Batman returns sad ending relationship

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batman returns sad ending relationship

Today marks 20 years since the release of “Batman Returns” on June 19th, What ended up happening was, at the end of it all, we realized we had too many characters. . of new stuff including previously unheard cues and alternate takes. by the S&M undertones of the Catwoman/Penguin relationship. She sadly gnaws a piece of licorice from a package labeled MAX and sighs out ther window to get a strange glimpse of a GIANT, WRAPPED, . Selina breathlessly turns to see Batman at the end of the carpet. My last relationship. it. Batman Returns is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The end result is a movie that's even more visually impressive than its Among those that remain are several references to Wayne's relationship with Vale – and a Portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in Batman, the character was set to undergo his tragic.

He also continues to lust after bimbo supporters and talk about groping people. Perhaps if he were to become mayor, he would give up his vendetta against Gotham, and even retire from crime altogether. But before anything can happen, he is visited by Catwoman who wishes to form an alliance to take down Batman. The Penguin and Catwoman plotlines have functioned perfectly fine independently of each other up until now, and to form an alliance only to break apart later on makes the whole story feel less cohesive.

Also, why does she choose to befriend Oswald? Catwoman and Oswald exchange various sarcastic quips and sexual double entendres: He then makes a bat-shadow with his hands, and she then teases him by saying she will give herself a bath…and then licks herself in feline form, which he seems to enjoy watching anyway.

If the description of this whacky scene does not strike you as cohesive, trust me, neither is the scene itself. While Bruce is easily able to see this is a trap, the event is indeed rescheduled for the next night, a sad sign of how easily Mayor Hill can be manipulated.

However, Bruce runs into Selina during the day. It is worth noting that she is standing in front of a toy store, looking at a dollhouse, similar to the one she destroyed.

If only she could return to childhood, or her original child-like existence. As in the earlier scene when she first met Bruce, she appears to be in an eternally confused state when her Catwoman costume is off. What exactly does she want? He asks her over for dinner that night, and despite her kidnapping plan with Oswald, she accepts, due to her attraction. It is no wonder that Selina has so little to aspire to in this world. The Ice Princess is is rereading her script she stupidly has trouble remembering to push a button, the only action required of her performance that eveningwhen Oswald walks in.

Over at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Selina, two lonely people with shattered lives, easily start to connect. While much of this film has been an unflattering portrayal of Batman, the worst is to hear Bruce describe himself this way, and stranger still, Selina does not even care, as she herself relates to it. Is Batman as disturbed as such psychopaths? Is he any better than the villains he persues? The two kiss in a moment of passion, almost discovering each others scars, before learning on the news that Batman has been framed for kidnapping the Ice Princess.

A screwball comedy of sorts follows as Bruce and Selina must each run to the crime scene as their alter egos, each trying to keep this secret from the other, and each trying to get Alfred to give the other a contrived excuse. Although both are attracted to each other, neither one is capable of living a normal life as long as they each live in their current state of duality.

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Batman arrives at a building over Gotham Plaza where the Ice Princess is being kept. He attempts to rescue the Ice Princess, but Catwoman quickly tries to tackle him how ironic that only an hour earlier these two were kissing passionately, though neither one knows this.

The Ice Princess manages to escape, but Oswald causes her to fall off the building, comically landing on the button she was supposed to press and successfully lighting the Christmas tree after all. Batman is seen on the building and is instantly incriminated in the eyes of Gotham City; he has fallen right into the plans of his adversaries.

As the cops come after him, Batman has one more encounter with Catwoman, and they have an exchange about Mistletoe. Despite the attraction once more between them, he escapes. Meanwhile, Catwoman is upset with Oswald since the Ice Princess was not supposed to die though exactly how they had planned to defame Batman if the girl was to remain alive is not really clear. Would they erase her memory somehow? He wraps her up in one of his gag-umbrellas which reveals propellers, and carries her off into the sky.

Meanwhile, Batman arrives at his vehicle. It is perhaps one of the few times we have ever seen Batman truly fail, and retreat from a confrontation in shame. Oswald sends Batman on a reckless drive through Gotham, all the while taunting him, and saying the line that will be his downfall: The next day, Oswald gives another campaign speech, blaming Mayor Hill for placing all his trust in Batman, who apparently has turned out to be a killer.

