Alone time healthy relationship

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alone time healthy relationship

Having that long-lasting relationship, where you still lust after one another like Why Every Couple Should Have Individual Alone Time. When you're in a relationship, spending time alone might not even make to practice self-love and cultivate a feeling of healthy independence. "Alone Time" Keeps Relationships Healthy. Being okay with yourself is essential to being okay in the company of others. Posted Mar 21, SHARE · TWEET.

There are only so many hours in your already-crammed-full day, and when you have a spare hour or so, that becomes couple time.

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We absolutely agree with that! In order for a love relationship or marriage to survive and thrive, the couple needs to create and make the most of their quality time together. However, the connection-potential is erased when one person or both is yearning for some nourishing and soul-replenishing alone time instead.

Here's the challenge and opportunity: When you feel torn between your own need to recharge with time alone and your desire to be with your beloved, no one wins.

alone time healthy relationship

To do something for yourself while being guilt-tripped isn't going to truly nourish you. You'll spend that precious moment of solitude worrying that your partner feels rejected or neglected.

alone time healthy relationship

And to put off self-care yet again to be with your partner could build resentment in you both. You'll start to see your partner as an obstacle to what you desperately want and aren't getting, and he or she will sense your resistance and feel confused and disconnected from you. Nobody wins when you don't honor your need for self-care.

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There is a solution to this turmoil and it's actually the key to an amazing and close passionate relationship. Become a self-care couple.

alone time healthy relationship

A self-care couple understands that self-nurturing isn't an extra luxury, but a necessity. Both recognize that solitude isn't a threat to their relationship, but rather, beneficial to connection.

When you and your partner take a wider view and consider the ways that self-care provides renewal, which then translates to more openness and greater availability to one another, then everything becomes easier. Your entire relationship becomes more joyful and delightful. Factor it in early in your relationship; talk about self-care. Once you officially become a couple, talk about what frequency and level of self-care each of you requires to be at your best.

Give one another and yourselves permission to do what you need to do to nourish and renew. Keep in mind that what your beloved considers to be self-care may look very different from what you prefer.

This is especially true if you live with your significant other. You might feel guilty asking for time alone, especially if you have multiple commitments.

Self-love is choosing to honor your inner wants and needs in order to fulfill your potential. Tell them why you think it will be beneficial for you and for the relationship.

How To Prioritize Alone Time And Self-Love When You’re In A Relationship

Even in the healthiest relationship, you need some time apart to grow and practice self-love. Encourage your partner to enjoy alone time, too. If they feel stressed or overwhelmed, suggest they take a walk, visit their favorite restaurant for a snack, or meditate for a few minutes.

This way, they can see firsthand how beneficial it can be. To ensure you get enough alone time, you might want to schedule it in each week. If you like routine, you could pencil it in for the same time each day or week, depending on how frequently you want to be alone.

You have some time to yourself—now what? You might be tempted to hop online, hang out with friends, work, or run errands. Do things that allow you to enjoy the pleasure of your own company.

You might find it liberating to take yourself on dates: Go watch a movie in theater or have lunch at a restaurant. Of course, this might initially feel weird.