Arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

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arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

Read Dave's recap of the 'Arrow' Season 4 premiere "Green Arrow" starring their relationship is really the only bright spot in this dark, violent city. Using that presumably season-long cliffhanger ending as a way to hook. 'Arrow' Boss Teases Who's in the Grave and Oliver's Quest for in the grave seen in the flashforward from the Season 4 premiere. really evolving Oliver's relationship, not just with Felicity, but with the rest of the team.”. It's not hard to see why Oliver's topsy-turvy love life in Season 4 the soapiness clearly did not end even when Oliver's relationships with both.

In the past few seasons, she often found herself forced to react to the choices made by others rather than making informed decisions about her own future.

arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

It makes perfect sense that Felicity might — and likely should — have a bit of unresolved resentment over this decision and the fallout from it, which forced her and William to abandon their lives in Star City.

Instead, we see a Felicity determined to take the fight to Diaz on her own terms.

arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

What that will ultimately look like is up for debate. She chooses to stand up, to fight back, to stop running.

‘Arrow’ Boss Teases Who’s in the Grave and Oliver’s Quest for Revenge in Midseason Premiere

Image via The CW Furthermore, Arrow has never drawn such clear parallels between Oliver and Felicity as it did with the dual sequences that intercut scenes of him fighting a gang of prison thugs in the shower with her battle against Diaz in her kitchen.

Maybe not in terms of physical strength. Thank goodness for dumb villains who monologue, right? But in terms of heart, absolutely.

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Felicity is every inch the hero that Oliver is, and it feels as though this is the moment that Arrow fully acknowledges that fact. Now, back in the main storyline, it seems like Oliver is up to his old tricks as he runs through the woods in a green hoodie.

This is really the only time we get a bit of humor and some light-hearted moments in the episode because things get really dark and violent from here on out. A well-organized gang of criminals called Ghosts have been hijacking military-grade weapons and armor, the audacity of their thefts increasing each time.

arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

While I fully expected Damien Darhk Neal McDonough to remain in the … well, dark for at least a few episodes, instead he comes right out and introduces himself to the committee of city leaders — a foursome that includes Quentin Lance — as leader of the Ghosts.

How great was McDonough?

Felicity Smoak's New Boyfriend Revealed On Arrow Season 5 Premiere

And while we soon learn that his recruited soldiers are tasked with essentially burning Starling City to the ground on behalf of his mysterious associates, Darhk saves the reveal of his supernatural powers for conflicts with Team Arrow, and the Green Arrow himself. The action sequences are surprisingly brief but brutal in this episode.

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After the Ghosts, on the orders of Darhk, assassinate the city leaders and mow down the police department, Team Arrow tracks them to their hideout. With a flick of his wrist, Darhk repels the point-blank arrows back toward the Emerald Archer, and then soundly defeats him in hand-to-hand combat.

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Darhk is a beast, and I have only the faintest idea of how Green Arrow and Company are going to defeat him. It seems that the source of his power is due to some sort of blood ritual he performs at a spooky-looking altar, but the source of his connections in the city comes through a partnership with Quentin Lance himself.

arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

Clearly Quentin is in over his head here, but as a man of high moral standing who has failed to keep Oliver Queen from causing trouble, perhaps he has reached out to a man he does not completely understand. This episode was chock full of Batman references, what with Quentin acting as a Jim Gordon surrogate and blaming Oliver Queen for his mask, which merely brought more masked menaces into the city.

arrow season 4 premiere ending a relationship

Image via The CW Now, the main plot and its issues aside, we need to talk about that final scene.