Selina watches bitterly from afar.

batman returns sad ending relationship

This cuts to a strange scene between Bruce and Alfred. Alfred mentions that they must repair the Batmobile, but it will be tough to do so and keep security, and Bruce replies with a sarcastic criticism about Alfred letting Vicky Vale into the Bat-Cave. My guess is that fans must have had criticism about Alfred doing this in the previous film, so Burton decided to respond to them here, but it does seem like a bit of an incoherent conversation.

Bruce then descends into the Bat-Cave through a trap door in a relic Iron Maiden. Certainly a unique symbol to use for descending into an underworld, i. The victim is also forced to remain standing; much as Bruce must endure as Batman, even if it a tortured existence.

Once in the Bat-Cave, Bruce uses his computer system to somehow hijack the loudspeakers at the speech and play the taunting comments from the previous evening, fully exposing Oswald as a phony and manipulator. Oswald stands on stage humiliated as his supporters walk off, including Shreck. Chased by cops, he runs into the park and jumps off a bridge into the river, the same bridge his parents dropped him from.

His attempt at fitting in with the outside world has failed, so he is exiled once again, from the very same spot in fact, into the sewers.

It is worth noting that Oswald ultimately brought about his own downfall. Shreck did manipulate him into running for mayor, but was then completely uninvolved in any plans to make an enemy of Batman. So with all due respect, Oswald has no one he can truly blame but himself. ACT III g [In the final act, the film finally loses its satirical style and takes on elements of a more conventional superhero movie, but with a surreal dream-like atmosphere.

But whereas Bruce Wayne enters through an Iron Maiden, the Penguin makes his entrance on a giant rubber duckie.

This is of course a mockery of the Tenth Plague of Egypt, recounted in Ex. We have already established the Penguin as both a mockery of Baby Moses and as an anti-Christ figure, so perhaps it makes sense that he would position himself as a cruel God, mimicking such actions. He hands out his mysterious list to his goons. When one of them shows reservations about going after innocent children, the Penguin shoots him dead on the spot, cleverly setting up a plot point that will come up later.

Presumably, he has attempted to reconcile with Mayor Hill as a last-ditch attempt to somehow still get his power plant funded. Otherwise, it seems odd that Hill would be attending this party when Shreck has spent the last few days openly backing a candidate running against him].

Bruce finds Selina and the two dance, but her mental state is more confused than ever. She slowly reveals her plan to murder Shreck. It seems a bit odd that she suddenly wants to do this now when she could easily have murdered him much earlier in the story.

Perhaps after the failure of her plan to take down Batman, along with being betrayed by Oswald, she has simply given up and fallen back into rage. Bruce whispers into her ear, trying to dissuade her, and as they talk, their earlier exchange about Mistletoe is repeated.

A very vulnerable Selena looks up at Bruce and says: One can only wonder what would have happened had they actually made it outside. Would they indeed have started fighting? Would they each have retired their alter egos and lived a life together?

At that moment the Penguin bursts into the room from underground aboard his giant rubber duckie and announces his kidnapping scheme. Even Shreck is able to be a better parent than the Cobblepots were. The Penguin relents, escorts his prisoner into his duckie, and descends into the underground [interestingly, we never see Chip again in the film.

Interestingly, we see the goons about to encounter Batman, but then the film cuts back to the Penguin as he receives a note from Batman via a monkey. Rescuing the children is probably the MOST heroic moment that Batman gets in this film, and it happens off-screen. It also is unclear what happened to the goons, but we can assume that Batman simply turned them in, as he shows later on he is still against killing, despite all this madness.

And so we cross the final threshold of sanity and the movie goes into all-out surrealism as the Penguin sets his army of mind-controlled penguins out into Gotham with rocket-launchers attached to their backs. Groups of penguins engulf the streets of Gotham. As the Penguin realizes that the Batwing is headed straight for his lair, he tries to escape in his giant duckie.

Eventually the two collide outside the dilapidated circus. You may be right. A flock of bats emerge at the Penguin, sending him tumbling backwards down into his own lair where he is knocked unconscious. He has been defeated by not even Batman himself, but by a chance encounter with bats.

It would seem that this is the first time that the Selina and Catwoman personalities are merging. As more rockets go off outside, Batman glides into the lair and pushes Shreck aside, threatening him with jail. Selina comments that the law does not apply to a person with so much power, nor to two outcasts such as themselves. All three exist outside of society. Batman tries to convince Selina not to commit murder, and pleads that the two of them can live together as lovers.

