7 of cups reversed relationship test

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7 of cups reversed relationship test

Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: Seven of Cups - the Seven of Cups symbolizes many choices. How will you make the right decision?. Seven of Cups says the greater you stretch yourself, the more fear there will be. Where fear exists It is a test for all relationships and for any creative affairs. What the The Seven of Cups means in a tarot reading. Dream Dictionary The test that you could be coming to could be a real test to your relationships or work.

7 of cups reversed relationship test

This is a condition when a person dream-waking, while his imagination carries him into the unknown. This contemplation is unfocused and un-controlled meditation. A mind explores new possibilities and searches for a better understanding of real needs of a soul; the creation of newer happier purposes.

7 Cups reversed

A person needs a longer sleep and mindful meditation to restore a balance of his energy and to dive into the world of enlightenment. Seven of Cups is an escape from everyday life, escape from problems and emotions, altering a state of consciousness. Contemplating of an inner world, a person listens to signs and prophetic thoughts that being a revival. Sometimes Seven of Cups can bring tears if a person cannot take dreams of unattained ideals.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 7 Of Cups Reversed

Seven of Cups can represent a creative person, full of imagination and live in an unreal beautiful world of fantasy. Living in a dream is not the worst place in the universe. Humanity would have been lost if nobody believed in the wonderland.

7 of cups reversed relationship test

Seven of Swords can show a person with psychic powers. A person with a string of fantasy still has to make a right choice.

7 of cups reversed relationship test

His cleverness can be inherent in, yet his laziness, indulgence, and project-mongering much dearer to his heart than a real effort. The darkest side of the card can be alcoholism, drug addiction, dependence on the Internet.

Laziness, lack of initiative and a tendency to go with the flow without any efforts. In the psychoanalytic sense, the Cups Seven matches regression: Search for meditative and transcendental experience becomes just an escape from everything: Having enchantment dreams and strong feelings is vital.

This is a kind of magic that makes grey days look fantastic. The mystery of Seven of Cups shall always be in our perception, — brighter and greater. Turn off all the magic of the Seven of Cups — and life becomes flat and empty.

Seven of Cups is a fusion of the imaginary and the real. Seven of Cups shows our passionate desires, imagination without borders, magic, and sorcery. What delights you and why? And What, in fact, are your dreams and worries about? What attracts and excites your soul? We find illusory nature of our beliefs and wants.

A person experiences some mystical or, at least, quite subtle and unusual experience; a person finds an interest in the esoteric arts; a person is in a search for a meaning of his life.

Seven of Cups is a warning card. There are different opinions about the relationship between images in cups and temptations. For example, a gold crown could symbolize attraction of fame and vanity sin; a castle high on a cliff could symbolize self-love and arrogance. Female head corresponds to sex and lust. Gems can be associated with wealth and avarice. Someone behind the veil may represent an opportunity to relax.

Snake can represent gluttony and drunkenness, and the winged dragon can represent jealousy and rage. In an interpretation of Pamela Smith cups contain symbols of love femalewisdom the snakeholiness figure in the veilpower castlewealth gemsglory laurel wreath and evil the dragon. Another interpretation of a snake is jealousy and suspicion, and of a figure covered in a veil is unconscious spiritual aspirations, thought a person frozen in confusion before an important choice.

Just imagine — if you can get everything?

Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups

Would you refuse fame for the sake of love, wealth for spiritual insights? You can become very successful if you seek out the right advice before moving ahead. Special Messages based on card position: In the first position: Your life will be the stuff myths are made of.

Everything that happens will carry emotional weight that others will find fascinating and want to measure for themselves.

Seven of Cups - Crystal Clear Reflections

You cannot help but be visible and set an example of how life is meant to be experienced. In the second position: Your base may appear solid and indeed it may be as reliable as granite, but its pieces are highly energized and mobile. Its strength is in the number of pieces and the quickness with which you can cover your bases. Your physical strength is your physical involvement in numerous arenas.

In the third position: Now is the correct time to try many new things. Save for the encouragement of this reading, you would most likely turn down some extraordinary opportunities.

These are not things you have done much of before. In the fourth position: Two actresses will anchor our wide span of the positive side here. First, Katherine Hepburn whose range of emotional awareness and experience challenges the limits of human understanding and yet with a personal life centering on few partners, principally one — Spencer Tracy whom she never married. Second, Elizabeth Taylor, whose range is also challenging to mere mortals and with a personal life splashed with many true loves whom she married.

In the fifth position: Is your bed covered with travel brochures? Making a list, checking it twice? To say that you have plans is an understatement.

Unpacking the Seven of Cups

In the sixth position: How do you reinvest? Which energies do you use and which do you conserve? Here your heart must review the many possibilities for the future. In what do you plant your emotional seeds for the new season? In the seventh position: This will be a time when the creative juices will flow with little or no encouragement.

Your sensitivity will be at a peak, your mind abuzz with possibilities. In the eighth position:

7 of cups reversed relationship test