Addictive relationship definition business

The Addiction Experience

addictive relationship definition business

This means that someone with an addictive personality can become support their partners or to numb the pain of their addictive relationship. Love addicts often have the best intentions. They desire to have happy, healthy relationships. However, underneath these good intentions lies. Fantasy, delusion and denial only lead you to addictive, needy relationships. Radical acceptance means that you acknowledge what IS and at the same time.

Love addicts need to live in reality.

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Only time and experiences with another person can provide us with this information. Therefore, a non-addictive relationship will grow and become more settled over time, while an addictive one will burn out. Partners in an addictive relationship have extreme difficulty navigating normal relational difficulties as they arise, whereas partners in healthy relationships frequently navigate difficulties from the beginning.

In a love-addicted relationship, honesty is lacking, and the underlying truth regarding the dynamics of the relationship are not safe to talk about openly. This is a relationship that lacks true intimacy.

The Psychology of Addictive Relationships

True intimacy involves the ability to talk openly about fears, concerns, and topics that delve beyond the surface, and which are risky to discuss. It does not involve blaming or deflecting to avoid taking responsibility that is so characteristic of an addictive relationship.

In early childhood, addicts often found that it was not safe to be authentic and real with another person. Rather, as coping mechanisms, these children learned to preserve themselves by detaching from their feelings. Bringing this coping style into adult relationships creates potentially toxic dynamics. She is the author of Erotic Intelligence: With loyalty established internally in the organization and the employer aims and directs constant communication, the employer will form a strong relationship and bond between the employees and organizations; allowing them to feel more attached and sense commitment.

addictive relationship definition business

This will result in a more motivated group of employees that will deliver high-quality services which is one of the key characteristics of " social exchange ". Delivering high quality services is essential as it allows organizations to gain customer satisfaction which gives a positive impact on the firm as customer satisfaction boosts customer loyalty and future behaviors.

Customers become less concerned and sensitive towards prices as by being satisfied they tend to pay and tolerate such an increase in prices which in the long-term establishes a positive reputation as well as increasing the economic performance of the firm. Therefore, loyalty is essential in order to gain a strong employee relationship which can link to having a better customer loyalty, with time resulting in a more organized business that has a good flow of communication both internally and externally.

Communication and Its Effect On Business Relations[ edit ] Communication contact plays an important role in re-shaping the internal and external management in the organization. Communication cooperation internally can encourage " processes, strategies, activities, policies and programs" to be developed which enforce information and communication systems.

Business relations

Furthermore, establishing good communications at the beginning of the business between the employees, will provide the business with a positive reputation in the industry towards its rivalries and competitors in the market. Therefore, this could be constructed though the use of effective training programs and measurement systems.

addictive relationship definition business

Focusing on the internal aspect of communications, will allow external networks to trust the business by having the right perspective on the processes which may occur. This is due to the fact that communication is vital to sustain, especially when partnering with another company; whether its through merging or just joining a particular project. Therefore, the ability of associating with the right businesses is relevant in order to keep the company more innovative; as networks allow for " an effective transfer of information".

An example is an entrepreneurial designer who used his personal connections in the industry to seek a potential supplier in China to continue developing his new business plan. Moreover, communication links with relationship marketing perfectly as both focus towards activities directed as establishing, developing and maintaining successful exchanges with customers and other constituents.

Morgan and Hunt On the other hand, even though communication is a key concept to any business. Organizations should not fully depend on establishing only a few relations and shutting down others that may be beneficial, due to the fact that networking and developing relationships should not have limits.