Split, right down the center. It would seem that for at least this moment, it is the end of Batman. Or rather, this is something that not even Batman could overcome, so Bruce Wayne exposes himself, and becomes as vulnerable as Selina. The amnesia scene may have been Selina employing Obfuscating Stupidity to taunt Shreck.

Penguin also displays this trait, especially when running for mayor. When asked for a platform, he proposes fighting global warming by introducing "global cooling" to "make the world a giant icebox.

At one point, he jokes that there might be carnivorous reindeer roaming the city streets after dark. There's still a trace left in the film: His response to Batman's unmasking, after all, is "Bruce Wayne Why are you dressed up like Batman?

Some of the circus acrobats use this ineffectively to come in close to Batman for an attack. This version of the Penguin shares uncanny similarities with another Batman rogue: Both villains were born with physical deformities that give them the appearance of an animal, they were both used as freak show attractions in their early lives, and they both reside in the sewers of Gotham.

To a much lesser extent, the Penguin also has a gang of clowns under his command, a gimmick that is often used by the Joker. Vicki Vale is mentioned on two occasions. Bruce tells Selina about her during their date. Then, a few scenes later, Bruce calls out Alfred for letting her into the Batcave. Though to be fair, Vicki did figure it out. Also possibly the Penguin may have made a very quick passing reference to The Joker in his speech to his campaign staff.

Though by "crazed clowns", he may have also been referring to his Circus of Fear gang. The classic '89 Batmobile is back. In this movie, it even presages the Batpod with its "Batmissile" mode. Averted with Penguin's amusement park duck He sucks the life out of Gotham like a vampire, as he constructs unsafe buildings or dumps toxic waste into the environment.

He has also murdered several people in cold blood, and plans to create a power plant in Gotham so he can drain electricity from its power grid and stockpile it for profit. Three of Commissioner Gordon's men inch toward this when they open fire on Batman despite Gordon's plea for them to hold their fire. Batman is suspected of committing a murder, he did unintentionally destroy many downtown buildings in the '89 film, and until very recently he had been suspected by many superstitious Gothamites of being an immortal blood drinker, so you can't blame those cops for having itchy trigger fingers.

Gotham City in this movie is an impossibly horrific Crapsack World where a white collar criminal fixes the political process, women can be killed at will with no consequences, the citizenry are fickle and stupid, and the police who are apparently completely incompetent rely on an elitist vigilante with plenty of issues of his own to brutally punish the criminals.

Seriously, one is left with the impression that if Heath Ledger's version of the Joker from The Dark Knight would be happier here than in that movie's world. A usual Batman hallmark, Bats inexplicably has a giant pole built into the bottom of the Batmobile that couldn't possibly fit inside it for the sole purpose of lifting up and turning the Batmobile degrees when it's stuck In a tight spot.

The Poodle Lady The Penguin's chief moll speaks in one as she's counting down to the destruction of Gotham City by penguin launched missiles — and in a weird Germanic accent for good measure. It takes Catwoman less than ten seconds to utterly destroy a mugger. Dark Is Not Evil: The Penguin passes himself off as this, but if anything he's actually several magnitudes more monstrous than he looks like.

batman returns sad ending relationship

Played straight with Batman as usual though. Although The Penguin plots murders only to further his agenda or for revenge, rather than " just for fun " in the case of the Joker, the movie still comes off as much more moody, depressing, violent and pessimistic. The film portrays both superheroes and supervillains as tragic figures, tormented by loneliness and teetering on the brink of complete madness.

The sexual imagery in the sequel is noticeably more kinky, even if unlike the first film nobody actually has intercourse. And, unlike its predecessor, this one wraps up with a Bittersweet Ending see above entry. The film's dialogue, the character's various agendas, their modus operandi and the overall tone of the movie is downright nihilist.

Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization is darker still, especially in his description of the Gotham Plaza attack scene, with mental images of people getting killed when they are run over by the Red Triangle Gang's motorcycles or trampled by the panicked crowds. And then there is a hint he drops several chapters later that Oswald Cobblepot's parents are dead because he is the one who killed them, and his search for them and subsequent public forgiveness were just for show.

