the judiciary "Our nationalism is about the unity and integrity of our beloved motherland. It is about enlightening the people about the great traditions of 'Bharat' a legendary Hindu king and India's cultural heritage.

what is the relationship between bjp and rsss

But critics are apprehensive about the RSS' growing presence and influence. They fear that the organization's clout will soon allow it to determine the nation's political discourse and direction, which could spell trouble for the country. Identity politics is sought to be brought back into the political spectrum," argues social researcher Aakash Mehrotra.

what is the relationship between bjp and rsss

What we will see then is the reinvention of a mythical and glorious Hindu past picking up pace," political commentator Hartosh Singh Bal told DW. Is India the worst place in the world to be a woman?

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A strong RSS influence seems to be guiding education policies, from the setting up of research chairs in universities to appointments made in the education sector. In some BJP-ruled states, efforts are being made to revamp school curriculum in an attempt to recast Indian history through a Hindu perspective.

So they are going to make the most of it. They will seek to convert a number of people, who would otherwise be critical thinkers, into followers of one ideology," historian Romila Thapar told DW. Opposition parties have accused Modi's government of attacking institutions and attempting to install people sympathetic to the RSS ideology even in the judiciary. Now they are making attempts to fill the judiciary with RSS or people with their thinking.

If this happens, democracy will be weakened," said Congress leader Kapil Sibal.