15 monthsary quotes relationship

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15 monthsary quotes relationship

Happy 16th Monthsary. Picture. 15th Monthsary! Picture. Since you came Our relationship has given me a lot of dreams, and now I feel hope. You entered my. You're caress makes me feel secure and your love makes me feel complete. Most importantly is your presence that makes this relationship. Long distance relationship love messages for her that can describe your feelings and emotions for Love messages and quotes for long distance relationships.

You are the most magical thing in my life to turn it into a paradise. Happy monthsary to someone I can share all that I want to, laugh cry smile giggle and trouble with. Happy monthsary my love. We have been both great and beautiful together to bring out the most ugly in one another at times.

Happy monthsary to us. Thirty days have passed in which I have come to know that I have found a very special treasure. I cherish every moment and day spent with you my love. Happy Monthsary to you darling. Whenever I woke up and see your face in the sun, it reminds me the world is still so beautiful with you being in it.

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The shine of pearl in my life has always brightened my paths and bestowed love upon me. Thanks for being the pearl of my life. Higher than heights and deeper than the depths has been my love for you.

15 monthsary quotes relationship

Once again today I celebrate our day of love. Lets reach for the stars again since its the day when moon shines full bright after 30 days and its been one more month of togetherness. I really do love you, really do care for you, and I really want you to be not just in my life, but in my future life. Its our monthsary and I want to drown in the pool of your love.

You are the world to me now. Happy monthsary to you. Its been months since I have been this lucky enough. Like roses our love blooms and there are no sorrows and glooms, like river flow our love is endless and lets celebrate our monthsary of togetherness. I hope you like the little gift that I have sent along.

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Our bond of love has always strengthened and grown manifolds since the day you loved me. I cannot be more lucky to have found you. Just like a seed grows into a tree so has our love grown so deep and eternal that no pleasures of world can outlive it.

15 monthsary quotes relationship

Every month I dream of this day and when its there I have just few words and lots of love to shower upon you just like you do for the rest of the month. The gleam of joy and pounds of happiness grows manifolds and fills me with deep love to cherish our monthsary. Happy monthsary my dear. Happy monthsary Words fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are but all I can say is my world is full of smiles whenever I think of us.

You are the wings to my dreams and bundle of joy in times of sorrow. Love you to the core and happy monthsary. Cheers to our love. Lets celebrate this day together. We have been celebrating lot of things together, pets, toys recipes etc but today is the day to celebrate us. You have been the best boyfriend since ever and on our monthsary I would like to celebrate this with full joy and festivity.

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I crave to see a smile on your face and crave to be in your arms, my favorite place. I know what all you did for me always, lets celebrate our monthsary for the coming days. Minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days and days into months. And when I celebrate our monthsary today I feel really special indeed just like every minute of our togetherness made me feel.

Happy monthsary my beloved. Happy monthsary my love. Beautiful Monthsary Greetings For Boyfriend: Every thirty days I see the full moon and every thirty days I celebrate my love for you.

15 monthsary quotes relationship

Thank you for making me feel this way. And I love you for every thing that you did for me. Its been 15 months now.

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It is very important for me to express how much special I feel when I am with you. God bless and I love you. I always want to keep such precious memories of today fresh in the pages of my mind and want to celebrate this day with you every month. I hope you enjoy this day… it may be short, but it will be amazing. For every moment spent with you, is a moment I treasure.