James Rolfe gave the film three Happy Meals wrapped in chains dripping blood with dead cats and penguins impaled on it with knives, with a killer bat on top, out of five. Finally, as with the previous film, Returns disregards Batman's usual adherence to Thou Shalt Not Kill ; here, Batman kills criminals without any reservations.

All others got the PG rating. What else did you expect from a Batman movie with Catwoman in it? Does this mean we have to fight each other? The Ice Princess lands on the very button she was supposed to press to light up Gotham's Christmas tree. What do you know; she finally got it right. Schreck's plan throughout the film is to set the wheels in motion in starting an electric company to run scams through. Catwoman kills him by charring him with a very large electricity generator. Apparently how Catwoman is "born.

Once Max finds out who Batman is, it's not long before he lights up like a Christmas tree. Commissioner Gordon already had a minor role in the first film ; in this film he only has 4 lines. Max tries to kill Selina this way, pushing her out a high-story window.

She primarily survives by going through several canopies and being resuscitated by Miss Kitty and her coterie of cats. She may not be the strongest character in the movie, but she is undoubtedly the toughest. This is proven at the climax of the film, when she takes four bullets to the torso and then gets close to Gotham City's power supply — and lives.

She doesn't even care if she dies at all! Did Not Get the Girl: Batman himself did not get to date Catwoman in the end, though she is just hiding right behind his back. The first time, Selina is pushed out of a high window by Max Shreck and appears to be dead but revives a while afterwards and becomes Catwoman. The second time, Penguin falls through the skylight of his lair and into the toxic water below but emerges from it a few minutes later and attempts to kill Batman.

However, he quickly succumbs to the toxin and his injuries before he gets the chance. The Dog Bites Back: Or rather the cat. Max Shreck throws Selina Kyle out of her office when he suspects she knows something. This results in her transformation into Catwoman and uses her supposedly last life to kill Shreck with a literal Kiss of Death courtesy of electric wires and a stungun. Catwoman was shocked when Penguin accuses her of "sending mixed signals.

Spoken verbatim by the Penguin. Justified since the Penguin's goons had tampered with the Batmobile and thus he had a tie-in to the vehicle to taunt Batman. While not overtly sexual on its own, as they discuss the fine line between romance and mental illness, Selina delivers a rather sharp pun in a rather sensual setting, subtly enough to cause even Bruce Wayne to pause and double-take before making a move. It's the so-called "normal" guys that always let you down.

Sickos never scare me. At least they're committed. Played with in a number of ways. The Gothamites well, most of them show unusual tolerance and understanding toward the Penguin This just might be because they all have the warm fuzzies due to what time of year it is.

A deleted line even has one Gothamite remarking that "He helps you remember the true meaning of the holiday. He guesses that she must have "the holiday blues. He doesn't have many lines, but the Organ Grinder Vincent Schiavelli is implied to be this to The Penguin in his few scenes.

Why are you dressed up as Batman? Because he is Batman, you moron. Dressed All in Rubber: Dressed Like a Dominatrix: The villainess-slash-antiheroine Catwoman wear a costume similar to the one from the Batman TV series, but covered in stitches symbolizing its hand-made origin. She also wields a whip.

She's presented as the "wild side" of a meek timid woman. The Ice Princess is not the brightest bulb on the tree.

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Even before her Too Dumb to Live moment below, we see her in her dressing room mentally rehearsing for the tree relighting ceremony, apparently trying to wrap her mind around the invention of the light switch. The tree lights up, and I push the button. Again, this is for a tree-relighting ceremony: She's already done this once before! Every last person in Gotham is bonkers, from the normal citizens to the villains. After Penguin finds out that Batman has foiled his scheme to kidnap the first-born children of Gotham, he screams in rage as the camera zooms into his mouth.

The Penguin's base underneath the abandoned and creepy Arctic World zoo. Among other things, it has large pools of water some storing toxic wastestadium seating around a stage, a large dining table, and a huge air conditioning unit.

The Catwoman and The Penguin reconcile their differences to fight Batman, but their team-up breaks up violently after Batman is successfully framed for murder and mayhem. Catwoman thinks that the Penguin is just going to scare the Ice Princess and not kill her, but the true nail in the coffin is when Penguin sexually propositions her, to which Catwoman reacts with disgust "I wouldn't touch you to scratch you".

