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Scarlet Heart is a Chinese television series based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Yinzhen then releases Yinxiang from custody and moves Ruoxi into his quarters, eventually consummating their relationship. Only Yin'e has a happy ending with his wife (Liu Yuxin) that he grew to love, watching Qianlong. Ending a relationship is especially hard when you're not entirely confident that ending it is the right choice. Unfortunately, it's hard to know for. Be certain you want to end the relationship. Don't threaten to leave in an effort to get your partner to change. Be sure there really is a lack of love, respect.

This is perfectly fine in the Qing Dynasty, where one man has multiple wives and is allowed to marry sisters. This sister, Ruo Lan, is an beautiful and kind woman who has become an empty shell since the man she really loved died in battle and she was forced to marry the 8th Prince. She begins to intrigue him as he takes her attempts to keep her distance from him as a way to engage his interest further.

Up to episode 10 of the drama, Ruo Xi has already spent a few years in the Qing Dynasty. At 16 she enters the palace to be part of the selection group of aristocratic Manchu girls to become a concubine for Emperor Kangxi. The two Empresses butt heads all wanting Ruo Xi to come serve them, so the compromise is that Ruo Xi becomes the tea-serving lady-in-waiting to Emperor Kangxi.

Ruo Xi delights the Emperor, reminding him of a favorite daughter of his who has been married off. Going forward, Ruo Xi and 8th Prince actually fall in love. Initially reluctant to accept his feelings, once she decides to love him back, she tries to change his fate. She asks him to choose between giving up the battle for the throne or her, thinking his love for her will make him agree.

He refuses, unable to accept such a choice. They break up bitterly. Before parting, Ruo Xi tells the 8th Prince to beware of the 4th Prince among others, giving 8th Prince a list of names of people he needs to be wary of if 8th Prince wants to become Emperor. To protect the 4th Prince, 13th Prince steps into the trap and Emperor Kangxi has his 13th son placed under house arrest, which ends up lasting 10 years. Ruo Xi kneels outside in the pouring rain for 3 days and 3 nights to beg Emperor Kangxi to release her best friend 13th Prince from confinement.

The only concession Emperor Kangxi makes is to allow the girl 13th Prince is in love with to join in him the house arrest. During the 10 years, 4th Prince is angry and bitter at the other princely faction, while he and Ruo Xi gradually fall in love. The Emperor finally allows Ruo Xi back to serve him after 6 years washing clothes as punishment for her refusal to marry 14th Princebut her health has taken quite a beating doing hard labor.

Emperor Kangxi dies and his will decrees that his 4th son will get the throne.

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Ruo Lan falls ill and Ruo Xi is able to see her before she dies. Ruo Xi sees her sister worried about meeting her beloved in the after life when she is still the wife of 8th Prince in name, so Ruo Xi begs 8th Prince to divorce Ruo Lan and free her from her marriage vows. Ruo Xi finds herself admiring Ming Hui for her strength in sticking besides 8th Prince after he was stripped of power, and Ruo Xi also becomes friends with Ming Yu after so much time has passed.

Ming Yu and 10th Prince have become adorable bickering spouses who have grown to love each other.

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Ruo Xi realizes that she bears a huge responsibility for the tragedy that has happened, despite how careful she has been each step of the way not to interfere with history. But when he goes to deliver the papers, Ming Hui has killed herself by burning her own residence with her inside.

All of this, combined with Ruo Xi discovering that she cannot bear any children, makes her decide to leave the stifling palace. Ruo Xi confesses to 4th Prince and 13th Prince the truth, that she is the inadvertent cause of everything that happened. She was the one who told 8th Prince to be wary of 4th Prince, which caused 8th Prince to single out 4th Prince as his main rival. She also forges a close friendship with the thirteenth prince, Yinxiang Yuan Hong. Ruoxi attracts the attention of the emperor with rumors of her brashness and bravery, and manages to charm him with her intelligence and wit.

Later, at the imperial palace's "beauty draft" during which concubines and wives are chosen for the princes or the emperor himselfconflicting arrangements are made by Yinsi and his first wife, Gogoro Minghui Shi Xiaoqunleading to Ruoxi being drafted into the service of the dowager empress to keep the peace. Ruoxi is given an appointment as a servant to the emperor himself, specifically to prepare and serve tea to him and those he hosts.

