Bad relationship with father in law

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bad relationship with father in law

If you find building a relationship with your partner's parents to be challenging, Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages as a tool for your in-laws. to hear someone esle bad mouthing their family members all the time. My mother-in-law has attacked me verbally and my father-in-law (partly cultural ) differences that make my relationship with him tense as well. “Think about what kind of relationship you want with that person,” Mothers-in- law tend to get a bad rap when it comes to controlling their kids.

Most important, by staying on good terms with his or her relatives, you are honoring and promoting your relationship in one of the best ways possible. Gwen, 94 and married 67 years, puts it clearly: You may not like your mother-in-law or your father-in-law or your in-laws very much but you certainly can love them and stay close to them.

Remember that they're your loved one's family. I learned to love them.

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I mean, I loved them because they were my husband's parents and I loved him. Eliminate politics from discussion. Here's a specific tip that could not be more relevant during this election season: Keep political arguments out of in-law relations. It can be the biggest bomb in the minefield, and the elders say that these conflicts are unnecessary. There is simply no need to attempt to engage your in-laws in political debates or to convert them. Often, the urge is to make parents-in-law "really understand" what's going on in society and to show them how irrational or wrong-headed they are politically.

I heard many accounts of holiday dinners and family gatherings disrupted by debates over the President, the Congress, abortion, the death penalty, and on and on.

bad relationship with father in law

According to the elders, you may not be able to avoid conflict over your in-laws' disapproval of your marriage, your job, your lifestyle, or how you raise your children. But you can make it a rule to take noisy and unnecessary political debates off the table. Remember, we're not talking here about a lively, enjoyable political discussion; I mean the kind that ends with slamming doors and a spouse crying in the car. Let's return to Gwen for her advice. Gwen made in-law visits much more tolerable by following this lesson and cutting politics out of the interaction.

My husband didn't care for my dad because my dad was a completely different kind of person compared to my husband.

My dad was the boss of everybody and everything. He was never aggressive; he never hit us kids or my mother. But he was a total boss.

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What my dad said was law and order and we all knew it. And my husband was a gentle, soft-spoken, easy-going person who would rather die than make a fuss.

bad relationship with father in law

He was a completely different personality. In particular, they didn't see eye to eye about the government. My dad was a Democrat, my husband was a Republican. They'd get into those arguments. So finally, I made the rule that there would be no discussions of politics when we were all together.

And I said to my husband: Of all the big decisions we had to make in marriage, I think the most important was deciding that I wasn't going to listen to that problem between my father and my husband. You may wish to apply this same rule to other "hot-button" issues based on my own extended family, I'm tempted to include Red Sox versus Yankees When buttons are pushed on a repetitive and sensitive topic, leaving the room is an excellent -- and potentially relationship-saving -- option.

Shortly after our eldest was born, my mother-in-law attacked me verbally about how I was raising my daughter.

bad relationship with father in law

Some months later, when we had invited both our families for Christmas, she launched a new attack on me, claiming I did not treat her son well. He was tired and overworked and had to do too much house work.

This happened over Christmas dinner and it left my family stunned. We both have full-time jobs.

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For a while, my husband cooled off contact with her. He agrees his mother was out of line, but insists she does not mean badly. All this happened six years ago and, since then, the relationship I have with my mother-in-law has been tense. She never truly apologised for her actions.

I want to give my children the opportunity to meet their grandmother and this side of their cultural background, but I cannot accept her any more. With my father-in-law my in-laws are divorcedthe situation is different. While we get along fine, there are some partly cultural differences that make my relationship with him tense as well. He is very traditional: My husband stays quiet at such moments.

While they still clearly like to see their grandchildren, most of their time is spent interacting with their son. They both adore him and it feels as if they are trying to make up for the time lost when he grew up it was in difficult circumstances and minimised contact with them for a while.

I can have perfect conversations with my husband about this situation when they are not here. However, the moment they set foot in our house it is as if he is five years old again.