The Penguin does not take rejection well and he tries to kill her using his helicopter umbrella around her neck, but Catwoman breaks free and takes another long fall into a greenhouse, using up another one of her lives. Later in the film, he also gets the short end of the stick when one by one, all of his mooks walk away from him after the frequency for the rocketeer penguins gets jammed.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: While his Red Triangle carnies are kidnapping the rest of Gotham's first born sons, the Penguin crashes Max Schreck's party to personally kill Max's own son.

Max protects Chip by pointing out to the Penguin that he was the one who played the Penguin for a sap, and that he's the one the Penguin should logically kill.

The Penguin grudgingly admits Max has a point, and takes him instead of Chip. It's covered deeper in the novel, where Max repeatedly reflects on how much he loves his son and is proud of him - in the novel of the movie, Chip Shreck actually saw his father push Selina out of the window and helpfully suggested that she'd jumped.

Penguin himself has his collection of penguins, whom he refers to as his "babies. Even Evil Has Standards: One of the Red Triangle Gang's clowns is shocked by the Penguin's plan to kill children: I mean, killing sleeping children. Isn't that a little Max Shreck is also visibly disturbed by the idea.

Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The mayor of Gotham City, despite being a reasonably important character, is never referred to as anything other than "Mr. The Ice Princess is nameless as well. Even in the official media report of her kidnapping, nobody calls her anything else. This is sometimes Truth in Televisionsince it is the custom at certain festivals Mardi Gras, especially for "kings" and "queens" and whatnot to never have their identities revealed to anyone except for invited guests at the parade clubs' private banquets.

The main exception is the Krewe of Bacchus, which every year since has invited a male celebrity to ride in their parade costumed as the Roman god of wine, and makes his name known to the public well in advance. Everyone Join the Party: The Red Triangle Gang is almost two dozen strong when they threaten celebrating Gothamites at the tree lighting ceremony, but when Batman shows up he manages to kill or incapacitate about a third of them. Then we see them regroup at Penguin's Arctic World hideout, and they've been whittled down to the single digits.

By the time Penguin relocates to an abandoned office building that Shreck kindly provides him, the gang is small enough to huddle together in one corner of the room. But the next time they go out to the streets to riot, they've apparently been joined by at least a dozen or so new members, all of them costumed in the appropriate circus motif. For the rest of the movie, the gang then tends to fluctuate in size depending on Penguin's surroundings and whether his schemes are succeeding.

It's more likely that those seen in the hideouts are the key members and lieutenants of Penguin, and those appear whenever they commit crimes are the footsoldiers who remain somewhere else. At the end of the movie, the only ones left to abandon Penguin when Batman is coming are Poodle Lady, Thin Clown, and a handful of acrobats after Batman cleaned up most of them earlier.

I was looking forward to discussing your life. I mean really, why you insist on living in Gotham City alone Selina casually squeezes up her remote to fast forward the machine. As the Cat compassionately snuggles up beside her to the sound of her lame boyfriend, Selina kneels down to do some minute tooling on the rooms of her precious doll house.

I'm not afraid anymore to say I need a woman who's going to treat me like a hero, not a zero. I guess I should have let him win that racquetball game. Selina clomps into her kitchenette and turns on a faucet that wildly sprays out in all directions as her own voice comes on. I'm reminding you that you better have brought home the Bruce Wayne file to work on, because Max Slavemaster is meeting with him tomorrow.

Wet and angry, Selina drops her remote and instead fires her stun gun on the answering machine, shutting it off. She again starts banging her forehead with her palm.

You stupid corn dog. Snow-covered cages and pits that seem more terrifying empty than if filled with ferocious beasts. The Poodle swerves before a rickety rollercoaster that has three shoddy and malignant, Animal-motifed carts put- tering up different stages of the dilapidated track.

An aberrant cross section of brids ride on one of them. The Poodle swings toward the light of a cave lined with sparkling snow and ice and into The track of the zoo's rickety roller- coaster curls through the grotto.

The cart full of birds rumbles through with its winged passengers flying off to join others flapping around. A large squalid cage. Strange scaffolding half covers an enormous "Mission Control" panel that has been hodge- podged together with the flagrantly weird, idiosyncratic technology.

