A choice with no regrets ending relationship

a choice with no regrets ending relationship

No matter who did the breaking up, no matter how short or long the relationship lasted, no matter what the reason, ending a relationship can sting. media or even trying to talk you out of your decision to end it because they don't agree? One. When you're not in the midst of the relationship, it's easy to remember the good parts and forget the bad ones. But no matter who ended things. So if you're considering ending your relationship, be sure that you've aired we should not let them lead the decision making process — at least not without otherwise we could be dealing with the emotional fallout of regret.

You need to apologize Shutterstock Pride has killed a lot of relationships. If this point makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you're the one who fits the bill. Knowing that you need to apologize and refusing to do so is basically saying "My ego is more important to me than you or this relationship. Phil used to ask on his show quite a bit, "Do you want to be right?

a choice with no regrets ending relationship

Or do you want to be happy? If you know that saying "I'm sorry" could mend your relationship, maybe that's why you regret breaking up. The good news is, you know what you can do to make things right. You're still sleeping with them Shutterstock If you can't seem to get over your ex — even though you know that you should — I have one question for you: Are you still sleeping with them?

Continuing to have sex with an ex is like an alcoholic who is trying to stop drinking, but has a shot of whiskey or a can of beer every day!

What regrets after a break-up might really mean

There is absolutely no way that you're going to be able to get over someone while still being under them! A huge part of this is thanks-but-no-thanks to the hormone oxytocin. Some medical professionals call it the "love hormone" because it makes you feel closer to your partner during and after intercourse as well as kissing and cuddling. Do you know deep down that your ex is no good for you, but you just can't seem to let them go? It's probably not so much that you regret the break-up as you need to stop spending the night over their house.

Or letting them sleep over at yours.

a choice with no regrets ending relationship

Good sex does not automatically equate to a healthy relationship. Words to live by. You want a second chance Shutterstock Sometimes it takes losing someone for you to realize what you had. Don't feel bad if this is where you're at right now. It happens to the best of us.

If you regret breaking up with someone because you hate how things went down or you know that you took them for granted but you're working on changing your ways, don't let your pride or fear get in the way of trying to get another chance with them.

Try reaching out and owning where you messed up. That alone may convince them that you're worth the risk of trying to make the relationship work. Sometimes the second or third chance really is the charm. You're scared to start over Shutterstock You may have heard someone breakdown fear as an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real.

It applies to this point because some people think that they regret their break-up because of the relationship — but really, it's more about being scared to start over. When you've been with someone a while, you've invested a lot of your time, effort and energy into them. When the relationship ends, you can be tempted to think that it was all a waste of time; that it's better to remain in the relationship even if that also means that you're settling rather than to begin all over again.

Don't believe that lie. If you learned from the experience, it helped you to grow. Rather than looking at being single again as being without someone, choose to see at it as an opportunity to do better the next time.

With a clean slate in a world that's just full of possibilities! You're not giving it enough time Shutterstock Someone once said that for however long you were with someone, cut the time in half and that's how long it takes to get over them.

Eh, I don't buy that. All of us are individuals, which means all of us are unique.

How to End a Relationship Without Regrets

It's not so much about applying a formula as it is about applying a certain set of habits. If it's only been a week or two, there are definitely going to be times when you're going to want to text your ex to say "I miss you" or call them to see what they are doing. If you broke up right before a holiday or one of your birthdays, that could be a trigger, too.

The relationship didn't take a day to develop, so it's not something you're going to be able to get over overnight. Give yourself at least a couple of months before coming to the conclusion that you regret your break-up. Wounds hurt, but scars? Once you've healed a little more, you may end up having a totally different perspective.

How to End a Relationship Without Regrets | Synonym

On them, yourself, and the relationship. You're hanging around the wrong people Shutterstock You might not have seen this one coming, but just hear me out. When you decide that it's time to end a relationship, you're going to need the right kind of support system. People who will listen to you vent, provide a shoulder to cry on and take you out on the days when you'd really rather stay in bed and listen to love songs on loop.

But what if you're hanging around folks who are constantly talking about your ex, updating you on what they are doing on social media or even trying to talk you out of your decision to end it because they don't agree? One, they are not the kind of people you need in your life right now. Two, they may try and convince you that you regret breaking up when you actually don't. They just need to stop.

a choice with no regrets ending relationship

If you still feel strongly about splitting after your anger has cooled, your decision is more likely to be correct. Step 4 Imagine how your life will be different if you two break up. If picturing your partner with someone else causes you pain, you might not yet be ready to let go. Feeling indifferent to that mental picture means there would be no jealousy and suggests that you are over the relationship.

a choice with no regrets ending relationship

Making the Break Step 1 Be courageous. Meet your partner face to face when you deliver the news that you want to end the relationship.

This is no time for sending a text, email or even making a phone call. Choose a quiet place where you'll be alone without any interruptions. Be prepared for a difficult and painful conversation, but you'll avoid the regret you might feel if you had avoided the meeting. Step 2 Be truthful even when you know the truth will hurt.

What regrets after a break-up might really mean

For example, if you've found someone else, tell you partner. You'll feel better about yourself for being honest, and you'll regret it if your ex finds out the truth later and confronts you. Step 3 Communicate with grace and tact, even if your partner was the one to ruin the relationship. It's easier to move forward when you avoid the trap of blaming your partner. Blame is likely to keep you tethered to the past, constantly wondering "what if" and possibly regretting things you've said and done.

Step 4 Avoid dredging up past hurts and all of your partner's shortcomings. Find a way to forgive your partner. Psychologist Marcia Reynolds recommends in her article "End Your Relationship With Dignity" for "Psychology Today" that you forgive yourself as well for deciding to end the relationship.

Step 5 Don't make rash decisions about dividing mutual possessions.

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If you've been in a long-term relationship and have accumulated many things together, you'll need time to reach an equitable division of property. If you try to discuss this when you're both in a highly charged emotional state, you might agree to give away things you'll later regret. Give yourself at least a few days to think it through before you get into the details of who gets what. After the Breakup Step 1 Discuss with your ex what you'll tell family and friends about the reason for the breakup.

a choice with no regrets ending relationship