Best way to break off a long relationship

How to end a relationship confidently, gracefully and effectively

best way to break off a long relationship

Step-by-step, detailed advice on ending a (long-term) relationship. Discover how to make the breakup as painless as possible. Includes tips on the best way to. Ending a long-term relationship is never easy. There's no “good way” to end a relationship. Minimizing the damage and hurt as much as possible matters most. No longer happy? First be sure it is time to say goodbye. Then end your long- term relationship the right way by following these nine steps.

It is difficult for either person. The more sensitive the person, the harder the process.


But no matter how hard it is, you need to have the courage to break-up in person, face to face. Choose your time and your place as best you can. If you have reason to be concerned about violence, bring a friend and make it a public place, but not some place where the other person feels unsafe or exposed, such as a work place. Do not break-up on voice mail, text message or e-mail.

That is unkind and unfair. The cause of most bad behavior and upset is when a person feels scared that they will not get some basic perceived need met. This may cause them to act badly, to be mean or hurtful. Understanding what is driving this bad behavior can help you to not reciprocate with equally mean behavior. You do not need to sink to a low level even if your partner has already done so.

Taking the high road, which means being honest, kind and considerate, pays off in terms of your own self-esteem.

best way to break off a long relationship

It frees you if you act your best instead of your worst, which can create guilt. Guilt ties you to the other person. Acting in good conscience, even if you are the only one behaving well, frees you to go on with your life with a clear mind.

Better to get through this part of the process as quickly as possible, by agreeing on the larger, high priority items sooner rather than later. Come to an agreement on the timing of when to tell others. If possible, be together when you tell important friends and family.

Blame is a game that nobody wins.

9 Crucial Steps to Ending a Long-Term Relationship

It keeps you both stuck in your current reality. What matters is how to move forward. Blame sets you back and keeps you locked in the past. Forgiving, allowing the other person their version of reality, will set you free.

Ending A Long Term Relationship with Grace – Top Ten Tips

Talking about it keeps you a prisoner of the past. Resist the temptation to play the blame game, and you will be free to live your own life and create a better new reality soon enough! Ending A Long Term Relationship —Etiquette Tip 6 — Discuss and Respect the New Communication Terms Even though you are breaking up you want to come to an agreement about how you are going to interact in the future, whether it is through unplanned or deliberate contact.

If you have lives that are entwined, this becomes even more important to discuss, and agree on terms of communication or lack of before it becomes an issue.

For example, you might agree to a cooling off period — thirty days with no face or voice contact.

How to end a relationship confidently and gracefully, and leave with dignity

You might decide that major issues can be handled through e-mail or texting, but limit them to something like three a week. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for what kind of contact or non-contact is the right amount for you and your partner. If you have children, or a business together, you are going to need to work out how contact can be handled with respect and efficiency.

best way to break off a long relationship

Friends, family, co-workers and neighbors do not need to hear a laundry list of horrors. If you need to purge your story, find a therapist, chaplain, or one trusted friend who will allow you to spill, without him repeating what you have said.

Have realistic expectations for how the breakup will play out to be best prepared for the moment it ends.

best way to break off a long relationship

Plan it out Choose the right spot to break off the relationship. Hopefully this one is obvious, but never, never, never end a long-term relationship over the phone, email, text, Snapchat, sticky note, and so on you get the idea.

Have the courage to face your partner. Remain calm Stay calm when talking to your partner.

9 Crucial Steps to Ending a Long-Term Relationship

Wait until you are calm before you have the conversation. Out of respect for each other, you should end a long-term relationship gracefully. There should be no yelling or blaming.

Be calm and reasonable in your manner and with your words. Honesty wins Always be honest. Maybe you wanted different things from life, or maybe the physical connection was lacking. Let them know all the things you appreciated about them, but be firm in your reasons for leaving.

best way to break off a long relationship

Stick to your guns Stand by your decision.