Actual penguins of every size except the gray bellied Emperors heedlessly horseplay in the icy moat. The Ratty Poodle takes his place at a large block of ice that serves as a conference table. Gabbing around the table are the familiarly bonechilling survivors of the Unwashed Carnival Creeps.

Everyone shuts up and goes into a standing ovation as Penguin rides out of the lair's vast, gaping sewer pipe in his Rubber Duck that now acts as a boat. Please make them feel at home The Circus Creeps go into shouts of "Boo" and "Can we torture them now" while pelting snowballs, ice airplanes and novelty gadgets at the beleaguered businessmen.

Max begins to sit down at a chair at the end of the Ice conference table. Dwarf One pulls the chair out from under him. Max crashes to the ground. The gang explodes in laughter and the dwarf does a cute little bow. The moodily pondering and freezing Max cautiously reseats himself. Chip makes a break.

The Bearded Lady breaks off an Ice stalagmite and knee-caps him to the ground. As Penguin snarls at Max, he is handed an array of sadis- tic umbrellas, which he casually tries and discards.

batman returns sad ending relationship

One shoots out a flame, one pokes out a sword tip, one causes a goofy spinning hypno-vertigo swirl effect, another shoots a blast acid that melts through the middle of the table. Max loses composure, shivering and sweating.

Down here, the poodle gets a better parking space. You see, I hear your speeches about protecting the community, then see you dump toxic waste into the sewers. I listen through a sewer grate to you promising one thing, then see you through a ventilator shaft doing another thing. Don't get me wrong. I got nothing against being a two- faced weasel, or even dumping toxic waste -- Stuff works good on rat bites MAX Oh really, I didn't It's just, why do you get to be a man of the people and I have to be the boogeyman.

You can say I'm bitter. In ten seconds, you're going to say a lot of things Try the closet in the back of the lair. The penguin wobbles away. Penguin tentatively growls back at Max.

I lost my place? MAX You were implying that I will be screaming in a high pitched I'm just going to freeze you for years until they find a cure for rich uppity snob powermongers. I'm going to kill you. Lighting up a cigarette in a cigarette holder much like his father's, Penguin moves forward with the sword umbrella. Everyone else at the table pulls forth a perverse weapon. A particularly large bead of sweat rolls down Max's face. Coming out of a sage three second blink, Max regards the cigarette holder then reaches out with his tongue and licks off the bead.

MAX You're not going to do anything to me, Penguin. Okay, well, if you put it that way. Penguin rears back for a decapitating swing.

MAX Why fight the power, Penguin, when you can become it. Penguin slightly lowers his malevolent pose. Max stands up and speaks faster. MAX You despise the way this city is run. Tonight, the current Mayor I'd like to see more of a In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a mutant with a bad temper. MAX You're too hard on yourself. Gotham has no conception of Morality, only Celebrity. This city loves visuals. Any other city and he would be in an institution or our there doing singing telegrams.

Here, he is a hero. You and the Mayor standing at the same podium -- I know where I'm aiming my camera. Penguin lets his umbrella sword drop to the floor. Sensing Penguin's change of heart, the Circus Creeps re-conceal their weapons. An aching Chip stands beside Max.

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I could walk down the street and no one would laugh at me or throw a big object at me? Or make one of those jokes like, "Did you hear that when Penguin was born, the doctor came out and the Father asked 'Doctor, doctor, is it a boy or a girl? Penguin, with swift nonchalance, picks up one of the umbrellas and slams the Clown back over his chair.

Penguin glances down to a stream of Da Vinciesque One is of the big red present. MAX Terrorizing innocent people and committing heinous felonies? In fact, they'll come in handy. Where do I begin? MAX starting to sit Anywhere but here. They smoothly fling hats and accessories on and off the perplexed but flattered freak. The horrifying monster aspect of your personality has been well communicated. My image consultants Punch and Juliet are going to bring out your more Mayoral smile.

And keep the umbrella. It works for you. White gloves over a cringing Penguin's webbed hands. Shreck said Gotham likes visuals. MAX Is there something we can do with his name?

I mean, no offense Our computers came up with It's as sweet as cotton candy on a walrus's belly. Tomorrow the Mayor is going to hold a press conference to say that you are a slimy menace trying to tear the city down into your private hell. MAX That, is beside the point. I do not seem to be getting across the whole dual nature thing And Batman into a retirement of putting kids on his lap at car shows.

