Bpd rebound relationship

bpd rebound relationship

Regarding the mourning period that most of us nons need to heal after a relationship, I read somewhere that people with BPD may not mourn a. People often get into a new relationship during the painful ending of their marriage or soon after their divorce. How wonderful it feels to be desired and. Is there a difference in BPD and a psychopath personality disorder. Rate this and being alone - that's why they get into relationships and rebound quickly. emotions of humans- and the need for reciprocity in a relationship.

Here is where things get more messy, she has always been emotionally unstable and with all of this going on clearly things had gotten worst. Around the end of October she took an overdose, left a suicide note and all of that business I know about this as she text me in the middle of November asking 'Can I tell you something?

I tried during this conversation to ask her why she'd done it, in some way I was hoping she would say in was in part due to some guilt she felt for treating me the way she had, but no, nothing So, she cheats on me, strings me along as 'friends' for a month or so, then her interest goes to the guy from work, that fails and she takes everything really badly.

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The day she took the overdose she also quit her job Then about a month after all that she texts me and to tell me about it. In that conversation I ask her why is she telling me about it and she says because she hopes we can be friends We texted back and fourth for a day or so and then she simply stop replying I was still in love with her so I tried to text her and talk to her a few times after that point.

She would reply for a while and then just ignore me again. A month or so of this I finally just ask her what the deal is and she says that she thinks we shouldn't talk any more and we both need to move on So we've been broken up 7 months or so, but this is really the first month where I feel like the connection is dead, and I feel horrible for all kinds of reasons.

During this time I've been on dates with 7 or 8 girls and they never went anywhere as I was always thinking they don't compare to my ex. I wasn't as attracted to them or didn't feel that connection.

bpd rebound relationship

My mind would always be drifting back to her and these other girls just stood no chance Now I'm in a weird place. I'm still hung up on her, I guess I feel like I'm going through a second wind of the break up now that I have no idea what is going on in her life but have my suspicions that she is seeing someone I've met someone new this past month, and even though it's very early days, this is the first girl I have felt like I'm actually attracted to and interested in to the point that I could see myself actually caring for them and risking my heart for them so to speak.

Every other girl I was thinking 'She's not as pretty as my ex, my ex was sexier than her. The past few days I've had the thoughts of texting my ex, but I honestly have no idea what I'd say. It'd be pointless and I feel like she is so far past all of this that it'd just be weird to her I miss her as a friend also, I hate the fact that we'll never just talk again and make each other laugh as we used to get on so well that way, but it seems as if that kind of relationship is just impossible as so much has gone between us now.

It's like this person I care about is lost forever, but I know she still exists, she's a text away. It's so weird, it's like having someone you care about die and then being told 'Oh if you just press this button they can come back'. It's near impossible not to do, and I guess it's that feeling that makes no contact so hard for so many people.

I haven't seen her in person in six months. I have no idea how that would feel. I haven't heard her voice in almost as long, and just one text in this last month.

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I can still picture her, I still dream about her, I think of her constantly, but why? And why doesn't she care? Before we were a couple we texted all day everyday for years, then we started a relationship and spent all out time together, then we lived together for over a year and she just doesn't miss me at all. It's like nothing we did together or shared left any kind of impact on her, she just brushed it off and moved on.

Otherwise she would text me, right? She would reach out in some way, tell me she missed me, if she actually cared at all.

bpd rebound relationship

I'm scared to move on, I'm scared that she's gone, I'm scared that I don't know what she's doing and how she's feeling. I clearly still care a lot for this person and with everything that's happened and everything she's done I don't even know why.

bpd rebound relationship

Is this just the way it is, some people get under your skin and they always have a piece of you? I never though when it ended that it'd be 7 months later and I'd still feel this way. I read stories on here of guys saying they still missed their ex a year later and couldn't move on and thought to myself 'No way, that can't happen, I wont be like that', but here I am, the past seven months have past in the blink of an eye, just a blur of emotion and depression and honestly very little progress.

I suppose this was the loss of my first love and it's hit me hard.

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Now I feel lost and very lonely. Could it be that your ex and all that went wrong is being Xed out? If only this new relationship could keep going as smoothly and happily as it began.

Some new relationships do, but it frequently happens that problems begin to crop up in the new relationship and that they are typical enough to be somewhat predictable.

What could go wrong?

The Next Relationship: Rebounds and Replays

It is common for there to be a crisis as the enthusiasm of the new relationship leads to emotional attachment and the relationship moves toward the possibility of commitment. What is the source of this anxiety? One possibility is that you have detected a new wrinkle in the relationship. Traits emerge that had never been seen before.

bpd rebound relationship

And then, suddenly, there is the awareness that what you are seeing and experiencing is all too familiar. What is going on? In this case, the new relationship is no longer masking old problems. It may be that the emotional impact of the divorce is resurfacing in the midst of this new relationship. When our new partner, who initially was the opposite of our old partner, disappoints us or begins to get demanding or starts to pull back, it is as if our old partner has returned and we have fallen back into all our old issues.

Often this awareness is enough to jinx the new relationship.

bpd rebound relationship

Many new relationships and many second marriages do not make it for this reason. For instance, divorce typically causes a financial crisis, and it usually takes several years before people feel they are able to stand on their own two feet with confidence.

New self-confidence, achieved in other areas of life, can form the basis for a new and healthier love relationship.