During Ruoxi's stay in Yinsi's house, Yinsi falls in love with her. She initially rejects him but eventually returns his feelings, and later agrees to marry him if he gives up competing for the succession to the throne. This is because Ruoxi's knowledge of history makes her aware that Yinsi's ambition will ultimately lead to his death in prison after Yinzhen becomes emperor.

However, Yinsi refuses to and thus Ruoxi breaks up with him. Before leaving, Ruoxi warns Yinsi of Yinzhen's plans to usurp the throne and came up with solutions for him to prevent being taken down by Yinzhen. Ruoxi then started to get closer to Yinzhen, and their interactions changed her unfavorable opinion of him, and she unwittingly falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Yinsi and his supporters, acting on Ruoxi's advice, frame Yinzhen for plotting against the crown prince Yinreng Zhang Lei.

Yinxiang steps forward to take responsibility and is ultimately sentenced to house arrest. After this incident, Yinsi realizes that Ruoxi is now romantically involved with Yinzhen. Yinreng is deposed after his criminal ways are exposed and is imprisoned for life.

Kangxi then begins showing preference for Yinti and offers Ruoxi as a concubine to him. However, Ruoxi boldly defies the emperor's order, and as a penalty, she is demoted to the laundry department.

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Ruoxi works within the laundry department for a number of years, and is offered some level of protection and special treatment by ways of the princes. Kangxi falls ill during this time, and when Ruoxi is brought back to the emperor's service by Eunuch Wang to prepare pastries and help stimulate Kangxi's appetite, he pardons her and restores her to her former role as his lead tea server.

This ends up driving an increasingly unbridgeable wedge between them. He likes being alone, craves power but is exceedingly realistic because he reads people so well.

Nicky said it was challenge to play a character who talks very little, saying only what is essential, and rarely betrays any expression.

He teased that sometimes a scene called for him to act like he had some sort of face paralysis. So he ended up using his eyes a lot to convey the tiniest change in mood. He likes the character of 4th Prince, a pragmatic man who is ambitious but very realistic in assessing his chances of success. With respect to love, 4th Prince is not someone to actively pursue a woman.

Kevin Cheng from Hong Kong Personality: Refined, calm, gentle, passionate, ambitious. He fell in love with Ruo Xi first, and wrote her letters during her ten years in the palace serving the Emperor. Ruo Xi was reluctant to reciprocate his feelings because she knew his ultimate fate in life. But his steady and passionate pursuit of her finally wore down her reluctance and she accepted him.

But she still wanted to ensure her own choice would not be doom and gloom, so she forced him to choose between her or pursuing the throne.

He could not give up something he worked his entire life towards, so they ultimately broke up and never got another chance again. On paper 8th Prince would be an ideal husband, well-rounded in his interests and open about his emotions.

Ruo Xi would like to keep her head, thank you very much. So in the end, her one concession to the 8th Prince, because she loved him, was to give him a list of people he should beware of in his quest for the throne. His low birth has always been a stain on his life, which was the driving force behind his desire for respect. He become the most accomplished of all the princes, mastering everything so that he can use talent and skill to overcome the lack in pedigree.

He has great love for Ruo Lan, and later Ruo Xi, but it could never replace his desire for validation through power. Han Dong from China Personality: Calculating, brusque, confrontational, self-absorbed, sneaky. None other than they pretty much dislike each other from the get go. His plot to spy on 4th Prince, which is later discovered, becomes one of the major reasons for the falling out between Ruo Xi and 4th Prince.

Ye Zhu Xin from China Personality: Candid, cheerful, bumbling, kind, like an open book. It would be like marrying a Princely equivalent of a golden retriever. She could do a lot worse. When 10th Prince was forced to marry Ming Yu, thereby losing out on his chance to pursue Ruo Xi, it turned out to be the best thing for him. He was able to stay a bit player in the succession battle, and never really got his heart broken by Ruo Xi in the later years.

Plus he grew to love Ming Yu, and their life together was the one couple that found a modicum of safety in an otherwise tension filled imperial family.

Yuan Hong from China Personality: Rebellious, wild, carefree, loyal, dashing.