Anti student teacher relationship manga

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anti student teacher relationship manga

User recommendations about the manga Sensei ni, Ageru. on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest manga database This manga also has a student and teacher relationship. Both have a anti social girl as main and give you a similar feeling. Complete list of the best student-teacher relationship manga. These manga focus on a relationship - usually forbidden and taboo - between a teacher and his or. Read the topic about The Uke-Sensei List (Student x Teacher) on Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read The ANTI GIRLY UKE Yaoi Club. > . (Student Seme Hataoka Kei / Sensei Uke Umehara) (but Kei is Umehara-senseis FORMER student, they only start a relationship.

A tenuous cease fire was created due to the two clans being conscripted to serve the Shogun. Peace is destroyed after the Shogun announces his retirement, leaving his seat for one of his grandsons.

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The two clans support a different grandson, and agree to send 10 of their best ninja to partake in a blood battle to determine the new shogun. This rekindled feud threatens the love of Oboro and Gennosuke.

Finding themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield in a fight they want no part of, they must choose to kill the person they love or to destroy their own clan. The strange thing is that her parents are swapping partners with a couple they met while on the trip.

anti student teacher relationship manga

In order to include Miki in the decision, her parents invite her to a dinner party to meet the couple and their son. After meeting her handsome step-brother Matsuura Yuu, Miki thinks she can adjust to the new situation, but never planned on developing feelings for Matsuura. Type of forbidden love: Social classes Stable boy, Royal Guard, politician, and queen. Marie Antoinette is born to a royal Austrian family and lives a life of luxury. However, at the age of 15, she must leave her family to marry the crown prince of France.

General Jarjayes decides to raise his youngest daughter as a man and names her Oscar. Oscar is trained to become the leader of the Royal Guards and is responsible for protecting Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution. Social classes maid and master. Social classes are sharply drawn in 19th-century London, England.

Emma is a hardworking maid, but she feels she is a burden. However, her view changes after meeting William, the eldest son of a wealthy family. On a rainy morning, year-old Takao Akizuki decides to skip class so he can sketch shoe designs in a beautiful garden. He meets a mysterious woman named Yukari Yukino, who is visiting the garden while skipping work. Six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa loses her way in an ancient forest while visiting her uncle.

Alone and desperate for help, Hotaru meets a masked spirit named Gin. While Gin is willing to help Hotaru, he warns her not to touch him, or else he will disappear forever. Despite this, the two become close friends over the years as Hotaru visits Gin every summer.

The kids in Onizuka's class Anko, Murai, Urumi, Miyabi, etc get away with terrorizing and generally ruining the lives of several teachers before Onizuka shows up, but somehow it's all swept under the carpet like it never happened once Onizuka won them over. Later Tokiwa fakes one. Complete with a bunny backpack. Aside from multiple evil actions which are "okay" because they're targeted towards "enemies"Miyabi is quite fond of this, especially with her treatment of Tomoko and once using her good-natured hard-working classmate Fujiyoshi as a pawn in her plan.

Onizuka makes several low budget local commercials starring Tomoko, in order to give her a start in show business. Knight In Sour Armor: Onizuka probably has as little a reason as anyone to put up with the students of his class, and by all rights probably should have quit teaching from the very start.

The fact that he genuinely cares and believes that students should be able to have fun at school and he's too stupid to quit allows him to strive to make school a better place.

Onizuka Made of Iron: Onizuka is so resilient the others wonder if he is not really an alien. Every episode he's either been stabbed, been shot, been run over, fallen out of windows, bashed over the head, and seems to be eternally above the law. Notably, this trope is Reconstructed for shocking effect during the final few chapters of the manga - while seemingly invincible, all this damage has eventually accumulated on Onizuka.

This results in a brain aneurysm, which very, very nearly paralyzes him for life. In fact, his living by the trope might've been one of the reasons things got so bad, as his apparent immortality got him too cocky to get the problem treated before it became catastrophic. Tomoko gets called "Slo-mo-ko" by the rest of the class because they think she's a Brainless Beauty. Mayu, bonus points for being the Chairlady's grandson.

anti student teacher relationship manga

Also proud and perpetual Karma Houdini receiver. Miyabi lives the trope, and God, she's gifted for it. Invoked by one of the students by putting a convincing poster of Onizuka and vice principal on the school board. It took another photo that was suspicious on closer inspection to have this jossed.

anti student teacher relationship manga

Played for comedy as Mayu's arm wrestling challenge escalates into this. More Teeth than the Osmond Family: The shark-toothed small people who often show up. A couple of punks try this on Onizuka right at the beginning of the first episode. Counts as an Establishing Character Moment.

anti student teacher relationship manga

While cramming under Fuyutsuki's coaching, Onizuka fantasizes about her wearing one while cooking. Surprisingly in this series full of schoolgirls, a teacher, Azusa Fuyutsuki.

Onizuka lives in a space at the top of the roof access stairway of Holy Forest Academy. What happened to class to make it full of problem students, though the incident does eventually come to light in the final chapters.

anti student teacher relationship manga

Also, what happened to Mayu to make him sickly. At the end of the "Teshigara" arc he wound up in the hospital for a gunshot wound, but escaped soon afterwords. He went missing for 14 days, and when he came back, there was a wanted poster floating around with a man that looked a lot like him. The North-American manga edition bothers to explain the Old Wife's Tale about sexual arousement giving nosebleeds. Surprisingly, the American dub kept the swastikas on the bosozoku's scarves in Episode It's mentioned in chapter that Mr.

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Uchiyamada used to be a idealistic teacher who wanted to help his students with their problems, just like Onizuka, but after had helped too many ungrateful bastards to count, and becoming more self-aware of Japan's declining morals, he got tired of being the helper.

Sho is very loyal to Miss Daimon, to the point of insanity when Daimon disavows her relationship with him. Kunio to his mother Julia. This pertains to an interesting variation of the trope as he never knew his father but, because his father left his mother while she was still pregnantKunio is adamant on believing that all older men are skirtchasers and will do everything in his power to protect his mother. His stance is put to the test when Onizuka dates his mother.

This logic ultimately backfires when Onizuka states that Kunio is simply running away from his problems while dragging along his mother.