Abedini marriage issues relationship

Saeed Abedini Rejects Wife's Claims About Marriage Problems, but Calls Her His Hero

abedini marriage issues relationship

Feb 15, Abedini has admitted that he and his wife were working through some marital issues, but he ultimately denied Naghmeh's allegations. Feb 16, pastor Saeed Abedini has requested prayer for his relationship with his wife and children cope with such issues as separation and divorce. Mar 16, The wife of freed pastor Saeed Abedini has revealed that she is still not reconciled she claims he is \"not willing\" to get counselling for abuse issues. But I believe we should work on our relationship in private and not on.

abedini marriage issues relationship

But, in his post, he also implied that his wife, Naghmeh, is blocking progress in their relationship by not joining him in couples counseling. The context and the language give an example of manipulating the situation to get public opinion to side with him. Warm Greetings Dear Saints!

Saeed Abedini's Ex-Wife: What Went Wrong in Our Marriage — Charisma News

We Love because He first Loved us. My beloved sisters and brothers, I want you to know how much I LOVE you and how much Your prayers and support changed my situation and how much I am thankful for your heart and Care. Some will look at the Facebook note and pictures and will: Thank God for his release. Thank God that Saeed is back together with his children again. Be thankful that they were in consistent prayer for the Abedini family all these years. Be moved to pray for Naghmeh, that she would change her heart and seek marriage counseling.

Many who reached out to Saeed left supportive comments, encouraging him with their words, and saying they were praying for Saeed, for his marriage, for his family. People will notice the contrast in the day when most people are celebrating love, he is soliciting support by revealing that Naghmeh is dropping the ball on marriage counseling.

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These words are not words of humility and honesty. Even if we were to assume that the problem is a marital issue, an honest response would be one where he admits his failures as well. We see none of that. A husband interested in saving his marriage would never put his wife under the proverbial bus by publicly disclosing her faults … ever.

He would protect her at all costs and try to win her back. Their relationship has been …. While we rejoice at his new freedom, we now lift him and his wife Naghmeh to the Lord for healing in their marriage.

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Other than God, no one knows the details and the truth of what has happened between Saeed and Naghmeh except them. I can tell one thing for sure—not everything that has been reported in the media is true. As a minister of the Gospel, I have tried to be a friend to both and to assist them in getting Saeed home and in getting access to any help that they may need. Clearly, there is a great need for prayer for their relationship and their family.

It is my prayer that this will not happen. I have read nothing about Naghmeh not wanting to have the marriage restored. Nor have I read anything about Naghmeh not wanting to seek counseling, so I contacted Naghmeh.

abedini marriage issues relationship

Naghmeh confirmed to me that she has indeed been and is currently seeking individual counseling. She gave me the name of her counselors which will remain private. Keep in mind that a few months ago, Naghmeh revealed that during most of her marriage, she has been the victim of abuse by Saeed. She made sure there would be maximum exposure by asking them to sign up for a google plus account.

There were too many people in the group for regular e mail. That urgent update turned out to be the accusatory e mail that would end up destroying my family, reputation and ministry. It was no "leak" or mistake. When people began questioning her about the timing, about why now that I am getting released would she change her story about me, she stated that when she sent the e mail she could not have possibly known I would be getting out.

How I was broken. Facing my worst fear of being a divorced single mom.

abedini marriage issues relationship

Yet I could not back down. Through it all, my Savior stood with me and cleansed me and is healing my children and me with His Word. For almost two years, I have sat under the feet of Jesus and am learning to pay close attention to the Word of God and step into obedience of His Word by His grace alone. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know and what a filthy sinner I am covered by the blood of the Lamb and in desperate need of God's Grace.

So I have been hesitant to share. Surely most Christians know so much more than me.

Saeed Abedini requests prayer for marriage

I feel like a babe in Christ. And the times I do share, I see it tinted with pride and arrogance. Oh, this fallen nature. To be freed of it one day when I see Jesus face to face! Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News.

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