In a way, I'll be the most honest politician who ever lived. Punch and Juliet, leave an itinerary for tomorrow. Punch, Juliet, and the decked-out Penguin hop off the table. Chip hobbles up to give Penguin an enormous money bag.

Punch and Juliet give him a file and a cheek kiss, before strutting off. I feel so hip. And Juliet, you don't think she'd ever, if she was really drunk MAX rising up The money is to help with the campaign. MAX I'll be giving you a checkbook so you can pay off and keep in line the Red Triangle Circus gang and the rest of the city's scumbags that you use for your crimewave.

I want this chaos to be organized Penguin squawks and gives a cringing Max a vigorous hug. MAX I'm sure going to miss that wonderful laugh. He makes a royal pause before a mirror. He poignantly imitates the reactions of other people. Cobblepot" "This is hard to say, Mr. Cobblepot, but I think I'm in love with you Moments later, Selina Kyle huffs in from the right. She allows herself a schwoof smile as Max and Chip emerge from the conference room.

She gives off a wee gasp of surprise. I came back to get the Bruce Wayne file for tomorrow. I put a reminder for myself in my machine at home because I usually check my messages from work, but in all the excitement tonight, I Did you happen to see who I was chatting with? You see, it's imperative I not be directly connected with this person. Shreck, I didn't see anything. Cross my heart and hope to MAX Put yourself in my position. I'm a very respected man in the community. If you're fibbing about how much you've seen and heard tonight, you could run off and hurt me.

You've been a very decent assistant, Selina Kyle, but is this a chance I can take? MAX stepping forward Is your life as important as my reputation? The Red Triangle Circus Gang were always just cheap thrillseekers. How can you be so mean to someone as meaningless as me Don't you see, Mr.

Shreck, that I am alive in here! I mean, it's not like you can just kill me MAX Actually, it's a lot like that. Max smirks into a chuckle. Selina quivers out a wary smile and wrist wipes a tear as Max touches her shoulder.

Max savagely pushes Selina crashing out the window. Her body slam spins around a protruding horizontal American flagpole, before continu- ing its White Christmas journey to the drifted gravel of an alley. Selina's eyes creak open to see the Batmobile obliviously motor past the mouth of the alley.

Her eyes close again.

batman returns sad ending relationship

Selina's New Black Cat, of all creatures, scampers up beside her quasi-corpse. MAX Let the police find her. Make sure the funeral is on me. CHIP She wanted it. Max and Chip stroll off from the window.

Hypnotically led by Selina's black pal, the cats creep from every direction toward the female Gulliver. Selina's cat crawls up onto Selina's blouse and begins to breathe into her mouth in an eerie feline C. A Siamese whispers in Selina's ear. White powder puff kitties snuggle against the soles of her feet. The malevolently scraggly Tom viciously bites her finger. Selina's eyes fly open.

She is the malevolent antidote to her poignantly pleasant early evening and previous life self. She auto-pilots to the sink and turns the broken faucet on over her bloody finger. This time, no water comes out at all. She stares in unmoving, but torrid self-contemplation. Then she explodes into vivid montage: With a black spray paint can in each hand, Selina attacks everything pink and eggshell--carpet, couch, wallpaper-- with brilliant nimbleness. She flings her childhood pictures off the wall and perfectly into a mini-bonfire that includes her sad Christmas tree set up on her kitchen nook table.

She lustily shoves a stuffed unicorn into her garbage disposal. The carnage of other ex-cute toy creatures are spread about. The black cat races about, purring in delight. Selina unfurls her homemade quilt in a wicked spinning dance. With a sewing needle, she repeatedly stabs her doll's house, annihilating the micro-detailed rooms.

In close-up, the rooms seem to be invaded by a giant silver missile. She is wearing only a pink football jersey which has been wickedly altered with black spray paint. She slides a pristine bowl of milk to her content cat and speaks in a sultry voice. He is leaning on a chair situated before a lab table teeming with beakers and bunsen burners. Flicking away his nightmare like an insect, Bruce immedi- ately re-concentrates on an unfathomable experiment.

He pours a test tube of nasty red liquid into a beaker of pleasant blue. It turns into an almost glowing purple solution. Bruce moves off from the table with a stark, black palm-size rectangular object with a computer screen that resembles a malevolent Gameboy. Bruce counts off to five, then stops.